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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 10 – Good On Us!

Dancing to I Only Have Eyes For You by Jamie Cullum, I figured Evan would be good, as this is his thing, but wow, they’re amazing together. Despite their reservations, they’re very believable. It’s definitely hot and sexy. Their lifts are amazing. With recognition of Ryan and Evan’s other brothers in the audience, Adam first notes that Randi and Evan are slightly vertically challenged, but says they danced like they were 8 feet tall, with lines that went on forever. The lifts were there, and while Randi was out of her comfort zone, she had all the sexuality the piece required. No one saw Evan coming, as he’s a beautiful dancer. He doesn’t know if they’ve had anyone of the Broadway style before, but there’s nothing Evan can’t conquer. He thinks this is one of Tyce’s best.

Mary has to be honest and say when Randi and Evan left las Vegas, they were at the end of the pack for her, but the stars have come out together, and her eyes are wide open, as she screams, saying it was smoldering. It was fluid and beautiful and absolutely believable. Nigel tells them they wre absolutely fantastic, and he loves Randi’s hair being curly. He thinks they’ll be a couple that peole recognize and talk about. The routine was beautiful, but their control was absolutely fantastic. I have to note they’re just cute as a button.

Let’s see how Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo do. She has been working really hard on dance all her life, then was in a car accident. Her leg was numb, and she thoght she’d never dance again, so it means the world to her to be here now. Tony grew up playing sports his whole life, and by high school he was torn between sports and dance. He decided to go with dancing instead, and his dad wasn’t too sure about the choice. They’re doing hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon this week, meaning Tony really has to kill it since it’s his style. Paris thinks it’s the opposite of what Tony usually does, as he’s more comedic than what calls for the “snake face” in this.

The Black Eyed Peas’ Let the Beat Rock (Boyz Noize Megamix) is the backdrop for this hip hop number, and while I liked Jeanine and Phillip’s hip hop better, this is still really good. She totally pulls it off. Adam thought it was really good and that they did a good job, but he found the outfits a little distracting. When they have a song with that much punch and attack, they have to have more rebound when they attack something. He doesn’t want Tony to get away with just being the cute guy.

Mary doens’t think this will be memorable, and in his field, Tony should have been more in it. They wanted Paris to be more aggressive, and Mary thinks they’ll be in trouble if they get krump. Good won’t cut it this season, and I agree with her there. Nigel agrees with Mary and tells Paris she came into her own when they did West Side Story in Vegas, and for Tony there is room to grow, and he needs a lot of it, as he was basically just doing steps.

Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover are next, and she mentions Las Vegas being difficult with her having to dance for her life. She grew up sailing with her family. She started out a gymnast, then fell into acrobatic dance, then went all over the place dancing. He grew up in Fresno, and was active all the time, never thinking in a million years he’d be here. Vegas pushed him to become not just a better dancer, but a better man. They’ll be dancing Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul. He says the piece will be very intense, as it’s hard stuff. Jason notes they have to move their feet really fast, and Caitlin says her fingers can’t keep up.

They dance to Jai Ho from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, and I’m not a fan of this dance style, but I think they do really well with it I can definitely recognize what they were saying about the difficulties with their hands and feet. Adam tells them, “You guys rocked!” Jason’s handwork was so superb and his feet hit so hard and perfect. He did the thing that was so essential as a dancer, as he made it look effortless. He is going to be a little force of nature if that keeps that up. While Adam was worried about Caitlin, she did good out there.

Mary is glad that Bollywood came to Hollywood. Caitlin’s handstand and the stength to keep it like that was bizarre. Jason has a charisma that leaps out of his eyes. Nigel talks about Nakul coming to the show before Slumdog Millionaire even came out, and not only are they following this routine this evening, but their memories of that routine as well. Caitlin and Jason brought it tonight. From the moment Caitlin came alive as Jason’s hands touched her, Nigel knew it would be something special.

Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant step up for their shot on the dance floor. She was scared to audition, as she thought there would be many people doing salsa. Her family is Cuban, and what she does she learned at home. Brandon says the fact that Mary felt the emotion he was showing really excelled him. Mia and Lil’ C didn’t see all that he had. It hit him hard, but he took it to heart, and he’s hear to prove them wrong. They’ll be doing the fox trot tonight with Louis Van Amstel. He says if you imagine Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, that’s the fox trot. Once they started getting into the real choreography and dancing, they were not getting it at all as it was so difficult.

Come Fly With Me by Michael Buble is in the background of Janette and Brandon’s fox trot. They’re definitely having fun, and it makes you want to jump out there on the dance floor and join them. Janette has a natural glide here, but she also seems to be putting a little of her natural salsa into it. Their lift at the end is amazing. Adam says as sad as America is to see Brandon dancing in clothes, it worked. It was coming off a number with intensity in the Bollywood routine, but this was still absolutely lovely and beautiful. One of the things they didn’t see from Brandon in Vegas was character and performance, which he is definitely showing tonight.

Mary is asked to give them an eyebrow and jokes she can’t after Botox. Janette was Ginger Rogers and very elegant, when she’s normally Miami and very spice. Her lifts were effortless, and they were because Brandon put her up there. He’s a powerhouse. I wondered if Mary would say something about her disagreement with the others about Brandon, and she does. She says if no one sees the talent that Brandon is, they’re just crazy. As a salsa dancer, Nigel tells Janette there’s no way she has this character, and to learn this in a short time is beautiful. Brandon has never worked within a framework before, but kept up with big moves that were terrific. His teeny feet moves need some work though.

Ashley Valerio and Kupono Aweau are next. She auditioned four separate times, and it taught her not to give up and to just keep fighting for what she wants. She feels like this opportunity is the stepping stone she needs. He is born and raised in Hawaii and had just started teaching, but has also scraped mildew and assembled shopping carts in his employment history. This has taken him further than he thought he could go, though. They’ll be doing jazz with Wade Robeson. He says conceptually, the routine is about two crash test dummies. They’re two polar opposites, and it’s about living life like you’ve neve been hurt, She’s used to spirit fingers, but needs to now do “jazz blades.”


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