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And THIS Is Why I Love: So YOU Think You Can Dance, Huh?

I. I am a dancer. That’s who I am. What I do.

True, I dance (kinda like this :banana: ), but those lyrics are from A Chorus Line, and if dancing were who I am and what I do, I’d be in big trouble. I’d like to think I am a dancer. I tell people I can dance. Then I watch So You Think You Can Dance and I am smacked back down into place with the lowly hip shakers and groove feelers while the real dancers take the stage and steal the spotlight.

This week alone, dancers leapt through the air, sprang across stage, backflipped and landed on their abdomens and chests without bracing themselves, contorted themselves by flipping their feet over themselves and rolling completely upside down and then rightside up again, and jittered up and down.

Judges have cried. Mary Murphy has screamed some, but the screaming has been turned down and the Tamale Train has yet to leave the station. Instead, she’s welled up quite a bit. Adam Shankman has also welled up (and then called Nigel Lythgoe a bastard—pretty funny stuff) and danced swing with one of the contestants who did not get through. I love love love watching a judge dance (much better than watching that Idol trainwreck of Paula Abdul lip synching. Come on, Paula, you’re better than that).

Mia Michaels has declared her love of cutting people. I’m pretty sure she’s talking about cutting from the competition, but the way she says it makes me wonder if she’s got a shank on her.

The dancing is so vast and intricate. Modern dance, hip hop, and even Broadway choreography have been the downfall or the ace in the hole for a myriad of dancers. The Dance For Your Life portion is a little over the top, mostly because it’s called Dance For Your Life. Why can’t they call it what it is: Dance For Your Spot. Whenever the judges say Dance For Your Life, I think of RuPaul’s drag race and the queens lip synching for their lives, and there, I think that’s apropos because I’m sure some of them would just die if they lost.

I know nothing about dancing. Dancers get cut after performances that I think are fantastic. I am amazed by any dancer on that stage. Well, not the ones in the beginning who can’t dance at all, but once they’re in Vegas, I can’t tell the difference between good dancer and bad dancer. That’s why I’m on my couch with a huge case of talent and body envy and they’re in Vegas on a stage in front of some of the best dancers and choreographers in the dance world.

:banana2: :cooldancer: :carrot: :broccoli: :boogie: :apple:

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