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So You Think Can Dance 5, June 3 – Don't You Make Fun of Me, You English Bastard.

Amanda gets sent home, as Adam tells her she’s een one of their favorites, and they want to see her come back. Nobuya gets sent hime as well. He says he never stopped, and he leaves, vowing to come back. The Kinney sisters audiutioned in separate cities and have been inseparable, but are in different groups, Megan is up first. She doesn’t sem to be dancing in time with the others. Nigel tells her after a lot of people liked her and she’s through.

Now it’s her sister’s turn. Caitlin seems to struggle some. She is aksed to step forward and Nigel tells her she didn’t get enough votes, but they’re going to ask her to dance for her life right now. Caitlin begins her dance, and it’s lovely, including an impressive walkover. Nigel tells her it was old-fashioned, and he thinks tha’t s what’s letting her down today, as Mia’s routine is up-to-date. Yet, she gets his vote, as well as Debbie’s. Mia wishes she could say yes, but she can’t. Lil’ C also votes no, as does Adam. It’s up to Mary who knows how hard she’s fought. She figures Caitilin has to know it wsn’t that great right now, yet she sees a fire and potential in her. It’s a yes. She’s through. Megan cheers from the audience. Older sister just wants younger sister to realize how wonderful she is.

Brothers Evan and Ryan Kasprzak are still both in this as well. Ryan is up first doing Mia’s choreography, and Mary calls him forward aftwards, and says they think he’s adorable, and they also think he nailed it. Evan gets his shot and he seems to put everything he has into this. Mia asks him to do a good flea hop, then has him do it all the way around the stage, only to tell him he’s staying. Both brothers are still in this thing.

Tony knows he has to leave it all thre on the stage, and gives Cat Delley a little bit of a smile, which she alls pathetic. He goes onstage with the final group of dancers, and I think it looks good, but what do I know? Debbie asks him to step forward at the end of the routine, and as he cries, she tells him he’s a big guy and their big hope. But he let them down. He always brings them so much joy as he has so much character it almost doesn’t matter what his dancing is like. But this time it does matter. After they voted, he got enough votes to go through. He crouches down on the floor there and cries, Debbie says she’ll cry if he doesn’t stop. Cat giggles and hugs hm, saying she loves it when fully grown men cry. Another 13 were cut at the ened of this round, leaving fifty-four dancers.

The next day they aren’t sure what the genre is going to be, but the brothers are thinking it’s Broadway, becuase of the girls in heels, and because they saw Tyce Diorio in the elevator. Nigel tells everyone that it’ll be the first time they’ve done this, but they’re going to put together a girls’ routine, and this afternoon, a guys’ routine. The brothers were right; it’s Broadway with Tyce. They’ll be dancing this to West Side Story, which Tyce calls timeless. He says if you come in here not knowing what West Side Story is, it’s a little sketchy.

The guys hit the pool while the girls are working hard. The brothers do their favorite dance, the lounging lizard. They even all collectively do choreographed leaps into the pool. Back to the dancing, Tyce says all the judges could do this themselves, and Debbie even played Anita, so they can’t stand in front of her and do badly.

Tapper Bianca Revels isn’t a quitter, and that’s why she came back this year. She’s done well, and Debbie notices she’s grown tremendously since last year. She’s in th first group. The judges discuss all of the girls together and make their decisons on who will stay and leave. Bianca is in the first group to go home. She vows to not come back again. Gabi and Megan are in the next group to go home. Caitlin consoles her sister. Gabi is just happy to finally feel like a dancer and feels the show pushed her to be stronger than she’s ever been, not hding behind herself. Megan knows Caitlin would grow so much if she were on the show. There are sixteen girls left, and they’re told to get their solo toegether. Caitlin can only talk about her sister. ‘

Th girls get their shot at the pool, welcoming us to So You Think You Can Tan. The guys now take on West Side Story. Philip feels very out of his element. Evan and Ryan are in the first group, and are referring to thesmlves as the Broadway brothers. The judges deliberate as all the guys wait for their news. Six guys are cut, then all the 26 others are called out onstage. Nigel tells them they have ten minutes to geth themselves togehter. All the dancers left, men and women, will dance one more solo, and after this, we’ll know who our final twenty is. We’ll find out who makes it tomorrow night, of course.

We saw some surprising dancers go home today, such as Natalie, and some favorites, such as Nobuya. Yet, when you start with a group of 172, with the intention of paring down to 20, there are going to be some harsh cuts. Undoubtedly tomorrow night, the 12 that are cut will include a big name or two. The brothers are shown on the stage getting the news together. Will only one of them make it, like they did with friends Katee and Natalie last year? That would be so cruel, but this is why it’s reality TV.

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