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So You Think Can Dance 5, June 3 – Don't You Make Fun of Me, You English Bastard.

Brandon is now here to do this for Natalie, saying she really deserved it. He’s asked to step forward after he dances, and Lil’ C tells him there had been much said about him before he even saw him dance. From the solo up until now, he hasn’t been impressed. Mia, from a contermporary world, agrees. She is not a fan. For a whole year, she heard about how brilliant he is and how he’s grown, but she hasn’t seen it and is disapponted. Nigel understands where they’re coming from, but he stil thinks Brandon is brilliant, saying everything else he’s done is fantastic, and he’s one of the best they’ve had on the show, and he’ll keep sticking up for him, but he needs to keep confident. Everyone from that group moves on. It was hard for Brandon to see Natalie go, and hard for him to go on without her.

Gabi’s group is up now, and she knows she has to deliver. She’s feling like she has it, although she admits it took awhile to get it. Mia is saying “oh,” while she dances, and it’s not in a good way. Nigel says, “Damnn, my favorite unique dancer is not very good.” Debbie tells the group some of them were wonderful, but there was some real disappointment . She tells Gabi she’s breaking her heart. Her solo was amazing, but right now she will falter, because they have such high expectations, and she is such a disappointment at the moment. It hurts them to be that wrong.

Nigel tells the other three girls they’re through and to move off the stage. Gabi will be dancing for her life, and if she gets three yeses from the six of them, she’ll go through. Maybe she’s just wonderfully creative, but can’t take direction. Her solo gets a standing ovation from her fellow dancers. Mia can’t let her go, but says she has to do something more. Lil’ C says yes; that’s how you dance for your life. “That was buck.” Mia also says yes, as do the other judges. Debbie thanks her for reminding them and herself who she is. Nigel thinks the program would be less without her, but says she has to pick up the style of those that are choreographing her, otherwise she won’t do well here and won’t survive. She says afterwards it’s just a big struggle for her.

The seven other dancers that danced for their lives, including popper Samy Ramirez, aren’t so lucky and are sent home. The remaining seventy-three dancers step on the stage at 8:00 PM. They aren’t going home yet. They will be broken down into smaller groups, and each goup will get a CD with music. The group will then choreograph their own routine to this music that they’ll perform in the morning.

The next morning, the dancers reconvene after not getting much sleep. Nigel tells them a lot of people think this doesn’t mean anything, but he wants them to know they will be cut if they don’t show what they need to at this point. The first group up includes tapper Eric “Silky” Moore, 19, of Oviedo, FL. He was worried about the group last night, as they were having people clashes. They were all so different in thir dancing, that the ideas weren’t mixing. A contemporary dancer, Paula, had enough. They decided to call it a night and go to bed, as they weren’t productive. Silky has a backup plan to do a really kick ass solo, knowing it’s not working well for them right now.

Watching the routine, Nigel laughs and calls it horrible. He tells them it waa poor start and was horrific. Debbie cites a lack of rhythm. Adam agrees they messed it up, and Mary says it’s clear they can’t work together. Mia asks if they went to bed feeling confident, and Paula says they went to bed and basically gave up. Lil’ C explains by them not working together cohesively, it’s the end of the road for some. Megan is sent home at this point, as is Aaron. Silky is getting his chance to dance for his life. Paula is told she should have not gone to sleep and should not have let the others go to sleep. In light of this, by the skin of her teeth, she’ll be staying with them.

Brandon gets his chance to finally show the judges why they have kept him here. Mary tells his group after they wre a lot of fun. She hammers him for watching the others, saying she wants him to know he has it. Mia is still waiting for him to prove her wrong, and he’s not. She’s a cutter and doesn’t know why he’s smiling. She wants him to step it up. No one stood out as being bad, but Adam says this is the first time he saw people fighting to stay today.

A group called Nerdography takes the stage. They seemed confident when they went to bed last night. What’s interesting is that it’s a concept and tells a story, instead of them just putting moves together. Nigel tells them it was terrific and a great routine. Adam welled up, as he says they made him miss dancing. Nigel feigns crying inot a kleenex, as Adam says, “Don’t you make fun of me, you English bastard.” He’s starting to see a season happen. They all make it through, obviously. Sixty dancers in all move on after this round.

Silky is up to dance for his life. He does a tapping routine, as we expected, even getting a flip in, and then a back flip into a laying position at the end that makes Debbie say woah. He does not get Mia’s vote, nor Nigel’s, nor Debbie’s. Lil’ C tells him it’s not ferocious enough, and he goes home. Obviously his plan didn’t quite work enough. He knows the fire was in him, but he didn’t let the judges see it enough.

This takes us to lunchtime, as one of Nerdography notes that he’s nervous, as they were serving baked beans before Mia Michaels’ choreography. He thinks that spells disaster. Mia wants them to bring their whole being, not beans, into the work. Nobuya says it’s hard. Tony has been being watched the whole time so far, doing well, but feels shaky about this one. He seems to handle it well, yet the judges don’t agree. Mary tells him he has his own quirky style up thjere and it’s not good enough. They ask him to repeat the choreography again.


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