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So You Think Can Dance 5, June 3 – Don't You Make Fun of Me, You English Bastard.

I’m still in somewhat of a shock over the So You Think You Can Dance auditions being over and done with so quickly, but I suppose they wanted to have the airing of auditions over before they begin conducting the round of auditions that started last week for the next season that will be starting already in the fall. It must seem weird to them to be doing that without having their current winner yet. However, tonight consists of the beginning of this season’s Las Vegas callbacks, assumably filmed at least a few months ago.

We’re starting out tonight with 172 dancers, and judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels, Lil’ C, Adam Shankman, and Debbie Allen. Nigel encourages them to show them their best today and enjoy their week while they’re here.

Each dancer does a solo to remind everyone why they’re here. Up first is Alex Wong, 22, of Miami, a professional ballet dancer with the Miami City Ballet. He does some great moves right off the bat that already have Mia swearing. I even catch Debbie in the beginning of a shi… I have to admit he’s breathtaking to watch. Mia says wow, and the crwod goes nuts.

HIp Hopper Tony Bellissimo, 20, of Buffalo, is looking for a screwdriver and hammer, as his briefcase is locked. He and another dancer joke that they’re the worst bank robbers ever. He starts his dance in a suit, with the briefcase as a prop. He reads a newspaper, showing shock over what he’s reading, then turns around so we see that Nigel’s face is inside the newspaper. He’s also inside the briefcase and inside Tony’s jacket. I’m afraid for him to rip open shis shirt. Nigel jokes aferward that Adam gets very jealous, so Tony should try to include him next time.

The judges compare notes after all the solos are completed, and go over what they just saw. Nigel tells the dancers what they noticed was that how good they thought they were in their home cities, yet when bringing everyone together, they aren’t as good as they thought they were before. They were asked before if anyone would be cut after he solos, and they know now that yes, some will be cut. If any judge says they want to keep a person, they are safe.

Kayla Costa is cut, as well as Erica Ray. Kayla says the hardest part of this is that her entire high school is watching Tony that we just saw is told he has great ideas and needs to bring the dancing up to match them, then is told to “sit back down on your ass.” By the time they’re done forty-five dancers are cut, and this includes the football coach’s son Travis Prokop, widow Talia Rickards, and a New York hip hopper.

They’re not done yet, though, as now it’s the first round of choreography, hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo. He says the bottom line here is you have to shine, or you’re out the door. Gabi Rojas, 24, of Albuquerque, has her confidence shaken. She was an early favorite since her audition, and now takes the stage to show the hip hop she just learned. She’s falling though as she’s lost in the steps. She REALLY struggles. The judges go over the group they just saw, and Mia says she loves cutting, as she likes to see people that aren’t good at what they do go home. Gabi is asked to step forward, and is told she did a unique solo, and it’s the only reason she’s staying. Sarah from this group is the only one sent home.

Day two starts with only ninety-six dancers left, and they’ll all be doing ballroom, the waltz with Jean Marc Genereaux and his wife. Phlip Shabib and his partner from the auditions, Arielle Coker, have been inseparable here in Las Vegas, but will now be with differnet partners. He and his partner do the waltz. It’s differnet, but he’s enjoying it. Adam notes that Philip doesn’t know how to not pop. He is asked to step forward after, and MIa tells him it’s a little rough, but his energy works for him. She knows he’ll bust his ass. Everyone in that round is through.

Arielle is up with a new partner. She’s just proud of Philip. Nigel says he is disappointed with someone, but we don’t know who. Adam asks her to step forward after she’s done and tells her they’re going to have to lose her. She says goodbye to Philip.

Ballroom dancers Maksim Kapitannikov, and Ricky Sun make the choreography look easy and stay. Popper Nobuya Nagahama has been overwhelmed with excitement since his audition. He seems to do well for a popper, and Debbie notes how he’s playing it. Mary tells him after they’re all impressed with him and are pleasantly surprised. He took on the character of the dance and partnered his lady really well. All of this group makes it through. He cries afterward, saying he spend the five months after his audition taking as many classes as he could, messing up in every class. His teachers helped him a lot and he owes it to them. He couldn’t do it by himself.

Those left after the ballroom work with Sonya Tayeh on jazz. The injuries are already mounting up. Natalie Reid and Brandon Bryant who met in last year’s auditions after just missing the final twenty are doing well. They do well when learning the routine, then Natalie seems to stumble during the performance. The judges look disappointed. Mary tells her on her solo, they said wow, as here was a girl that was definitely in the top 20, but they send her home now, as they can’t keep pulling for her. Remember, this was Katee Shean’s best friend. She hugs the judges goodbye, as the other dancers say if she can get cut, anybody can. Notbody is safe. Natalie did her best and felt she did it well, but they weren’t happy with it. She feels like she let the judges down.


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