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So You Think You Can Dance 5, May 28 – The Return of … Sex

Nathan Trasoras, 17, of Downey, CA, quit dancing at 8th grade, because people were making fun of him. His brother talked him into doing it one more year, and he did, trying to be the better person. He needs better clothes to audition in instead of big shorts and black socks, but he does some really interesting things, including some fantastic spins.

Adam tells Nathan it was pretty damn extraordinary with great technique and a really good center. It was pretty “beeping” impressive. Mary seconds that, saying he’s extraordinary, doing everything they ask from a dancer, having contrast, covering the stage, having technique, and a great stage presence. Nigel thinks he has one of the best centers they’ve had on the stage, putting him in the same league as Travis and Danny. He also thinks he has great control coming out of the spin and is shocked to learn he’s just 17. He’s not eligible to be in the competition, but if he doesn’t come back next year, they will search him out and hunt him down. Nigel gives him a ticket now that says season 6 to Vegas. Well, we start that season in the fall. Will he be 18?

24 dancers make it from this first day in L.A., and we never get to see the choreography round. I wonder why not. On day 2, it could be my imagination, but it seems a little warmer outside.

Sammy Ramirez, 19, of Hollister, CA, is also a wrestler. Cat gets up and shows him her moves. Someone named Junior Segali taught him popping and locking for about a month, but then got back into his gang life and went back into prison. Sammy hopes one day he can watch him and see what he’s done with it. He’s really good, and I think old Junior is in prison right now very proud of his disciple.

Adam tells Sammy he loves him so much, as he is so awesome. He wants to know he can do other stuff, and pleads with him to say he can. Sammy has done lyrical, jazz, and a little ballet, but not enough to say he’s trained. Adam’s fingers are so crossed they’re hurting. Mary has to agree with Adam, saying he’s wonderful. She loves his whole look with a face the world will just love. He brought a little different taste to it with the side arm thing, and the ticking was so teeny, but so clear. Adam thinks he has some of the best stops he’s ever seen. Nigel tells Sammy the one thing he has a lot of others don’t have is a beaming smile that lights up the stage. He also asks him to do the hair choreography again, then moves onto the choreography round.

Stacey House, 19, of Mount Pleasant, MI, does a spastic dance to Sweet Dreams, even working in some moonwalking. I can’t decide if it’s good or not, as it’s appealing, but odd. Adam asks if she has any training, and she says he lives on a farm so they put their own styles to it, and Nigel jokes it’s a milking style. Adam tells her if she watches the show, she’ll know nothing looks like that. Mary tells her it was just all kinds of crazy, and she didn’t see anything that showed there was a dancer inside of her, although she doesn’t want to be mean. Stacey cries outside, saying she’s a little shaken, yet she still had fun.

Amanda Kerby, 20, of Riverside, CA, has two wonderful loving parents and a 21 year old sister who’s her best friend. Her dad was diagnosed with MS when Amanda was very young, and it’s affected their family a lot. He regressed a lot at one point, but has been symptom free now for six years. He says Amanda inspires him, as it’s the most wonderful thing in the world to see her dance. She likes seeing that joy in him, not knowing how long he has here. She has some odd choreography, but moves well, although stumbles a few times.

Adam wonders what she was reaching for at the end of her choreography, and Nigel wonders if it was a place in Vegas. Nigel thinks he’s lacking something , as he’s grabbed by her beauty, instead of her dancing. He’d love to be captivated by her dance as well. Mary tells her she’s extremely talented, and is drop dead gorgeous on the floor. She loves that she has such a strong center, especially the one spin with nearly a backbend after it. She has so much gong on. Adam asks what is going on with her dad, and she explains, then says his condition makes her feel empowered, as if he can do what he does, she can do anything as well, and Adam thinks that’s what she was dancing to, as the song was about a sorrowful thing, but her performance wasn’t. He thinks she’s extremely talented. Nigel tells her her parents have not wasted their money paying for her lessons. She skips choreography, and moves straight on to Vegas.

Nigel spots Philip Shabib from last year who got pneumonia and couldn’t go to Las Vegas, so he doesn’t have to audition and gets a ticket straight to Vegas. He’s not completely done, as he’s here with a partner, Arielle Coker, 19, of Corpus Christi, TX, as well, and needs to help her. They met in school, and her mom was in the hospital after a horrible accident with a semi. She and her dad were released form the hospital, but her mom had broken and dislocated it seems like everything. Philip took Arielle to the hospital to visit her mom. They bonded, obviously. He works in some of his popping and locking into her contemporary routine, which is kind of neat. They’re just so … sweet together.

Arielle is told by Nigel she has to be crazy to dance with him, as it’s hard to take their eyes off, yet they’re supposed to be watching her. He thought it was choreographed lovely, and because she didn’t stand out like a sore thumb, he figures it must have been good. Mary thinks it was very good and clever, and that it was great to put those two styles together. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Adam tells Arielle she’s a brilliant dancer, as she brought out a better dancer out of Philip, and that’s saying a lot, as he’s a lot of good dancer there. They tell her no to choreography, but yes for Vegas. She hugs Philip of course right away.

Alexie Agdeppa, 25, Rowland Heights, CA, dances beautifully and is told she has beauty and grace and is absolutely lovely by Mary. Diana Vaden, 19, Reno, does a contemporary routine as Mary tells her her body is magnificent, and Nigel tells her she has potential. Chanel Smith, 22, of Pleasant Grove, UT, dances on pointe and is magnificent. Adam says he wrote down I love her; she’s crazy. The three of them go on to choreography as Nigel teases them with tickets.

Kevin Cornier, 29, L.A., is nicknamed Shakiro after Shakira. This one is not going to go well. He thinks he moves his hips like her, but he doesn’t try to imitate anybody. He does move his hips, I’ll give him that, but not in a way I personally want to watch.

Nigel tells Kevin he’s not sure the Shakiro is very complimentary to Shakira and asks to call him Kevin. He thinks it was very insular, with nothing happening other than his hips. If he just wants to be called Shkira, that’s fine, but if he wants to be a dancer, he needs to do a lot more than that. Mary adds to say you’re a Latin dancer, it’s not, it’s just shaking. Adam loves how much Kevin loves what he’s doing, but this is a competition and there are people out there doing things that are killing them, as it’s a competition. They’re doing things that are super-human. Kevin hopes to come back next year with more training.


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