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So You Think You Can Dance 5, May 27 – Flush It Like a Public Toilet Bad

Dustin Dorough, 22, of Atlanta, says his mom has been every type of cop possible. She was in the police department, sheriff’s department, state patrol, riot squad, etc. When he was 15, he found out his second cousin was Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys. He started watching their videos and thought he could do it too, knowing everyone at school would think it was awesome, but it didn’t turn out that way. He saw them in concert twice, but never knew any of the guys. He mixes he Backstreet Boys dancing with … I don’t know what. It’s not good, though it makes Nigel laugh.

NIgel thinks Dustin’s a bit delusional thinking it was hip hop, saying the hip hop community might have been insulted. Dustin blames the influence on his martial art and gymnastics, and I don’t know about the gymnastics, but let me say that was not martial arts. He also blames bronchitis and flu, saying he had to cut out all the big power moves. NIgel asks if he could jump from there and kick someone in the face, and when Dustin says yes, Nigel jokes he’s through, but more seriously, says it wasn’t really strong enough. Dustin says he couldn’t walk up stairs a few days ago he was so weak, but he will com back. Mary tells him he has a big strong body, so she has no idea why he was running around kicking, then doing really feminine moves.. She has seen karate mixed with dancing and it turns into artistry. Li’l C says it wasn’t good for him at all, but what he should get into is tricking, a fusion of b-boying and martial arts.

Chris Carrozza, 28, of Memphis, has a unique style, saying electric is a mixture of minimal amount of breakdancing, a large amount of popping and locking, a lot of fluid movement, cheerleader to the music style’s symmetry and performance art. When he sees a new ethnicity style, it ends up being dropped in the mix, and then comes out on the dance floor. This is nothing but the guy hopping up and down and moving his arms.

Nigel tells Chris it’s sort of euro pop/rave party and that it doesn’t really show them if he’s a dancer or not, which Chris says is fine. Mary asks what he was expecting today, which was nothing, as he’s ready to go home. He didn’t demonstrate anything other than jumping up and down. She’s glad he came here and had fun. He peels off his number and starts to walk away before hearing Li’l C. Nigel stops him, saying he doesn’t want to hear it, but he came here and jumped around on stage, doesn’t want to hear criticism, and Nigel thinks he’s being rude Chris thinks NIgel is being rude because he’s being critical. Nigel explains that’s what they do; they critique. Chris says he had a good time, it’s over. For him it was whether he could get up there and do it. Nigel asks do what, and he explains obviously nothing.

Cat explains the rules of a good audition with #1 being start with your best move. #2 come dressed to impress. #3 connect with the judges, and #4 always follow directions. Of course we see a whole montage of people not following each of these directions.

Caitlin Kinney, 21, of Annapolis, Maryland, is Megan’s sister who auditioned earlier in Miami. She now thinks to go with her would be a dream come true, not having been able to dance with her in a few years. What a talented family. She dances lyrically and has great fluidity. Too bad Chris didn’t stick around to see what fluidity really looks like.

Caitlin started dancing when she was a sophomore in high school, and Nigel thinks she’s absolutely superb. She has fabulous feet and great control. She confirm she did gymnastics before dance. She looks beautiful, the camera loves her, dance loves her, and he wonders if America will. She talks to Mary about having hip reconstruction, and Mary tells her she’s so lucky to recover from something like that and dance like this, it’s obviously her destiny. Li’l C tells Caitlin she’s captivating and a pleasure to watch. He had chills. Nigel confirms she has no problem with flying, then gives her a ticket to Las Vegas.

After the choreography round, six more dancers in total make it this first day in Memphis. On day two, Anna Dunn, 18, of Jackson, MS. talks to Cat, saying she lived with her mom growing up, and she has a sister, while her dad passed away. He took his own life about a year ago. It was a hard thing for the whole family, so dancing has been her outlet, as she can’t talk about it much to people. She doesn’t have to talk about it, but can move about it. Her dad loved that she had a passion. He was a dreamer, while her mom was more realistic. He would be very proud of her today, watching her audition. She seems to let that emotion out while she dances, just like she said.

Nigel tells Anna it’s so lovely seeing her smile and her face. She’s so overly choreographed as her head didn’t stay still for a second, being all over the place. They have to get some feeling from her, and they won’t get that if her head is being thrown all over the place all the time. She’s such a lovely dancer, but they won’t get that if they can’t connect with her. Mary thinks she’s so gorgeous and loved everything she did, except the constant head bouncing. She thinks she’s an absolutely diamond in the rough with so much potential. Li’l C understands the loss of her father, as his father took his life as well. Although it hurts, she has to connect with the pain each time she steps on the stage, as it’s the only thing that will ease the pain and fill that void. She gets sent on to choreography. I’m afraid to see her connect more emotionally. I don’ think I could handle seeing all that emotion.

Travis Prokop, 20, Texaco, NM, has a father who is a high school football coach. His dad explains he was never disappointed his son didn’t play football as he likes doing what he does, and that defines him. Travis got teased a lot in high school, and his dad says that was hard, as you want to protect them as much as you can. You want to apologize, but can only love them and say I’m sorry. Travis knows he’s blessed to have a dad like that. He’s a beautiful contemporary dancer, but it needs more substance to it.

Nigel points out Travis is a big lad, and needs to move up there. Nigel would like him to strengthen up his body, because it’s so big and he can’t get away with anything. He doesn’t mind getting in there with the football thing and pushing things back, as he needs to get tough with it, and could be good if he works hard. Mary agrees, saying she hoped he was going to come out and kill it looking at his size. Li’l C tells him he’s extremely tall, and graceful for his size, as he has the grace of a giraffe in a hamster’s body. (That doesn’t make sense for someone tall, Li’l C. Nigel is proud of Travis’ dad for supporting him in dance. He’s invited to stick around for the choreography round.

Brothers Evan Kasprzak, 21, of West Bloomfield, MI, and Ryan Kasprzak, 29, of Astoria, NY, came together but are auditioning separately. Evan will be doing a jazz dance, and Ryan will be doing an a cappella tap solo with whoopi cushion accompaniment. Evan made it to top forty last year, then was cut. Ryan has been waiting for Evan to grow up so they can be best friends. Evan does a very jazz routine with some great leaps. He’s really good and reminds me of Gene Kelly with his ease of movement.

Nigel calls him absolutely superb and hopes that everyone that dances there today realizes realizes how beautifully constructed a routine that is. It’s like any great song or movie as it had a beginning, middle, and an end, and that’s why he had the biggest applause today. Mary is glad he’s back, but is worried if he had to fight for himself wit that solo, that the audience wouldn’t realize how fabulous that is. Nigel is worried the other styles would overtake his. Li’l C thinks the the issue is whether he would still be able to find himself with other styles and stay in his comfort zone. They skip the choreography and send him to Las Vegas.

While Brian waits, Lauren and Lydia Guerra, 19, of Dallas, TX, twins, audition, saying they’re really close and always freak people out as they’re so much alike. It makes it a lot easier to audition together. It’s interesting to see it in tandem. My daughter takes dance with a set of twins, and I see the same interesting things here. Alike, but different.

Nigel thinks it’s funny that although they are twins there’s obviously a difference. Lydia dances to the extremes, where Lauren gives him more performance. Together, they do one job. They’re both a joy to watch. Mary confirms from the twins that they hear that a lot, one is power, one is movement. She saw technique and a solid performance. Li’l C saw similarities as well, but thought the difference in delivery was interesting. They move on to choreography.

Ryan brings out his whoopi cushion and does some tapping, while tapping on the whoopi cushion some of the time as well. Evan laughs in the wings. Ryan is a lot of fun, but I’m not sure he’d do well with different styles. Nigel calls him terrific with an excellent performance, and says he loves tap when he can hear the rhythm. Ryan grew up as a music theater guy and says he showed Evan what he knows. He’s done a lot of other styles.

Mary thought it was clever and so much fun with pure entertainment keeping her smiling as it’s so much fun to watch someone else have a good time. Li’l C calls it an amazing solo as most people struggle with props and throw it away not coming back to it, but he kept utilizing his. Nigel wants to see him in choreography, but Mary would have sent him to Vegas. Li’l C agrees, and the brothers are together once again.

It’s time for the choreography round. Lauren is up first, and Nigel notes they thought she was the better performer before, and she’s through. Anna is up next, but Mary tells her she’s afraid her work is done for the day, as … she’s going to Vegas. Travis is up next, and Nigel thinks he improved in his routine just in the short time he’s been learning it. He’s through. Lydia is up, and Nigel says it’s hard to split family up, but he knows she’ll support her sister, as she’s through as well. Fifteen are moving on from this second day in Memphis.

Tonight was an interesting night. No one was fantastically bad where you walk away really remembering it, yet no one was fantastically great either. I’ll remember some of the stories, such as the brothers, the sisters, the football player’s son, and of course the gal who lost her father. But there wasn’t anyone that made you just sit back and say wow. Like American Idol, though, us veteran fans know they’re holding out on us. They have some hidden diamonds in that rough. We just know it.

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