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So You Think You Can Dance 5, May 27 – Flush It Like a Public Toilet Bad

Starting day two in Miami, Wislande Letang, 21, of Miami, feels like she has ate a bowl full of butterflies, yet feels neutral. She’s dressed in tiny shorts, leg warmers, tennis shoes, a bikini top, and a shirt that doesn’t cover what the bikini top is barely holding in. I think maybe she’s a stripper by the moves she’s doing, yet she’s trying to make it seem like that’s not what she does.

Mary isn’t sure what she was doing, but for sure she knows she wasn’t trying to sell it to her or Tyce. She thinks NIgel should be the only one to critique it. Nigel thanks her, then says she didn’t smile, and there was no personality coming out. What she was doing wasn’t any style really, just step ball change, which is what little girls do when they learn to dance, and she’s not a little girl. She knows what she did was garbage, but says she can learn any routine. Tyce feels her pain, but he stepped into a world that’s beyond. She knows what she stepped in, and so does NIgel. Tyce tells her showing her crotch to the front was not good, and she understands that, but says him looking disgusted was even worse. He calls it being shocked not disgusted. She’s dismissed saying she will focus on school, as this gave her a reality check that she needs more training. My mother would tell her she also needs to learn to keep her legs shut.

Eric “Silky” Moore, 19, of Oviedo, FL, has been a tap dancer since he was 10. There aren’t a lot of tappers around anymore, and he feels it’s fading as everyone does all the other styles. He wants to bring it back. He taps to Thriller which is a definitely odd choice, but he manages to make it work. He even fits in some moonwalking, flips, the worm, and some b-boy stuff. He’s a lot of fun.

Nigel tells Silky he just cleaned up. It was great, but while it didn’t feel quite comfortable in the beginning, he slowly came into it. HIs hip hop style was terrific, and he threw everything in but the kitchen sink, to where Nigel isn’t sure who’s coming out next. Mary didn’t want it to end and thinks he’s one of the best of the night. Tyce calls it totally inspiring from the start, as he came prepared and didn’t let one nuance get away from him. Silky explains his nickname came from his smooth style, and that he started tapping because his brother was doing it and getting lots of girls. That works every time. He gets a ticket to Vegas.

While the contestants waiting outside run a conga line, Paris Torres 19, of Seattle, is up. She was Miss Washington, going to events, making appearances, etc. She entered her first pageant because of dance, and says the girls really aren’t as mean in that environment as we think. She know she has to bring it today or it’s over. She does a contemporary/ballet style, and is definitely used to performing.

Nigel tells Paris it was fabulous, as she gave him technique, performance, and kept him interested. The face she made, the weird creature she was becoming, helped. Mary thinks she has beautiful lines, feet, arms, and a great personality, everything they’re looking for. Tyce thought it was great as well, but feels she’s focusing too much on her legs and feet, leaving a little performance behind. He’d rather have her think about who she is and attack it. Tyce wants to see her do choreography, but Mary wants her to go straight to Vegas. Nigel agrees with Mary.

Henry Rivero, 18, of Miami, also does contemporary, and does it just as well, as Mary tells him great technique and a great performance. She wants to send him straight to Vegas, and the others agree. Megan Kinney, 18, of Annapolis, does great leg work in the air, and gets Nigel’s vote to go to Vegas as well as Mary’s who won’t even let Tyce vote. Alex Wong, 22, of Miami, has an odd contemporary stick man style. but is good. Tyce calls him strong and masculine and appreciates his lines. Alex goes to Vegas as well.

Geo Smith, 21, of Miami, an African dancer is trying his luck with this different type of genre. He even leaps at Mary, scaring her half to death, as she digs her nails into Nigel’s arm. He jokes she must have thought Geo was going to tickle her fancy with his feather headdress. She thought it was great, though, and entertaining. Tyce was also scared to death, but agrees it was a good job. They send him on to choreography.

Talia Rickards, 24, of Miami, is having her first audition in over two years. She was married when she was 18, meeting her husband when she was 14 and in the same class as him. Their marriage lasted just shy of four years, as she had a feeling come over her when he went for a ride on his motorcycle, and she knew she’d never see him again. Her life now without him isn’t the same. It’s the dance version of Danny Gokey it seems. She hopes this will be a step forward that brings her a bit of joy. She doesn’t want to take life for granted anymore, as every day can be your last.

Doing a jungle-inspired dance, Talia keeps with the obvious beat. Nigel wants her to be careful not to pull her face around, as she has a pretty face, but it can become scrunched up. There wasn’t enough for him, with the same type of hippy steps, and Mary agrees there wasn’t a lot of substance, but she sees a lot of potential in her. Tyce also mentions Talia’s great face and thinks she was one with the music, but notes there wasn’t a lot of hip hop in it. He says no, but Mary wants to see her in choreography. Nigel is sorry … to disagree with Tyce.

It’s on to the choreography round, , and Geoand Talia seem to do well. Geo makes it, without his headdress, and Nigel asks Talia to put a smile on her face and come and get a ticket. 14 more dancers made it to Vega today. We move on to Memphis, and lose Tyce, but pick up Li’l C.

Marico Flake, 24, is a police officer here in Memphis. He works in a specialized unit that works the entertainment district. They have to deal with a lot of people that are there to have a good time. His style of dance is called Memphis Jukin. He explains it’s based on a rhythmic bounce like Elvis. Even when the music slows down, so does the jukin. He thinks if you believe in yourself, then everyone around you will believe and support you. Right off the bat I’m deciding I want to see him in choreography. What he does is certainly interesting and has a lot of potential in locking and hip hop. He has so much musicality.

Nigel tells Marico he was really enjoying it watching the footwork. He heard this style has been around for twenty years, but it was kept underground as they didn’t want anyone stealing it, but now everyone will know all about it. Li’l C actually uses this in some of his routines, and says it’s not fusion at all, just a solo of Memphis Jukin, and that’s what has been done, impressing him. Nigel interrupts to say there was al little Elvis in there to. Tyce also liked Marico’s great personality. Mary agrees with the other judges, saying he has it all going on. He’s a great performer in his face, and while normally it’s only about the feet, he made them watch all of it. Nigel points out at this point it’s normally about choreography, but he has to say no to that. Mary agrees, as he’s going straight to Vegas.


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