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So You Think You Can Dance 5, May 27 – Flush It Like a Public Toilet Bad

It was a great beginning show last week on So You Think You Can Dance with some really promising dancers, dancers that were making Mary cry even, on just the first night. I’m hoping for a little American Idol season 8 flavor here and for it maybe to be one of the best seasons ever with a group of finalists who are all amazing. Is that too much to ask for?

Tonight the auditions return to Miami for the first time in four years. From the looks of the people waiting outside, they all like to shake their butts and yell … a lot. Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are there to judge of course, as well as Tyce Diorio.

First up tonight is Alvin “Tony” Riendeau, 26, West Melbourne, FL, who is ready to show the judges something different. He has his own style, the Tony Style, moving like he has no bones in his body. He’s always the star of the show on the dance floor, and nothing is tabu a he gets as kinky as possible. He could do it for five hours and not get tired. This has trouble written all over it. He dances to Footloose and starts out from the floor, and yeah, I was right, trouble. The Tony is apparently just flailing your body all over the place, then work in a little robot. Mary and Nigel clap along at the big finish, as he falls on his ass. She wonders if he pulled a groin muscle.

The only thing Nigel can compliment Tony on is the fact that he fell over, but then picked himself up and dusted himself up and continued making a fool of himself. Mary is not up on Tony Style, so she’s not sure she can properly critique it, but there’s always a lot of movies with a goofy guy in the back dancing, and that’s him. Tyce says if he was going for quirky, it was okay, but that was bad, like “flush it like a public toilet bad.” He’s not mad at the fact Tony wnats to be quirky, kooky Tony, as he likes it, but it was bad. ba-aa-aa-ad. He wasn’t good or bad or quirky enough for choreography.He exits totally out of breath, saying he feels faint, which is odd since he said he could do it for five hours straight. He wobbles around and asks for a medic.

Priscilla Marrero, 23, from Miami says through her thick accent that she was raised with franks and beans?That can’t be right. They love to have friends and family over celebrating life, and dance is a huge part of their culture. Tyce continually says “Oh yeah” throughout her audition. She looks like she has some definite ballet training as she does some contemporary, even working in a little acting, which I’m assuming Tyce really likes.

Priscilla tells the judges she has been dancing since she was 3, and when she was 15, she had an injury and thought she wouldn’t dance again, but she’s Priscilla, a dancer. It’s who she is. Nigel thinks she proved that today, saying her lines were fantastic, her performance was fantastic, and he enjoyed every moment of it. Mary calls her over-the-top wonderful. She ate up the stage and is captivating. Tyce can only think of how stunningly beautiful she is, and it made him so happy to be a dancer, just doing something to him. She is our first to make it to Las Vegas today.

Tony is still struggling, be attended to by physicians. Maybe it’s just me, but I think he’s just looking for more camera time. He then has a banana and water and all is well again.

Janette Manrara, 25, of Miami and Romulo Villaverde, 20, Hialeah, FL, came last year and auditioned in Washington, D.C. She made it through to Las Vegas last time, but he didn’t. They said last year they’d come back, and here they are, working on more lifts and tricks. They hope that with another year under their belt, they’re a little more in sync. She even does a little Nigel imitation for us. The lifts are good, I’ll give them that. Tyce is enjoying it. He’s very vocal about his likes and dislikes. This is a great Latin dance and the lifts only get better. I imagine this time thy might get two tickets straight to Vegas.

Nigel tells the pair they have been waiting for some spicy salsa in Miami, and thank goodness they got one. There were some fabulous moves there that they’d never seen before, including the turn around and split lift, which he calls really good … and dangerous. Mary tells them they’re the first couple to hit them with a performance, and gives one of her screams. She thinks they’re sexy and strong with strong legs. Tyce says Janette’s leg going up sent him over the top. It was so amazing. Mary threatens Nigel with killing him if he doesn’t send them to Vegas. He, of course, does.Romulo then runs out and does a breakdance, as he promised he would if they made it.

Jessica and Jennifer Guadix, 28, of Miami, are twins, but talk over each other instead of with each other. They do their own style of hip hop, and also love lyrical, wanting to get into that. They learned ballet from books, and that’s not very promising. They’re not smooth at all and nearly fall a couple times. This is definitely a style learned from reading books. Nigel calls it a nightmare while they finish dancing.

Nigel sets up Mary for the joke, saying they’ve never had synchronized dancing on the show before, and she laughs saying they still haven’t. The twins tell him they only had one days to practice, otherwise it would have been synchronized, and ask if that’s apparent. He asks if they’re twins, why didn’t they dance together, and is told they were supposed to be. Tyce thinks the key words are “supposed to be.” Mary keeps saying she’s going to see something she hasn’t seen before, and that’s what that was for her. Tyce calls it tragic, but fun, fun, fun, as he rings an imaginary bell. The twins are going home, obviously.

Tyce has a particularly hard time with some of these dancers, and we got a lot of his one-liners, that are more like two- or three-liners. He tells dancers they look like they’re smelling their armpit, that if they’re going to drag they should drag it up on stage and do it right, that it was like “who let you out today”, that part of it was like a milkshake with tylenol, that you can’t do a back flip and think you can’t make it, that he’s calling the dance police, and that he’s hoping the dance would put glitter on her shoes and say there’s no place like home.

Joseph Smith, 20, of Orlando, is going to schw-am the judges. He explains that can either be a quote or a statement and can be good or bad. He also says Schwhi-zam when he wants to hold it. He schools Cat Deeley on all things Schw-am. He does some great hip hop and has a natural humor to his personality and dancing. He’s so fun, he’s schw-am!

Nigel tells Joseph he loved his humor and footwork and he thoroughly enjoyed him. Mary asks why Joseph made that face, as what Nigel said is a good thing. He tells her it’s because he’s getting ready to give a schw-am. Mary enjoyed herself, as he’s really a good entertainer. He gives her a schwi-zam. Tyce thought the comedy was cool and that it had its place, but halfway through he wondered what he was doing. He was halfway impressed. Tyce got a schw and not the whole schwam. They send him onto the choreography.

Lauren Gottlieb from season three is there to guide them through choreography, and Joseph seems okay, but definitely adds his own flair. He makes it through with a ticket to Las Vegas and gives Cat a big schw-am, but she corrects him that it should be schwi-zam. 18 in all made it to Vegas on the first day in Miami. Someone loses her ticket down the street, as it blows away. She catches it, but somehow it’s just not a good omen.


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