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The Amazing Race 14, May 10 – Proving What They Wanted To

I am definitely sad to see this season end. It’s certainly been a great one with so many great characters, teams, challenges, and a first! The first team to be eliminated because of a potty break! Tonight I’ll be rooting for either Tammy/Victor or Margie/Luke. I can’t help but think how fun it would be for Margie to win on Mother’s Day. Let’s see how it turns out.

The first team to leave from Beijing are Tammy and Victor at 9:15 PM. Their clue tells them to fly to their final desination city of Maui, Hawaii. They have to go to a beach access point once they land. Tammy knows the other teams will be tough competition, so she’s just hoping she and Victor are on their game. He knows they’ll all bring their A game, so he’s just hoping to ring their A+ game. They get information at the airport and find they need to wait until 6 AM when the airport opens directly for flight info.

Margie and Luke leave over two hours later at 11:24 PM. He knows when they started out they were the underdog team, but in the final three now, they showed people they were wrong about them. The others have to watch out. Mother and song are a very strong team and will do anything to win. They get to the airport and run into Victor and Tammy, only to find out they have have to until 6 AM.

Jaime and Cara leave over two-and-a-half hours from that at 2:04 AM. They have no idea why it’s taken so long for a female team to win this race. The only thing they can say that they’ve been saying since day one is, “Don’t underestimate us.”

At 6 AM the three teams finally book their flights, and all get the same flight to Maui, landing eighteen hours later. Margie tells their driver to just go fast, and he replies, “That’s illegal, Ma’am.” Once they get to the Beach Access point, they’ll need to prep a pig for a beach luau by seasoning it, then transporting it to the luau. I suppose I should point out it doesn’t look like the pig is alive anymore. The flu perhaps? The teams will use an example, then properly cover the pig for it to be cooked, tto get their next clue. The drivers seem to be really enjoying it as all the girls change into swim suits in their cabs.

Victor and Tammy are the first to arrive, as he says while seasoning the pig that it’s disgusting and nasty. Jaime and Cara arrive shortly after. Once it’s all seasoned up, Victor tells Tammy they shouldn’t drag it n the sand. As those four take off carrying their pigs, Margie and Luke arrive, and begin seasoning their pig.

Jaime and Cara struggle in a big way to carry the pig, yet call Tammy a weakling, saying they can pass her. Tammy does indeed drop it, but so does Jaime and Cara. Yet not for too long, as here come Margie and Luke catching up. They pass the cheerleaders while they argue about carrying it. Victor and Tammy drop it again as Margie and Luke pass them up as well. Victor yells at his sister saying it’s only three more steps. Jaime meanwhile is yelling at Cara.

Margie and Luke deliver their pig and try to figure out how to set it up. Tammy has only a few more steps to go, but still keeps dropping it. Jaime and Cara continue to struggle as Jaime yells at Cara that they’re stronger than the others. Kind of hard to believe that right now, isn’t it? Tammy and Victor deliver theirs, and Jaime and Cara are shortly behind them. Margie and Luke get it figured out and buried correctly, and receive their next clue. They’ll need to go to the beach at McGregor Point and ride on a watercraft, which I think means a jet ski, to a Buoy Field to search through the 100 buoys to find one marked with a clue.

Tammy and Victor realize they buried the pig all wrong, putting the palm leaves on top when they didn’t need to, but luckily for them, Jaime and Cara seem to have copied them and also need to fix it. Tammy and Victor get the next clue and Jaime and Cara finally figure it out, getting the next clue as well.

Margie and Luke get to the Buoy Field and take off in the watercraft with Margie driving. Luke becomes a backseat driver, and she admonishes him to not yell at her anymore. Victor and Tammy arrive just before Jaime and Cara. Looking at the buoys, Luke and Margie fall off into the water. They get a clue shortly after and head back to shore. He urges her to go, and she tells him she’s going to and to just relax. Margie and Luke’s clue sends them along a highway to the Surfobard Fence where the next clue awaits.

Among the other teams, Jaime and Cara start looking first. Tammy tells Victor to steer and let her search for the clues, as Jaime and Cara find a clue right away. Victor and Tammy find theirs and everyone is headed back to shore.

Margie and Luke arrive at the Surfboard Fence and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must remember everythng they’ve done on the race, searching through a pile of surboards to find 11 with pictures of the race that relate back to something that they’ve done. However, there are boards with pictures that have nothing to do with what they’ve done so far. They must then create a fence with the surfboards by putting them in the correct order, then will receive the next clue.

Luke decides to do this task, as he has a fabulous memory and has so far been remembering everything they’ve done so far. However, he has problems keeping his swim trunks up. He gets three surfboards in the right order right away. Jaime and Cara’s driver takes them to the wrong surfboard fence, as Victor and Tammy are stuck behind a slow car. Meanwhile, Luke is tearing it up. He even takes off his swim trunks that are falling off just to speed it up a little. Yet we then see him with them back on. So maybe someone wasn’t pleased with the view.


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