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American Idol 8, May 5 – A Tower Falls Tonight, An Idol Tomorrow

Well, this could get interesting. Just twenty minutes before the show started, I was browsing on Twitter (I’m LauraBelle64, if you’re interested) and saw mjsbigblog posted there was a major accident on the stage during rehearsal. The stage blew up or something, and stage manager Debbie fell, requiring an ambulance trip to the hospital. The dress rehearsal was cancelled, and no one knew what was going to happen. I hope everyone set their VCR and DVR to go over, just in case. It could get interesting.

When the show starts tonight, we see a taped bit of the elimination last week, then Ryan Seacrest starts the show as he always does, descending down the stairs that Simon Cowell was forbidding him to do again last week. He mentions the accident and shows the tower that collapsed. He mentions the Idols didn’t get their run-through, but “the show must go on.”

Continuing on, tonight is a first, as the contestants will perform duets. Now that’s exciting! As the Idols are introduced, I have to say they look a little freaked out, especially Allison Iraheta.

We already knew this, but Slash is the guest mentor tonight with the genre of rock. I see it either going really surprisingly well, or really badly. He mentored the Idols at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. He was raised on rock ‘n roll as a lifestyle, as a personality and attitude. He sees it as a way of life. He never thought he’d be a mentor on American Idol, but with the standouts this year, he came up with this concept in a club, doing it more rock ‘n roll, doing it with the band.

Adam Lambert is losing his pimp spot for the night, surprisingly. Maybe after appearing in the bottom three he’s no longer the judges’ darling. He’s up first and is singing Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. Slash thinks Adam has some pipes. He has such range and can do it so easily, “effortless.” To critique him, Slash just tells him he doesn’t need to improvise so much in the high register, as it sounds really cool when he hits his lower register. I’m a huge Zeppelin fan, so I am digging this. He has the guy liner doing overtime tonight. Adam just can’t seem to totally take Slash’s advice, as he still has the high range improv. I find it hard to improve on Zeppelin, but I’d say he does fairly well, and don’t think anyone else there could have done this.

Randy Jackson tells Adam this is the Adam he loves. Nobody is going to think of Broadway tonight. He’s a rock star tonight. Randy hopes he considers when he makes a record that he’s a rock star waiting to happen. He even suggests he collaborate with Slash. Kara DioGuardi issues praise, saying Adam is more than a rock star, he’s a Rock God! The record he should be making is classic rock form the 70s, glam rock from the 80s. No one is doing it, and only he has the vocals for it. She just can’t settle down. It’s kind of weird.

Paula praises the band, then asks how you can improve Zeppelin. However, she calls him “A Whole Lotta Perfect.” Simon Cowell jokes the performance is a little understated. More seriously, he agrees with everyone else, and says it’s actually one of Adam’s best performances he’s ever done. The only problem is nobody can top that now. Adam says when he found out he could do this song, it was a happy day for him.

Allison Iraheta gets stool chat with Ryan and admits to being a little uncomfortable sitting under the broken tower. She talks about going to Adam’s “hair girl” to get her ‘do for this week. He’s been going to her for a long time, so Allison asked him to hook her up. Lookin’ good.

Between two songs for tonight, Cry Baby or Somebody to Love, Slash tells Allison she’s predisposed to the Joplin thing, so she decides to go with that. Just the rehearsal with Slash is amazing. He suggests what we all know, that she has a natural rock ‘n roll mannerism and swagger, and if she pulls it out, he thinks it’ll be great. He just wants her to get past the fear part and bring it. I’ll say it before Randy does. I cannot believe this girl is 17. This is amazing. Adam set the bar, and if you ask me, Allison met it. If he’s a Rock God, she’s a Rock Goddess.

Randy tells Allison she can sing her face off, but he did not love the song choice on her. Huh? He thought there were better vehicles with more melody, as all this was was just “Cry Baby, Cry Baby” at the top of her range. Kara thinks Janis is the right choice for her, but thinks maybe Piece of My Heart would have been better. She asks Allison if she’s nervous tonight, and she admits she always is. As far as the personality thing goes that “others” don’t see, Kara does sees it on her onstage, thinking Allison transforms when she comes onstage. Paula thinks Allison is fearless, and if there were aver a biopic on Janis, Allison has the role.

Simon compares Allison from where she was eight weeks ago to where she is tonight and calls it staggering. He brings up her age, and mentions her complete confidence and a terrific vocal, but he does think she tried too hard to sound like the original. He would have chosen the Queen song instead, but she corrects him that it wasn’t the Queen song, but a Jefferson Airplane song. She was afraid the Jefferson Airplane would have been playing it safe and knows Piece of My Heart has been done too much. Simon gives her crap for begging, and she continues, saying he always says she doesn’t talk enough, so … Simon admits he likes the fact she’s arguing for herself.

We get the first duet of the night, Kris Allen and Danny Gokey on Renegade. They need to extend the words a little at the beginning. Also, I’m missing the scream before it kicks it up. I do think Kris is the more natural rocker, as Danny seems like he has to work a little harder to be believable with it. While Danny sings, Kris just sits and rocks it out, but while Kris sings, Danny sits clapping, like he’s not sure what to do with himself.


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