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The Amazing Race 14, May 3 – When a Girl Has to Pee, a Girl Has to Pee

I sure hope they play the last minute or so of <i>The Amazing Race</i> from last week, with Jaime and Cara excitedly talking about having their first place finish, only to find out the leg of the Race isn’t done yet, and that they still have more to go. What will be almost as good as watching that look on their face again will be watching Kisha and Jen come in expecting to be eliminated and finding they have half a chance.

We do indeed get to see that minute again … twice yet. Thanks CBS. Phil gives Jaime and Cara their next clue as they rush off. Jaime admits that to hear him say it wasn’t over, it was very disheartening. As long as it’s them in the final three, she honestly doesn’t care who else is racing with them.

Margie says on the way to the pit stop they’ve been working with Jaime/Cara and Tammy/Victor, so they’d like to see them in the final three. They arrive at the pit stop, and get the news this leg isn’t over with. Margie admonishes Luke, telling him if he yells at her one more time, she’s finished. The longer the Race goes on, the more she is tired of hearing, “Mooomm.” She’s also frustrated that they made up so much time, only for it to not be an elimination.

Jaime and Cara are still bitching about not coming in first as they find the clue box. The teams must now search the shops at the mall to find the Travelocity Roaming Gnome which will reveal the next clue. Margie and Luke find the clue box and begin searching as well.

Tammy and Victor arrive in in third place and get the next clue, talking about the trick with the fake pit stop. They still hope to make final three. Once they have no chance of being eliminated, they’ll just focus on winning.

Kisha and Jen arrive in tears, as Phil tells then they are the last to arrive, but that they’re still racing. Kisha says, “Shut … the hell up.” Phil tells them not to give up. Jen knows if they would have lost, it would have weighed heavily on her heart. As long as they’re still in it, they’re happy.

Tammy and Victor reach the clue box and begin searching for the gnome, passing up one that’s hidden among neckties. Margie and Luke are the first to find a gnome, getting a clue telling them to make their way to Gu Gong Xi Bei Jiao and find electric bicycles. They’ll ride these past the Forbidden City across Tiananmen Square to Dongdan Subway Station to find the next clue. Jaime and Cara find one as well, but pass up a cab that doesn’t know where the location Dongdan Subway Station is.

Kisha and Jen arrive and begin their search as Tammy and Victor find a gnome and search for a cab. Kisha and Jen find a gnome just after this. The sister and brother have an advantage, knowing without having to decipher anything that they’re headed to the Forbidden City. Victor runs down the street to a cab, saying he can’t believe he’s carrying a purse and a doll.

Margie and Luke get a cab that knows where to go, as do Jaime and Cara eventually. Jaime wants to make sure the driver knows where the location is and shoves the gnome in his face while he drives. She continues to be frustrated with the language barrier, admonishing the driver to just shake his head yes or no if he understands.

Tammy and Victor are the first to arrive at the electric bicycles, as he says how cool it is. She nearly gets run over by a car, trying to figure out the bike. They pick up the hang of the bike fairly quickly, as Margie and Luke arrive. Jaime and Cara get out at the wrong place, then have to drive around more. Kisha and Jen have caught up to Margie and Luke, and of course Luke nearly runs them over with his bike. Kisha and Jen are the next on the bikes.

Tammy and Victor stop to watch the military exercises in Tinnamen Square, saying it’s neat to see the flag get raised. They find the clue box, a Detour – Beijing Opera or Chinese Waiter. In Beijing Opera, the teams will make their way to an opera house and make each other up as a princess and gentleman from the opera. When they’re fully made up, they present themselves to the Opera master to get their next clue. In Chinese Waiter, teams make their way to a restaurant where patrons will give their orders to them in Mandarin. When they repeat the orders back correctly to the chef, the dishes will be prepared, and when the patrons are served, the teams will get their next clue. Oh please, don’t let Jaime and Cara do anything with language.

Tammy and Victor choose the waiter challenge, knowing it will be easy for them. Kisha and Jen pedal past Margie and Luke who are asking for directions. The sisters get to the Detour first and decide to do the opera. Kisha thinks she should be the princess, as she’s never been one before her whole life. Margie and Luke arrive deciding to do the Opera as well, as do Jaime and Cara. Thankfully. Kara and Jaime bemoan the fact that they’re last to the taxis yet again.

Tammy and Victor arrive at the restaurant, as he says if they can’t do the task, their parents will kill them. Well, that would be a little harsh. They start taking the orders, but Victor gets the food order wrong, thinking it’s squid instead of fish, despite the fact that he knows the language is hard, as slightly different nuances in the worlds can have completely different meanings. The chef tells them it’s wrong and to go back.


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