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Amazing Race 14 Ep. 10 Commentary – Somewhere, Michael Phelps Is Laughing

Did anyone think there was going to be an elimination this week? Show of hands.

Shame on you.

Didn’t you see the Amazing Race Schedule – one episode next week and then the Finale. That meant either it would be another non-elimination, a Super Leg or a Final Two. So what better episode to make a Super Leg than one that came fully equipped with a Super Suit!

Seriously though, the minute they announced the Pit Stop and did not include the obligatory – “the last team to check in MAY be eliminated” – I knew it was going to be the extended Super Leg. It’s not the same as Amber figuring out there was something amiss by the “Phil at the Mat” clue, or the Models/Addicts reading off the “Keep Racing” clue. The contestants were clueless this time, but we had a few clues to work with.

So with no real drama regarding who would be eliminated we had to go with what we had. We had the aftermath of the rather lame meltdown and we had a brand new meltdown to deal with.

Regarding the Luke/Jen dustup

It was a dumb reason to fight and so one of the most ridiculous Amazing Race rivalries continues. It ranks up with Frank in Season 1 accusing the lawyers of following him. It ranks with all of Season 7 hating Rob and Amber for simply being Rob and Amber. It ranks with the Divorcees/Starr bra dispute. Or anything the Weavers thought was happening to them.

Luke looks bad because he is continuing to pout and gave a full-on body check to Kisha at the airport. Luke – don’t give in to the Dark Side. Margie looks bad by her mocking of Jen at the end of the episode regarding her water difficulties. I hope Margie is feeling rather ashamed of that comment. Jen gets a hit for her “I don’t make small talk; that’s fake.” comment at the airport. Just stop it!!!

Kisha gets some different hits from me this week. And that’s the Jaime Award for International Insensitivity. At the airport – “And she just gives us that dumb look. You’d think they could say ‘me no speak English.’ They look like a zombie.” Wow. Just wow. But wait, there’s more! In finding difficulty getting a cab driver – “They all look alike.”


I have so much to say – but am having a very hard time saying it while not looking racially insensitive myself. How about we leave to the imagination, my fair readers. Let me ask you – do you see anything strange in Kisha saying that sentence? Yep. I thought so.

I was hoping for them to let it all go, but that was not to happen. However, some bad feelings for Jen had to be … ahem … washed away with the pool challenge. Speaking as someone who cannot drive stick and who cannot ride a bicycle (that’s right – why are you laughing?) let me say that if I was going on the Amazing Race, I’d learn both well enough to get by in a challenge. Also, as a terrible acrophobe, I would keep in mind that if I had to do something with heights, I’d just simply have to do it.

I feel for you and your hydrophobia, Jen. I really do. But, did you really think CBS was going to let you drown? This is a million bucks. Suck it up and get through the challenge. And Kisha, can you do something here to help your sister out? It wasn’t until she was clearly too far gone before Kisha jumped in with any sisterly advice. At least that we saw.

I said it while watching it and I will say it publicly. There is no way anyone should have done that diving challenge. To time landing at the same time takes lots of practice and great communication. No time for practice on the Race, and for longtime viewers of this show…there has never been much intrateam communication to speak of.

For Kisha/Jen and Tammy as poor swimmers, they should have just done the relay. You know you can doggie paddle or do the Kisha method of hugging the rope (shut up, no dirty minds allowed!). Although I must admit I am not sure if I liked the life jackets – it just didn’t seem in the spirit of the challenge.

So – next week one team is out. I expect some sort of bunching will take place and take care of the distance between teams. To be honest, I have turned 180 degrees around and have started to root for Tammy and Victor. OK, mainly I am rooting for Tammy. But the ol’ lug has been growing on me too.