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The Amazing Race 14, April 26 – Welcome to Skimpy Land

It’s getting really exciting on The Amazing Race. Not only are we down to the final four teams, but we had one of the most tense arguments between teams, definitely beating out the great Bra Throwing Out the Window Furor of last season. And on top of that tonight, we’re supposed to see Jen flips out during a challenge and wants to quit the Race. But first, we have to leave Guilin, China.

The first to leave are Kisha and Jen at 1:48 PM. It was noted last week in Jeremy’s commentary that suddenly they aren’t saying “mandatory rest period,” and with Kisha and Jen arriving and departing in the daylight, I’d say they were given more time for what seems like the second week in a row. They will fly to Beijing, China, and make their way to a foot massage spa where they’ll get their next clue. Jen doesn’t feel there is any reason to harp on the past leg of the race with Margie and Luke. Kisha wants to move on, claiming they’re over it.

Tammy and Victor leave one minute later and plan to go to a travel agent for their tickets. They were just in Beijing for the Olympics and feel it’s a huge advantage having a geographical knowledge as well as knowing the culture and the language and the ways of the street. They find the earliest flight is 5:10 PM and book the tickets.

Margie and Luke leave at 1:50 PM. Luke signs that what happened with Kisha and Jen is done. He’s not going to talk to them and plans to focus on the game and trying to win to “kick their ass.” Jaime and Cara leave at 2:12 PM, and Jaime states they’ve never come in in first place, making it beyond frustrating. They know they just need to work harder.

Kisha and Jen get in a traffic jam and hope all the teams run into it as well, just as Margie and Luke arrive at the airport and begin booking a flight. They, too, get the 5:10 flight. Kisha and Jen arrive shortly after, exciting Margie that they’re now behind them. Turning into Jaime, Kisha and Jen complain that the folks at the ticket counter just stare at them like zombies, and Kisha thinks they should at least be able to say, “No Speaka Da English.”

Margie and Luke’s International Credit Card is denied at this counter and they have to go to a different counter. Jen and Kisha move to the other counter and jump in line in front of them which Margie calls not cool. Luke wants them eliminated next and says if he has to go to final three with them, it’s “game on.” Tammy and Victor arrive, and when Kisha and Jen see them go into the VIP line, they assume that they have special privileges for speaking the language, not realizing they already got their tickets.

Jaime and Cara arrive, getting flight info from Margie and Luke, as Tammy and Victor tell the people at the VIP counter to give them good seats and put all the others in the back of the plane. Margie figures they’re up to something like usual. After, sister and brother joke if they don’t survive Beijing, they’ll bring shame to their family and all Chinese people.

As Kisha and Jen wander the airport, Margie fills in Jaime and Cara about what happened at the mat. What were they doing in Guilin? Did no one talk to each other? Maybe they didn’t have extra time. Victor sticks up for them some and acknowledges that it happened, but also says Kisha did apologize. Jen and Kisha arrive as the topic switches to the weather in Beijing, and Margie and Luke look like they’d like to murder someone. Jen walks away saying she doesn’t make small talk. “It’s fake.”

In Beijing, Tammy and Victor get out of the airport before anyone else is even seen. Luke runs into Kisha and Jen again running after his mom, and tells Margie in the cab that they kicked Jen and Kisha’s ass. Kisha and Jen realize Luke is holding a grudge, and while these four are worried about each other, Jaime and Cara blow past them in their cab.

Tammy and Victor are coming up on the foot massage parlor, and she hopes they don’t have to massage other people’s feet, as she really doesn’t like feet. Victor mocks her, making his fingers be like toe puppets calling Tammy in. Kisha and Jen see Margie and Luke going a different way and hope they’re the ones going the right way.

The first ones to the foot massage parlor are actually Jaime and Cara who find a Roadblock asking who is feeling manipulative. It’s Cara, oddly enough. She’ll need to take part in a traditional Chinese cure of a weary body. They’ll drink a special tea, then get a massage that is therapeutic, but walks a fine line between pleasure and pain. If they can do this for ten minutes, they’ll then drink another cup of tea and get the next clue. If they say “uncle,” they’ll have to restart it again. Cara hates foot massages as it is, so this should be interesting.

Margie and Luke did indeed take the wrong way and are hoping others are lost. Kisha and Jen are the next to arrive, and Kisha insists on doing it, as Jen says that’s fine; she doesn’t like people touching her feet anyway. Kisha chokes down the tea, and Cara agrees it’s not very tasty. Cara is definitely suffering through the pain, as Kisha says she’s scared. Cara has tears coming out, and Kisha is biting her jacket in pain.

Tammy and Victor arrive and she agrees to do the massage. Kisha thinks this should be illegal, and Cara thinks childbirth has to be better than this. Tammy, changing her mind, would now rather massage other people’s feet. Jaime orders Cara to not say “Uncle.” Margie and Luke finally arrive, as Luke says he’s feeling manipulative. Cara is finally done, drinks the tea again, and gets the next clue sending them to Guangcai Natatorium to find the next clue.


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