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The Amazing Race 14, April 19 – Time to Get Dirty Now

Mark and Michael are going to be starting with a huge time deficit tonight because of their penalties, and on top of it will have a speed bump to work through. The cards are stacked against them, but if they can keep their head in the game, I think they have a chance.

The first team to leave Bangkok, Thailand are Margie and Luke at 9:36 AM, with a clue telling them to fly to Guilin, China. When they land, they’ll take a taxi to Qing Xiu Lu and find a hair salon to get their next clue. Margie is finding that not knowing the language being spoken in a country is putting her in the same boat as Luke for a change. They get a flight leaving at 11:20 AM and don’t think another flight has a chance of making the flight.

Right on cue, Jaime and Cara leave at 10:30 AM. Jaime admits the only thing she knows about China is that it’s over-populated, which of course isn’t one of her favorite things. Cara knows it would be easier to not yell at cab drivers, but that’s how Jaime communicates. If it were up to Cara, it would be more calm, but she knows if she gets in the middle of it it will just drive her to be more upset. For two people that aren’t related, but look completely alike, they have a very strange relationship.

Tammy and Victor leave at 10:40 AM and are quite excited. Not only did she got there for spring break two years ago, but they’re Chinese and speaking the language. Jaime and Cara miss the flight that Luke and Margie are on, but they’ll make the same connecting flight. Tammy and Victor explain they’re in a competition and have to win. They get the same flight as Jaime and Cara.

Kisha and Jen leave at 12:43 PM, and Jen admits this is when her competitive nature is going to come out. If she sees someone in front of her, she’s going to knock them out. They have some cushion today, knowing that Mark and Michael are behind them. They’ll connect a little later than the first three teams. Margie and Luke land and realize they have a long layover ahead of them before the connecting flight.

Mark and Michael leave last at 4:08 PM and know they’re four hours plus behind everyone else because of their penalties. They came on the Race to be in the game, so they’re just looking at this leg like they have a little something extra to do. That’s how they have to look at it. They know they just need to make the right decisions.

Jaime/Cara and Tammy/Victor land in Guangzhou for the connecting flight, and find the flight has been delayed. At 8:51 Kisha and Jen arrive and take off at 9:10, leaving the others behind. The others arrive in Guilin not to long after them. Tammy tells their cab driver they are racing against “foreigners,” adopting their native land as their own.

Kisha and Jen get to Qing Xiu Lu and look for the hair salon, but they don’t think the locals know what they’re asking for. Tammy and Victor see them asking for directions and hope their driver knows where it is. Yet they know the only real advantage to them knowing the language is that they understand him when he says he doesn’t know where they’re going.

The first to the hair salon are Jaime and Cara, and they get a clue telling them to travel to the #24 bridge to get the next clue. They try to flag their driver down, as Tammy and Victor arrive. Tammy is noting the others aren’t asking them for any language help here in China.

Mark and Michael arrive and take off for Qing Xiu Lu, trying to keep a positive attitude. Kisha and Jen don’t trust Margie and Luke, since they steered them in the wrong direction in Bangkok. Margie is admitting that Luke’s competitiveness is a surprise to her She’s never seen him like this before. Luke signs that he’s not patient on the race, making him competitive.

Kisha/Jen and Margie/Luke arrive at the hair salon at the same time, and don’t realize the clue box is right there in front of the speed bump that is waiting for Mark and Michael. Luke and Jen spot it and run up there at the same time, literally running into each other, as Jen calls him a bitch. She thinks he body-checked her, calling that a bitch move. Margie explains to Luke in the cab that she called him a bitch, and he says it’s a good thing he’s deaf, as if he would have heard that, it would have been on. He says calling the deaf guy a bitch it not nice, and it’s ” time to get dirty now.” Keesha utters, “Game on, bitches.”

Tammy and Victor are the first to the bridge and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will have to take a raft out to the middle of the river and train birds to retrieve fish. It should be noted that they’re already trained fairly well at this point. They aren’t “novices.” Once they get ten fish, they will get the next clue. Tammy decides she’s up for the challenge, as Jaime decides the same thing.

Mark and Michael are lost on their way to the hair salon, which isn’t going to help them time-wise at all. Margie/Luke and Jen/Keesha get to the Roadblock at the same time, and Luke and Jen again have an altercation at the clue box. She says her momentum carried her into the clue box, but his view is that she grabbed his arm and pushed him back. Margie yells at Kisha for some reason, as Kisha says it’s unacceptable. Kisha and Jen pass Tammy on her way out to fish and tell her about Luke pushing Jen into the clue box.

Tammy’s fish are “uncooperative,” and Victor tells her her to make sure she “communicates with the bird.” He thinks they might only know Chinese. Jaime thiinks it’s amazing they’ve been trained to not eat the fish, as if someone tossed filet mignon in her mouth, she’d eat it. I hear ya there. Jen’s doing this challenge, as Kisha thinks she’s always ready for foul play. And of course, Luke is the one doing it for his team. When the bird doesn’t cooperate, he signs “bad duck.”


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