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Amazing Race 14 – Ep. 8 Commentary – Next Week, What’s Up With Luke and Jen?

There were so many fun things this week which makes it rather amazing (of course) that the best part was actually the previews for next week. The long anticipated, and often promoted by Phil, meltdown at the mat between Luke and Jen. Now, don’t get me wrong, any big meltdown is going to be fun, but what makes this one better is that the argument has to be filtered through one of the combatant’s mom. That’s right, Luke – the deaf guy – gets into a shouting match with Jen. This means Luke’s mom has to sign the insults uttered by Jen and then translate much of what Luke has to say. This leads to what may be the most awkward argument in the history of television. Add onto it – Tammy and Victor seem to be standing right in the middle of it.

Next week is going to rock.

However, this week had its charms, despite being most obviously a non-elimination week. If you didn’t see that coming, then you must not be observant. That would be like riding in a cab with Thai transvestites and not realizing it.

Oh wait.

WHAT! Mark and Michael couldn’t figure out that the “ladies” riding in the back were transvestites. I don’t know, I think the Adam’s Apples gave it away for me. Or perhaps when they asked to borrow the boys’ shaving kits. Maybe it was when they got lost in the cab and wouldn’t ask for directions. Another dead giveaway was when they left the seat up after peeing.

Oh – I think one of them asked Mark to be in the Thai Transvestite Karaoke Fantasy Football League. All three kept commenting about how much more masculine they were than Victor.

Another dead giveaway – the lack of breasts.

Anyway, so the guys can’t figure out how to tell men and women apart. At least they have a full grasp on the rules of the Race.


That’s four penalties in two legs – what are they the Oakland Raiders of the Amazing Race?!? So, in case you were ever wondering – you cannot trade your personal belongings for Race related items. You and I may not have realized that, but if you are an actual Racer…you should know. The BS reason the boys gave at the mat about there being no other way they could have settled was total, well, BS. We watched Uchenna and Joyce beg for money in Miami just yards away from the finish line to settle up with a cab, yet that’s not allowed anymore. Heck, we saw Kisha and Jen get a free cab ride in THIS episode!

Another thing I have to mention – normally, I am a proponent for always doing the quick detour task. Whether it be scary bungee jumps or big plates of fried insects, do it and move on. However, I do not think I could have taken dentures out of those bowls and shoved them into those toothless mouths. I still get the shakes thinking about that task. I have no idea how dentists do it every day – unless they just shut their mind and focus on the yacht it will one day result in. The fact that Margie is a nurse probably helped a lot, but boy, I would rather have sung more Thai show tunes with the Thailand cast of La Cage Aux Follies than touched those teeth.

Route Markers

• The groundwork for that Mat Meltdown likely had seeds sown in this episode where we had Kisha and Jen getting bad directions that they blamed on Margie and Luke. The physical bumping that goes on next week likely tugs at that lingering resentment a bit with the ladies.

• Victor was wearing mandals. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. I hate mandals with a passion.

• You like it how Margie emphasized the word “faint” when Luke was talking about his concerns for her. It’s almost as if she was saying – I get it, Mom fainted on TV, please let’s drop it.

• I don’t understand how you can actually decide to leave your bags behind. Let me rephrase – I have NO idea how you can leave behind your Amazing Race Fanny Pack full of your money and passports on some dock in Thailand and think it is a good idea. I can almost understand Mark and Michael’s dilemma about going back for the bags, but Kisha and Jen? Why would you not go back and get your PASSPORT! When I traveled abroad I carried that around with me like it was a limb.

• Victor – “We’re Chinese; we have to do the karaoke.”

• Why were all of the streets flooded? Did it seem as if the city had bigger issues to deal with other than crazy Americans running around?

• Were there any actual lyrics to those songs they had to sing?

• I loved Jen’s analysis – “I have three questions. My first question … are those transvestites. My second question … why do they have to wear so much makeup. My third question … why are we getting in a cab with these transvestites.” HA! I love the second question. Jen, it’s because they are men trying to be women. Makeup is needed. And lots of it.

• What’s with the parrot at the Pit Stop? Where’s Captain Jack Sparrow?

• The cheerleaders had the “meekest driver on the Planet Earth.” My question – is there a Meekest Driver Pageant they can enter? And is there competition from Vulcan cab drivers?

• I love doing this when Phil describes trips won by family teams …you get to go to this awesome resort and spa in Puerto Rico…with your MOM!

• Lastly, Mark and Michael have a Speed Bump and a three hour deficit to make up. Of course, if they are leaving Thailand, that three hour deficit is likely going to be gone instantly. Also, we have five teams left and three of them show up at the mat together next week (as the clips of the Mat Meltdown indicate). I wonder if that was the battle for first place, the middle three teams arriving, or if one of them was in last and likely led to that smackdown.

Destination – Bangkok, Thailand
Roadblock – Putting together a propeller that works for the boat teams then had to take. Margie, Jamie, Victor, Kisha and Mark
Detour – Putting dentures into people’s mouths (Margie/Luke) or singing karaoke in a five mile cab ride (everyone else)
Order of finish – Margie/Luke, Jamie/Cara, Tammy/Victor, Kisha/Jen, Mark/Michael (Not eliminated)

Next week – Duh!