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The Amazing Race 14, April 12 – Mai Tai Trannies and the Party Cab

I’m having a hard time remembering where we left off with <i>The Amazing Race</i>. I know we had the week off last week because of the Country Music Awards, but it almost would have been more fitting to have the week off this week on Easter. It just seems odd to have the show on tonight. It’s like poor Phil never catches a break or something. Then again, had I not had some extra cocktails in celebration of the holiday tonight, things might be a little more clear for me.

Tammy and Victor are the first team to leave Phuket, Thailand at 9:27 PM and now must fly to Bangkok, Thailand where they will travel by taxi to a boatyard on the outskirts of town to get their next clue. Tammy wants to take it just one leg at a time, as you can go from last to first so easily, even though they see the ultimate finish line ahead. They just want to stay focused and keep doing what they’ve been doing these last few legs.

Jaime and Cara are the next to leave at 12:31 AM and search for an “official taxi,” skipping by some others it seems, as Jaime continues to be rude to locals. She acknowledges the language barrier frustrates her and makes her sound like a lunatic. More than that, Jaime, it just sounds plain rude. She acknowledges there’s nothing she can do about it, as she’s like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, but I’d say she only sounds like Hyde.

Mark and Michael are the third to leave at 12:46 AM, after incurring two penalties on the last leg. Mark thinks they can solve their problems as they have what it takes to be there at the end. As long as they don’t shoot themselves in the foot again, they think they’ll be okay. If it weren’t these two saying this, I’d say that sounds ominous, but with them, it’s just a promise.

Tammy and Victor arrive at the airport and head to the information desk to make reservations, but no matter what, they need to wait until 6 AM, meaning they lose their lead.

Margie and Luke leave at 12:53 AM, and she complains it’s so hot already at 1 AM, and she’s already sweating. Luke worries about his mom, not wanting her to faint again. Can’t blame him there, as I think that was scary for all of us. She acknowledges she’s drinking a lot of water. Kisha and Jen leave last at 1:05 AM mentioning the Race isn’t affecting their relationship in a negative way. They’ve learned to give each other space. I have to admit I don’t know if my own sister and I could give each other that space.

All teams of course end up on the same flight, and once they arrive in Bangkok, they all head to the boatyard. Margie and Luke end up following Kisha and Jen, but both drivers stop for directions. While the sisters’ driver takes off again first, some men on the street talk, giving Margie and Luke different directions. The sisters’ driver stops for directions again, and they know they’ve lost valuable time going in the wrong direction.

Mark and Michael are behind Tammy and Victor, yet it’s Margie and Luke with the good directions that get to the clue box first. They find a Roadblock, where one person from each team must attach a propeller to a long tail boat. When the boat is working properly, they will receive the next clue. Margie does this task, as Jaime and Cara arrive. Cara (I think it’s her; still have a hard time differentiating between the two) works on the task, as Margie continues, saying she can fix some things around the house, so this is easy. She finishes quickly, getting a clue telling them to navigate the canals in the boat, ending up at Peninsula Pier to get their next clue.

Tammy and Victor arrive, telling their cab to wait, as Mark and Michael are right behind them. Victor works on the task, as does Mark. Jaime finishes, and she and Cara want to take off right away, but need to get their bags out of their cab first. Victor is trying to copy what Cara did on the task, as Kisha and Jen are arriving in last place, with Kisha working on the propeller. Mark finishes the task, and he and Michael don’t go back to get their bags. Kisha finishes, as Victor still works on it. She and Jen also leave all their stuff behind, including Kisha’s shoes and their fanny pack with their passports.

Victor finishes in last place, but his propeller doesn’t work, as he works on it again. He gets it fixed, and they take off again. They choose to stop to grab their stuff. Margie and Luke are happy to not see anyone directly behind them. Cara is happy to not have to jump into the water, saying it doesn’t look very pretty. Mark is hoping they can get back to their bags. Kisha and Je are going over the same thing, and trying not to argue.

Margie and Luke are the first to arrive at the next clue, a Detour – Broken Teeth or Broken Record. In Broken Teeth, teams will amke their way to an area called the STreet of Happy Smiles. They’ll search through bowls of dentures to find the right matches to five people. They’ll have to put their fingers in other people’s mouths. In Broken Record they’ll need to choose a party taxi equipped with karaoke, then join with locals and sing until they reach their destimation. If the streets are crowded, it could take very long.

Margie and Luke decide on Broken Teeth, as she says she’s a bad singer, but he’s really bad, and they want to spare the people of Bangkok. Jaime and Cara arrive and decide on the party cab, as Mark and Michael arrive just behind them and realize the girls have their belongings. They want to do the broken record, but also want to get back to their things. Kisha and Jen arrive, still worried about their things, deciding on Broken Record. Tammy an Victor arrive, glad they got their things, and decide to do the karaoke, as Victor says they have to since they’re Chinese, and Tammy notes how proud it will make Mommy.

Jaime and Cara are finding the streets to be flooded, as Mark and Michael talk to a cab to take them back to get their things, but Mark knows they don’t have enough money to go back for them. Michael tells him they need their things. They have their fanny pack, but he wants their backpacks with their clothes and the personal mementos they have picked up during the Race. Kisha and Jen worry about the fanny pack sitting on the dock, as they don’t even have their passports.

Margie and Luke work on the dentures, equipped with masks and gloves, sticking teeth in and out of people’s mouths. Jaime asks their driver if he knows where they’re going, and when he says he doesn’t know, she says, “I can’t handle you.”, complaining it’s taken him twenty minutes to drive through the water-filled streets, yet he keeps saying they’re five minutes away. Mark and Michael argue about their bags, still. Michael doesn’t want to lose them, knowing they might not get back there, but Mark who has obviously been the leader in the group won’t listen, which is surprising, as he’s the younger of the two.


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