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The Amazing Race 14, March 29 – Taking a Walk On the Wild Side

With the previews we’ve seen of tonight’s Amazing Race, it looks to be an interesting one with the tigers, elephants, and Margie passing out while Luke panics. Since it seems like it’s happening at the pit stop, as Phil’s there, it ought to make it even more interesting. I wonder if they aren’t able to step on the mat because of that and lose their place or something.

The first team leaving tonight is Tammy and Victor, at 10:21 AM. They get a clue to fly to Phuket, Thailand. Using a picture only, they’ll need to find a statue of a giant gorilla. They aren’t told it’s at the Phuket Zoo. They are told to purchase their tickets at a certain travel agent or the airport. They choose to go to the travel agent after finding form their cab driver it’s fairly close. Tammy was at Phuket once before, but traveling with the family, she wasn’t allowed to leave her parents’ side.

Mel and Mike are the next to leave at 10:50 AM, and also decide to get their tickets at the travel agency. Mike mentions they don’t want to get so tied up just racing that they forget how fun this really is. Tammy and Victor get to the agency first, and get a flight arriving at 8:50 AM.

Kisha and Jen leave at 11:02 AM, as Kisha mentions their very competitive edge. They, too, will go to the travel agency. Jen mentions they are each other’s focus, not caring about the other teams. Margie and Luke leave one minute later, and she says signing with someone is a lot of work and very exhausting. If he wants to talk, it gets tiring for her, yet she wouldn’t change it for anything. They, too, decide on the travel agency.

Jaime and Cara leave at 11:04 AM, deciding to go to the airport for their tickets. Jaime admits patience isn’t her virtue, explaining she gets tired of the foreign languages and listening to all the noise. That’s why she’s anxious to leave India. With that attitude they’re probably just as excited for her to leave.

Mel and Mike arrive at the travel agency saying they want to do whatever Tammy and Victor do. Mark and Michael leave at 11:11 AM, and while it seemed last week they were very far behind, it turns out to only be seven minutes. Starting in last place, they realize they have no time for errors. They talk about Thailand being known for their diving, and being swimmers, feel it won’t be a big deal for them. They, too, decide to go to the agency.

Kisha has a hard time with the begging children in the street, giving them money against Jen’s wishes. Kisha is a middle school youth program coordinator, so for her, it’s breaks her heart and makes her appreciate what she has. Margie and Luke arrive at the travel agency and want the same as the others, as do Kisha and Jen, and Mark and Michael. They figure that Jaime and Cara went straight to the airport. They get the same flight anyway.

Landing in Tahiland, tall the teams take off in taxis to find the gorilla statue. Mel and Mike struggle to catch a cab. Jaime acts like she’s talking to an imbecile, asking their driver if he knows what a race is. Even Cara admits she would be thinking she is “a witch with a b.” Tammy and Victor ask the name of their driver, and he tells them it’s Bandit, which means teacher in Thailand. Mel and Mike are told the gorilla is at Patong Beach, which is probably far away from the zoo they need to go to. The other teams all ask locals in the downtown area for the location of the statue, and find it’s at the zoo. Mel and Mike see all the others going a different direction and wonder why. They’re hoping the other teams are the ones not in the know.

Jaime/Cara, Mark/Michael, and Kisha/Jen all arrive at the zoo close to the same time. Jaime and Cara are the first to find the gorilla statue. Mark and Michael see them get the clue and double back to get it themselves. This clue has the teams “taking a walk on the wild side.” They’ll have their picture taken with a tiger, then will lie on the ground while an elephant steps and squats over them. After this, they’ll go back to pick up their tiger picture from a one-armed man. The photo will be their next clue. Kisha and Jen are the next to find the clue.

Mel and Mike are arriving at the beach, wondering if they should confirm the whereabouts of the gorilla statue, since their driver isn’t quite sure where it is at the beach. Mark and Michael are the first to get their picture taken with the tiger, noticing the handler only has one arm, deciding they want to leave this with both of theirs intact. Kisha and Jen arrive waiting for their chance at the picture, and are told to be quiet, as Mark and Michael don’t want to be eaten. Jen is thinking if they won’t eat the guys, the tiger won’t eat them either. Jaime and Cara get their picture taken next, as Jaime says she’d be okay with a life in the zoo, never looking back. Sure, because they don’t speak a foreign language.

Tammy and Victor arrive and get their picture taken with the gorilla, followed by Margie and Luke. Mel and Mike’s driver is still searching for the right place at the beach to find the gorilla, and they become increasing more unsure of his knowledge. The brothers lie on the ground with the elephants squatting and standing over them, As soon as they’re told they can get up, they bow and take off quickly. Jaime/Cara and Kisha/Jen are the next to lie for the elephant walking.

The next clue has the teams making their way to the oldest herb shop in Phuket, where they’ll need to have the shop owner open one of the 99 drawers of herbs in the shop to find the right clue. They need to keep going until they get the right drawer. Mark and Michael are wondering where Mel and Mike are as the father and son are stopping in the downtown area asking about the gorilla statue. They’re told it’s at the zoo and argue, telling the local no. Tammy and Victor lie on the ground for the elephant, and Margie and Luke do the same.

Mel and Mike still can’t find the right answer for their gorilla statue question, and Mel cracks that he’s probably at the top of the Empire State Building holding some girl or something. They’re figuring they have probably lost being this much behind. Another person tells them he is sure it’s the Phuket Zoo where the gorilla statue is, and they take off with Mel deciding Lady Luck is not shining on them today. He then jokes they should stop for a massage.


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