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The Amazing Race 14 – My Dad Just Smoked the Roadblock

I’m still digging the op we got last week to see Phil in his undies. You have to admit he looked cute. He also didn’t seem very embarrassed. I’m thinking we won’t get anything like that this week in India.

The first to leave from the opera theater in Russia are Margie and Luke at 12:18 AM. Their clue has them flying to <b>Jaipur, India</b>, known as the Pink City, and they must connect through Moscow. They’ll taxi to <b>Sacred Tree</b> to find their next clue. Luke says through sign language that he’s happy with his mom as a teammate, as it’s good harmony. She’s good at communicating, while he’s good at strategizing. They know India will be very, very different.

Tammy and Victor are the next to leave at 12:24 AM. He knows he’s always played the right role of the eldest son in an Asian family, doing the schooling he was supposed to and becoming the lawyer he was supposed to. The Race is liberating for him, as it’s an opporututiy to be extroverted and do the unexpected. Jaime and Cara are next to leave six minutes later. Cara thinks the Race highlights the differences between herself and Jaime, as she’s pretty easygoing, while Jaime is a strong person in her conviction and “aggressivity.” Jaime just wants to ditch the “marshmallow man jackets.”

Mel and Mike leave at 1:01 AM, and Mel is just talking about surviving the Race, forgetting about winning it. He appreciates that his son could be getting upset with him, but realizes he’s always trying his best. Mark and Michael leave one minute later, as Mark talks about being with three teams of girls on the Race that are all almost 6 feet tall, and even when the brothers stand on each other’s shoulders, they’re barely 6 feet tall, yet they think their short little legs will get the job done.

Margie and Luke share flight info with Jaime and Cara that they’re taking the 7:00 flight, as Cara says it doesn’t matter, as they’re all going to end up on the same flight anyway. Kisha and Jen are leaving the pit stop at 1:28 AM, as Kisha thinks they’re getting along better, although it bothers her when they don’t, since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Back at the airport, Mel is asking why anyone would fly on an airline called Kacca. He’s right; that would stink.

Christie and Jodi leave in last place at 3:09 AM, and they’re worried about the speed bump. Jodi is thinking constantly about her daughter while on the Race, and wears her name on her bracelet, as she’s really lucky, and she and Christie could use a little luck right now.

All the teams catch the same flight, and landing in Jaipur, rush to catch their cabs. While Christie and Jodi travel, they decide if they lived here they would get the “rockinest” horn ever for when they drive. Mel and Mike put their bags in the trunk of a taxi, then change their mind about their choice once he goes inside to get directions. They can’t get the bags out of the trunk, as it’s locked, so they’re stuck until he comes back out with the directions. They take off in last place, and their driver assures them they needn’t worry, as he’ll drive very fast. Mel feels a little bad then, and says he will for the rest of the day, for yelling at him.

Christie and Jodi’s driver stops for gas, and Christie feels at his mercy, wondering if he has a “hurry button.” The stuntmen laugh while driving through the streets, calling it insane and thinking they wouldn’t want to be taxi drivers here. Kisha and Jen are nervous as well, as Luke signs to his mom that he saw a cow eating trash. Michael is shocked to know they’re in a better area of town, yet see fires in the street and kids running around naked. Jaime sees a lot of rundown buildings and stray animals and starts to cry, seeing they have no food. Luke feels the same and also starts to cry, struggling to explain it to his mom in sign language. They also see children eating garbage. Somehow it’s even more poignant to see Luke showing his empathy in sign language.

Tammy and Victor are the first to arrive at the Sacred Tree and are a little surprised to find a telephones out here. They call the number as directed and hear the clue, but with the person that is manning this clue station seemingly asleep, Victor and Tammy call over their cab driver to interpret the clue for them. The message is to travel to Amber Fort and the Gaura Parvati Parking. However, Victor thought they were talking about valet parking. Right. Amidst the fires in the street, cows wandering around, and children eating garbage, they’re going to have valet parking.

As they leave, they catch all the other taxis coming in. Mike calls this long line of white taxis “a caravan of fools.” The other teams don’t seem to find the clue as easily as Tammy and Victor, and it seems Jaime and Cara are asking a baby goat if he has a clue. He might, but they don’t. It seems like Kisha locates the phone, and Margie says they’re next, but Jaime and Cara are the ones listening to the clue. They’re confused about what they heard, yet run off anyway. As everyone takes off, telling their drivers to hurry to Amber Fort, Mel and Michael’s driver guarantees them they will win their race. Some of the Racers aren’t sure where they are going, and decide to just stay in the caravan. Christie and Jodi arrive after everyone else, not good when they also have the Speed Bump to look forward to.

Tammy and Victor are the first to arrive at Amber Fort and the parking lot, then find a <b>Roadblock</b>. One person from each team must work inside the fort, caring for a herd of camels. They’ll need to use traditional tools to load and carry enough food and water to satisfy the camel herd. Victor decides to take this one, and as he spills some of the camel food, with some landing in his mouth, he tells his sister camel feed doesn’t taste good.

The other teams all play leapfrog passing each other, and Jen notes she doesn’t like to play Indy 500 in other countries. Mark and Michael decide they have one of the best drivers in India. Back at the Roadlbock, Tammy knows her daughter will be happy Victor has to do this manual labor, as he’s always thought they lived such a privileged life.

The caravan arrives at the Roadblock, as Jaime decides she’ll care for the camels, and Kisha, Mark, Mel, and Margie decide they will as well. Jaime has a hard time communicating with the locals at the challenge and tells them they annoy her. Margie hears Luke encouraging her, and keeps pushing, prompting Luke to sign that’s why the other teams call her “Bionic Woman.” Mark does what he thinks are Indian calls, as Kisha laments that not only has she never taken care of livestock, she’s never even had a pet.


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