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Amazing Race 14, Ep. 5 Commentary – Why Would You Wear A Thong In Siberia?

First of all, did anybody else have no doubt in their mind that this was going to be non-elimination? More often than not, the first non-elim leg comes with seven teams left. Sometimes they hold it until there are six, one time (AR6 I believe) it was with eight left. I would love to see them throw a total curve at us and have a non-elimination on the first leg. Think about some of the teams that got booted on the first leg of the race in the past and how some of them may have turned out to be interesting. I immediately think of Avi/Joe, Dennis/Erika, the Black Family, Ryan/Chuck, and of course John Vito/Jill from the All-Stars season.

Anyway, it was no shock that the blonde flight attendants weren’t eliminated and will be navigating the Speed Bump next week. What I didn’t expect was the lack of underwear that they wear!

Let’s think about this. If I was going on the Race, I would consider packing such things as a bathing suit, warm socks, a flashlight, and um…I don’t know…UNDERWEAR! Both Jen and Christie met with this dilemma when the mostly naked 1.4 mile run through Siberia began. Lucky for Jen, she had a little pair of underpants in her bag since she was previously running around Siberia without any on. First of all, sexy. Second of all, it’s friggin’ Siberia! This wasn’t a trip to Miami Beach! Were they originally supposed to be on The Bachelor but got confused at the airport?

At least Jen had a backup plan; Christie had to run through the streets with not just one pair of cold cheeks. I almost felt badly for her except that she did it to herself. At least her partner had the sense to wrap up her bum when they got to the map.

Speaking of half-naked…I am sure the ladies loved their glimpse of the Full Keoghan. Amazing that with so much skin this week, there weren’t that many that you would encourage to keep their clothes off. I’d say the list is Phil, Tammy and Jen.

As far as the actual running of the race…kind of a dull episode. I’ll give this season a break though as it has been one of the better Amazing Race seasons so far. Did you notice that we didn’t get each team leaving the mat? This may have been the first time I have ever seen that, but since they just ran into a giant bunching, it didn’t seem necessary to show it. Good job, show!

Other than that, we only got a bit of foreshadowing. The Tammy/Victor dynamic with the other teams seems to be developing. They are the team that goes off and does their own thing this year. There have been many like that in the past – Reichen/Chip, Guidos, Beauty Queens all come to mind – but maybe it is because I find Victor so unlikable, but I don’t care for this team all that much. He seems to be a bit arrogant and somewhat phony and is just rubbing me the wrong way so far. You aren’t written off yet, Vic, but you are getting close. This season doesn’t have much in the way of a villain, so be careful, it just might be you!

Regardless, the early editing of the show seems to be implying that Margie/Luke, the cheerleaders and Tammy/Victor are the lead teams, along with Mel and Mike. If I had to wager a guess, I think that’s your Final Four. Christie and Jodi are up against a Speed Bump this week and have not been given a great platform so far. The other teams have not really received much screen time at all, which is never a good thing.