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The Amazing Race 14, March 15 – Let the First Become the Last

I find it very interesting we’ve lost both of our “young dating couple” teams so early in the season. Usually they’re frontrunners until the end. We’re left with the parent/child, friends, and sibling teams. It’s quite an interesting season.

From Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Christie and Jodi are the first to leave at 12:34 PM, getting a clue telling them to ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad to the city of Novosibirsk, Russia. There they’ll race to Punkt Tehnicheskogo Osmotra to get the next clue. Christie thinks that cities that don’t have a lot of consonants in them are not warm. I’d like to argue with that logic, but can’t. She also thinks their biggest strength is that they do work together every day on a plane, whereas the others don’t necessarily work together. Jodi acknowledges this is work, and not a vacation.

Kisha and Jen leave two minutes later, and Jen thinks her team is quicker than all the others, and they want to stay with the pack, as if a team is in their eyesight and it comes down to a foot race, they have a chance of beating them. They follow the flight attendants hoping they know where they’re going to. They all end up at the train station leaving at 10:46 PM, meaning they’ve just lost their lead.

We don’t get to see Mel and Mike leaving, but here they are in the train station already. Mel calls it the long wait the level, as Mike says “Let the first become last and the last become first.” His dad calls it a miracle that he’s quoting the Bible. Jen is so over the cold weather, and I have to admit I was saying the same thing here in the Midwest a month ago. Margie is excited to see the train has sleeper cars. Luke explains in sign language that he’s never had the experience of sleeping in a train before. Laying on the bed, Kisha cracks she just loves it when her feet hang over the bed she’s in, and she hopes she doesn’t sit up real fast over the night, otherwise it’s over.

The next morning, Margie mentions being surprised she slept so well, thinking the train lulled her to sleep, as Mike notes he slept like crap in case anyone cares. Luke does sign language for crying, and Mike thinks him for being so compassionate. He says in a confessional he didn’t think Margie and Luke would last real long, but after they got rid of Kris and Amanda, he realizes they’re the power players here. He figures Luke will create a whole new sinister type of deaf kid after noticing him jumping up and down after he got rid of Kris. He has plans to keep limping so that Luke doesn’t U-Turn him. Victor thinks allegiances already started falling away after the U-Turn, as every team now knows they have to fight for themselves.

In Russia, all the teams head out, and Kisha and Jen take off in a different direction, but Kisha explains she started going that way as she saw a taxi. Jaime and Cara team up again with Margie and Luke saying they felt an instant connection with them and have worked together very well. Mark and Michael run out in traffic to catch a cab, and mention that being stuntmen, they know how to get hit by cars. Cara is bemoaning that the cabdriver gets to smoke while they’re in a Race. She thinks maybe it’s so that she won’t start screaming at him in English, to which he oddly says, “Thank you.”

Jaime and Cara are the first ones at the clue box and Find a Detour – Russian Bride or Russian Snowplow. In Russian Bride, teams will chose a car with a four speed manual transmission, find a large Soviet era apartment complex, and search for a waiting bride. They then have to drive her across town to a church where her groom is wedding. After a wedding picture is snapped, the team will get their next clue. In Russian Snowplow, teams will drive themselves to a downtown stadium, where they’ll each take a turn operating a snowplow through a training course to get their next clue.

Luke explains through sign language he thinks snowplow would be faster and easier, as the Bride task has too many steps. He and his mom, along with Jaime and Cara, take off for the snowplows. Tammy and Victor agree to do snowplows as well and follow them. Mel and Mike want to do the Russian brides, well not literally do them, but you know what I mean. Mike admits he chooses to do the Detours which seem more fun, and he’d rather party with virgin brides than plow snow. Victor struggles a little with the stick shift, while Tammy laughs, saying he tends to drive a stick shift so much better than she does, so she won’t complain. She laughs that they don’t break the Asian steretypes very often.

The three teams heading to the snowplows stop at a gas station and ask for directions, but Tammy and Victor find out quickly, and take off without the others. Margie and Luke take off after them, and Jaime and Cara get upset about being ditched. Victor stops again, as Tammy gets out and asks for directions. Margie asks someone as well. Tammy and Victor then leave without Margie and Luke. They call them sneaky for taking off without them, but wasn’t that what they just did to Jaime and Cara? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say.

Jodi and Christie arrive at the Detour and decide to head to the Russian brides. Mark and Michael arrive and head to the snow plows. Kisha and Jen arrive and decide on Russian brides, and also struggle with the gears, as Jen decides she’ll just stay in first gear.

Mel and Mike arrive at the right building, get a bunch of flowers and search for a Russian bride, presenting her with the flowers. Mike tells her she looks very pretty, and asks his dad if he wouldn’t rather have her than a snowplow. The irony of that statement is amazing.

Victor stalls out his car, and Jaime and Cara catch up with them as do as Margie and Luke . All three teams arrive at the snowplow, as Tammy hopes Victor does okay driving this, but is more worried about herself driving, since a Mercedes is the biggest car she’s driven. However, she wasn’t grinding gears just a few minutes ago in the Russian cars. Jaime and Cara aren’t sure how to know which snowplow they’re supposed to use, and Tammy tells them they just have to get in there. Margie gets in one, but Luke bangs on the iwndow telling her it’s the wrong one.


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