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The Amazing Race 14, March 8 – You Cute Girl … the Best!

As Luke tries writing out the word on paper, Mel suddenly finds the right house. The Shutter teams start making their way in. Margie knows Luke feels like he’s letting him down, but she says he’s not. He finally figures it out, and he celebrates in a big way. He’s upset in the cab, although Margie tells him she’s proud of him.

Jaime and Cara arrive at the bobsled, and Jaime says she’s a good reader, but it appears she isn’t a good speaker. Mel and Mike finish installing the shutters, just ahead of Mark and Michael. They see that Kris and Amanda have been U-turned, and they know having to go back and do the logs now is just going to crush them.

Sure enough, Kris and Amanda get to the U-Turn and see their picture displayed and call it shady. She doesn’t understand it, saying they’ve been nothing but nice to people. That’s not the point here, though. The point is to win.

Tammy and Victor arrive at the theater as team umber three, as Jaime makes her way down the bobsled course . She also says she doesn’t know any Russian playwrights, but gets it right on the first try. I guess she is a good reader.

Mark and Michael and Mel and Mike all arrive at the bobsledding, as Margie and Luke are called team number four on Phil’s mat. Michael does the bobsledding in great time, but needs to do it again as he didn’t catch all the letters. Jaime and Cara arrive with Phil to be team number five. Surprisingly, Kris and Amanda have gotten their stacking done relatively quickly this time, and the guy grading them wants a kiss from Amanda. They have a thing for blondes here, I guess. Kris and Amanda are figuring it was Jen and Kisha or Christie and Jodi that U-turned them, and think Margie and Luke must have felt badly for them. I wonder how they feel tonight watching this.

Mel gets his Russian word right and they take off for the pit stop. Mike says just when you think you’re out of the Race something happens to put you back in it. Michael gets all the letters his second time down, as Kris and Amanda are on their way there. MIchael gets the clue right away, and he and Mark leave for the pit stop. As Kris makes his way down the bobsled course, Mel and Mike are declared team number six and seem shocked, but shouldn’t be. Kris struggles in a big way with the Russian name, saying he has no idea how names are spelled here, but eventually gets it right.

Just as we’re thinking Kris and Amanda are on their way out the door, Mark and Michael don’t have enough money to pay their cab driver Mark offers the driver his watch, but the driver already has a Rolex. They offer him their jackets, and the driver again refuses. They beg him to do something, and he eventually gives in and takes the money they have. They thank him run into the theater to be team number seven.

Kris and Amanda arrive on the mat and know their fate. They’re eliminated, as she says the best part of the Race was traveling with Kris. To do that with him has bonded them together more than ever. He says he’s so deeply in love with her, it’s ridiculous. She sees them together for the rest of their lives.

Again the story tonight was the relationships. While no one had a total breakdown such as Tammy and Victor had last week, the people that are doing well are the ones that work well together and also extended help to other teams. Amanda was quite happy letting Kris do all the work, but he couldn’t win it alone, so he didn’t lose it alone either. Margie and Luke saw his strength because he so carried the team, and that’s why they chose to U-Turn them.

Additionally what I find interesting is how the editing has changed this season. We heard earlier how there would be a larger focus on the location, letting us see the great beauty of the world as the teams visit. This is certainly true, but what we’re also seeing are the people, the true flavor of the countries they visit. After the Moscow locals were featured last season enjoying Dan’s marching skills, we seem to have locals at the challenges having parties and enjoying life. Last week we had the gypsies enjoying watching the teams load their carts, and this week we had the locals drinking vodka, whooping it up, and having a good ole time. I think throwing that in adds a lot to how these countries are viewed by us.

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