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The Amazing Race 14, March 8 – You Cute Girl … the Best!

Jen and Kisha decide not to U-Turn, knowing the other five teams are all delayed because of their flight and won’t be catching up soon. They now have to travel by taxi to a local amusement park. Kisha and Jen know they’re just a few minutes ahead of the others. Christie and Jodi also decide not to U-Turn, having decided they would only do it to save their own lives on the Race.

Amanda and Kris are the first team of the last group of five to get to the Detour. They decide to Stack. The others all choose it as well. The locals are still partying there. Kisha and Jen get to the amusement park first and find a <b>Roadblock</b>. One member of each team will have to ride a Bobsled course in four minutes or less and look for seven letters along the way. They’ll then unscramble the letters to spell the name of the playwright, Chekhov. Kisha will be riding the bobsled, as Christie and Jodi arrive, with Christie deciding to do the bobsledding.

Kisha finishes in time, but missed the letter V, so has to go back and repeat it. Jaime and Cara gloat over being almost halfway done stacking as Amanda doesn’t do anything to stack, but tells Kris to be careful not to lean on the wood pile wile he does all the work. Mark and Michael are still walking around looking for the house to put the shutters on. They’ve gone far out and figure it’s too far, so turn around and go back the other way.

Christie gets down the course in exactly four minutes and gets all the letters, as she tries to unscramble it, but says she can’t without a clue as to what she’s supposed to be unscrambling. Back at the wood stacking, Jaime and Cara decide to pick up the pace (what a novel approach to a challenge!), as Mel’s and Mike’s whole stack falls over. Just after, Kris’ and Amanda’s stack falls, as does Jaime’s and Cara’s. Margie’s and Luke’s and Tammy’s and Victor’s don’t fall. Mel and Mike decide to go work on the Shutters, as Mark and MIchael are still looking for the right house. They decide to go back and make the shutters before finding the house.

Kisha gets the V this time down the course and works to unscramble the clue, saying she doesn’t know Russian. Margie and Luke finish stacking their wood, and head to the U-Turn, as Kris and Amanda get frustrated and head to the Shutters. Tammy and Victor finish as well. Luke and Margie decide to U-Turn Kris and Amanda, because they’re so strong. They wanted to give Jaime and Cara a little more time to finish the task. Tammy and Victor arrive and feel bad for Amanda and Kris, but have been seeing Kris as a threat, so are glad as well. They’re also glad they finished the task quickly, figuring they owe it to the “Asian Engineering.”

Jodi tells Christie to just guess what the Russian word is they’re supposed to come up with, and Kisha comes up with Chekhov quickly. They get the next clue which tells them to travel to Krasnoyarsk Theater. This will be the <b>Pit Stop</b> for this leg of the Race. Kisha isn’t sure how she figured out the word so quickly, bus is glad she did. Apparently she knows something more than just that they have tigers here. Christy finishes the task finally, saying she wanted to look brilliant, and didn’t.

Mark and Michael run into Mel and Mike, and they’re hoping to have a meeting of the minds. Father and son agree to help the father and son make the shutters so they can all look for the house to be repaired together. Is there really only one house that needs all those shutters or are there many?

Tammy and Victor and Margie and Luke arrive at the bobsled with Victor and Luke deciding to take on the course and the unscrambling of the word. Luke has a good time jamming all the way down the course. Amanda and Kris arrive at the Shutters, and discuss it with Mel and Mike and Mark and Michael, yet aren’t joining in with the others two teams in this most likely short-lived alliance.

Kisha/Jen and Christie/Jodi arrive at the theater and try to find Phil and his mat. The first team in is Christie and Jodi, being told they are team number one. Christie says no way, and Phil answers, “Yes way.” They each win a motorcycle. They are feeling pretty good about being first. Kisha and Jen are named team number two.

Victor finishes the bobsled course in time and sets out to solve the puzzle, knowing Chekhov is the answer right away, saying, “who doesn’t know who Chekhov is?} They head to the pit stop, wishing Margie and Luke good luck. Luke makes the course in time, and sets off to figure out the clue, saying he never had Russian before. He wants to know why it can’t be in English. Margie knows he’s easily frustrated with himself, so she’s a little worried.

Mark and Michael and Mel and Mike finish the shutters and take off to look for the house, and Amanda thinks she and Kris should look for the house with the guys without their shutters being done so at least they’ll know where it is. The four guys decide to go up and down the street one more time to find the house, and Mel thinks this time they should “peel those eyeballs.”

Luke still struggles with the Russian playwright name. Margie notes that he’s having such a hard time, as English is a second language to him, so literature is another thing altogether. Jaime and Cara finially finish the stacking, saying, “with no help from boys.” Mike calls the four guys a “caravan of idiots” as they walk down the street carrying their shutters looking for a house.Luke gets the word wrong again and gets very frustrated, throwing the lettered tiles on the ground. Margie encourages him to keep trying, and is worried another team is going to catch up. Meanwhile the Shutters people are standing yards away, literally, from the house.


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