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The Amazing Race 14, March 8 – You Cute Girl … the Best!

It’ll be interesting to see how Tammy and Victor change the way they work together and communicate on the Race this week, or even if they change it all. He seemed sincerely humbled when they were saved by Brad and Victoria’s extremely late arrival, yet with patterns that are ingrained in them since they were growing up, will they really be able to change any of that?

Mel and Mike are the first to leave at 10:49 PM, and receive a clue to fly to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, where they’ll take a taxi to Hydroelectric Dam to get their next clue. Mike refers to his dad as part Woody Allen, part Billy Graham, with a splash of Judy Garland, and that makes him think they might just win the race. Because being a talented writer, a well-known evangelist, and a troubled singer/actress makes you win races?

Kris and Amanda leave at 10:53 PM, and he thinks the fact that they’re so young and very competitive, as well as being together so long is going to help them win this thing, seems like a better reason than being part Allen, Graham, and Garland. Kisha and Jen leave two minutes later, and the only thing Kisha knows about where they’re gong is that they have Siberian Tigers. Margie and Luke leave at 11:06 PM, and she thinks he’s living his dream, and that he’ll do his best, whatever task is given to him. When they’re shoulder-to-shoulder with other teams, she thinks he’ll absolutely gun it.

Mark and Michael leave at 11:07 PM, and Christie and Jodi leave a minute after that, and know research is going to be the most important thing right now. Their driver helps them out a little, suggesting they go to an internet cafe to research flights. Jaime and Cara leave at 11:29 PM, and looking at the picture of the dam, figure powerful beavers must have made it, meaning they had to be female.

Mark borrows their driver’s phone to call for flight information, and they accidentally call another cab driver, which just happens to be the one that is transporting Jaime and Cara. The driver hands the phone to them, and they pretend they are Lufthansa airlines. They give the brothers the wrong info, saying they only have business class available for the flight they want. That’s an amazing set of events that got them to that point with the wrong information. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if the brothers ever catch on.

Tammy and Victor are the last to leave at 1:30 AM, two hours past their nearest competitor. She notes it was hard to go from first to last place all in one day. Christie and Jodi are at the internet cafe and find a flight leaving at 8:55 PM that arrives at 5:40 AM, deciding to book it. The others are arriving at the airport. Everyone is connecting someway through Moscow, as Mel calls it a turkey shoot. It doesn’t matter what original flight they take, as all are going to connect on the same flight in Moscow that will get them to Siberia.

Once that flight lands in Siberia, only Mark/Michael, Kisha/Jen, and Jodi/Christie have made it, as the other teams end up missing the flight with their transfer, so apparently there was some difference in the flights, and something else they should consider the next time. Yet, once these three teams get to the damn, they find that it doesn’t open until 8:30 AM, so they’re losing some of their big lead.

Once the doors open, the three teams run in, and Mark and Michael are the first ones to the clue box, finding a clue telling them to travel to Church of Saint Innokenty, where they’ll find their next clue. They hop back in cabs, and Mark and Michael are again the first team there, finding a <b>Detour – Stack or Construct</b>. In <b>Stack</b>, teams will travel to the riverbank where they’ll use a traditional method to stack a huge amount of firewood. In <b>Construct</b>, teams will travel on foot to a workshed and make a set of traditional shutters. They’ll then deliver them to a house with a sign that says “Repairs Needed” and install them.

Mark and Michael decide to Stack, as Mark says he stacks wood at home all the time, making it an easy choice. The other two teams decide to do Stack as well. Mark and Michael have a hard time finding the the Stacking location, but the other two teams make it with no problem, as the locals sit and eat and drink what looks like vodka as they watch the Americans. Jen compares this to being like Jenga. Mark and Michael finally get there, and Christie and Jodi laugh at the fact that Mark and Michael seem to get lost a lot.

Christie and Jodi attempt the stacking from different sides, while Jen and Kisha are separating tasks with one stacking and the other categorizing by size. Mark is almost demeaning to Michael, asking if he sees the pattern, yet MIchael is the one to tell Mark he’s doing it wrong. They start to wonder if the other task wouldn’t have been easier.

The other five teams finally arrive in Siberia, and Margie points out that five teams are fighting for the final four spots, figuring it will be an elimination leg. As the locals continue to pass around the vodka and celebrate while the Americans stack wood, Jodi and Christie think they might win this one. They think theirs is more stable, and just after this, the guys knock down the stack of wood they were trying to copy and stack against, meaning now they have to build up that one as well. They abandon it to head to the Shutters, as Christie and Jodi want to make it known the brothers got beat by girls.

As the others are arriving the dam, Margie and Luke are following Kris and Amanda, and Margie figures in a foot race the others would win, and she’s right as they’re the first to arrive at the clue box. They all take off again for the church. Mark and Michael arrive at the Shutters, and take off to look for the correct house before constructing anything.

Kisha and Jen are the first to finish stacking the wood, and receive a clue warning them a U-Turn is ahead. There are two during the Race, and this one is something new, a blind U-turn, meaning they don’t have to post their own picture if they U-turn another team, meaning they can anonymously make another team go back and do the other part of the Detour they bypassed. The guy at the stacking Detour tells the “cute girl,” Jodi and Christie, they are the best as they finish stacking the wood correctly. He puts his arms around both of them as they read the next clue.


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