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The Amazing Race 14, March 1 – It Doesn't Always Pay to Be Super Smart

Kisha and Jen work on loading the gypsy cart, as do Michael and Mark. Kris has found he is missing his fanny pack that has all their money and their passports in it, and they are stuck back at the gypsy encampment searching for it. Uh-oh, it looks like another Toni and Dallas situation on our hands.

Christie and Jodi, and Margie and Luke have gotten their coffins open, and are impaling the frames on the stakes looking for the flag. Tammy is telling Victor she is frustrated to be following his gut and not hers, as they still continue to search. Luckily for Kris, they find the fanny pack which looks like it could have been sitting at the beginning of that challenge.

Mel and Mike arrive at Vila Panoramic, but Mel is struggling to walk up the hill with that groin injury. Kris and Amadna arrive as well, and it looks like they might pass up Mel and Mike, but don’t. Father and son are pronounced team number one, to their shock, and are awarded a Travelocity trip for two to Costa Rica, which Mel says is Mike’s favorite place. To say he’s proud of Mike, he believes is an understatement. He’s one of the very special people he’s met in his life, and not just because he’s his son. Amanda and Kris jump on the mat for team #2.

Tammy is still complaining to Victor, as he says they have to make it all the way back done, as it would be stupid to not finish what they started. She wants to know at least how long it will take, and he can’t tell her that. Victor finds a marker again, and it’s another wrong one, this time with an arrow pointing both left and right. He wants to go up and to the right. She asks for his reasoning, but he has none. They take off. Do you think she still sees him as “Super Smart?”

At the Bucharest train station, Brad and Victoria are boarding, seemingly content with their plight. Kisha and Jen finish unloading their cart, and take off for the pit stop. Jaime and Cara have finally gotten their coffin down, as Margie and Luke find their flag and take off for the pit stop. Mark and Michael finish unloading their cart and take off for the pit stop. Tammy and Victor are still lost, and she pleads with him to make a decision if he insists on being the decision-maker. He finally listens to her, and they head back down the path.

Christie and Jodi find their flag, and Jaime and Cara are still searching, finding one fairly quickly. Kisha and Jen are pronounced team #3, and I think it helped them a great deal to not have to drive themselves this time. Margie and Luke are team #4, and they celebrate, as Tammy and Victor make their way back down the wrong path. Victor sees an Amazing Race arrow and finds the signs that says to Coffins, and apologizes that they need to climb back up now.

Mark and Michael arrive at the pit stop behind Christie and Jodi, and pass up the girls on the way to the mat, arriving in 5th place, with the flight attendants coming in 6th. Victor and Tammy are finally dragging their coffin, trying to make up time. He doesn’t get where to find the 2nd key, and they wonder if it broke off their coffin while dragging it down. Brad and Victoria, still on the train, are wondering again if another team could have screwed up as badly as them.

Tammy and Victor are looking for their missing key, as the camera is zeroing in on it. Victor finds it right after the camera does, and they go through seemingly every frame before they get the flag. They arrive on the mat and Phil fakes them out, saying he is sorry to say … they are second to the last team to arrive,. She says, “Good job, Victor,” and I’m wondering if she’s being facetious. He tells Phil he’s not upset, but it’s clear he is. He says it’s clear to him their family dynamic doesn’t work well on the Race, yet they can change that up, as it’s clearly unintentionally hurtful. She knows she has learned now to speak up more and be more forceful when she feels she’s right.

Brad and Victoria struggle with their coffin in the dark, and finally find the flag, as Brad is completely covered in fake blood, at least I think it’s fake, looking like he belongs in the coffin. They finally arrive on their mat with Phil and are eliminated. Brad knows this experience will be with them forever, and of course, he can’t think of anyone he’d rather do it with than Victoria. She feels they’re in a good place in their lives, as they understand and accept their differences. She thinks this adventure will change the way they view their lives together.

The relationships as a whole didn’t seem to be featured as much tonight as they had been the first two weeks. Instead, only one was featured, and that was the breakdown in Tammy and Victor, although there had been plenty of foreshadowing to that the first few weeks. They ended up being very lucky, that Brad and Victoria were so much further behind. With his comments on the mat, it’s hard to tell if he understand the problems clearly, that he simply wasn’t listening to reasoning, and had he, they wouldn’t have been so far behind everyone else. I’ll be very interested to see if and how much he adjusts all this next week.

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