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The Amazing Race 14, March 1 – It Doesn't Always Pay to Be Super Smart

Kisha does well with the balance beam, and Mark takes it on. Tammy and Victor finally arrive, as Kisha struggles on the parallel bars, and Mark struggles on the balance beam. Mark decides he’s going to stick with basketball. Tammy worries more about how they’re going to get out of there ahead of the others, and can’t concentrate enough to do the task. Christie and Jodi finish first in this group and head to the train station, as do Mark and Michael. Jaime finishes her routines, as she and Cara take off, followed by Kisha and Jen.

Tammy struggles a lot , and can’t even do a cartwheel. That’s okay, Sister, I never learned to do a cartwheel either. Just a little secret of LauraBelle that you’ve all now been let in on. They finally finish, with Victor not happy that she wasn’t taking his instruction before, so now instructing her to get her clothes. Something tells me she would have figured that one out on her own.

Kisha and Jen arrive at the train station with the others and fill them in on Tammy and Victor missing their first flight and now being with them, and everyone is shocked. Tammy cries to the camera that it’s frustrating for Victor not listening to her, as he thinks she’s weak and paralyzed, and thinks he’s accommodating a lot for her. She’s not sure how to deal with it. But is he still “Super Smart?”

The teams board the 6:30 train, and Jaime and Cara know some people are intimidated by Luke, but they just get out pen and paper and find they can communicate with him just fine that way.

Brad and Victoria finally get to board their flight and just hope there is at least one team that is as screwed up in their situation as they are. The other teams make it off the train into taxis, and Amanda and Kris have a driver that’s going to try a few short cuts. That could be good or bad, but ends up good. They get to the clue box just before Christie and Jodi and find a Detour – Gypsy Moves or Vampire Remains.

In Gypsy Moves, teams will make their way to a gypsy settlement where they’ll need to move a family’s belongings onto a cart, then navigate the cart to the new encampment and unload the belongings. In Vampire Remains, teams will make their way to the woods, drag a a coffin to a clearing, unlock and untangle chains, finding antique frames inside. They’ll then impale the frames on a stake, searching for a hidden flag, which they’ll exchange for their next clue.

Kris and Amanda decide on Gypsy Moves, as Christie and Jodi, and Tammy and Victor go with Vampire Remains. Kisha and Jen arrive and go with Gypsy Moves, as Margie and Luke, and Jaime and Cara go with Vampire Remains. Mel and Mike decide on Gypsy Moves, thinking the other one sounds too complicated. Mark and Michael take that option as well. Jaime and Cara have a cab driver who appears lost. Brad and Victoria are heading to the gymnastics hall, knowing that everything will need to fall in place for them to stay in the game.

Teams arrive at Gypsy Moves, and Mel mentions it looks like a stupid decision as they find things they have to load such as a car body and huge tires. They get others to help them load the car body. it seem to be no problem for strong man Kris, who also picks up a barrel singlehandedly, impressing one local woman. If he gets tired of Amanda, he’s got a fan in the wings.

Jaime and Cara are freaking out with their driver, as Margie and Luke struggle along with them. Jaime is demanding to know why the driver is driving on the sidewalk. That seems like a valid question. Kris and Amanda are moving the family belongings, but lose stuff along the way, while the local woman is no longer impressed, just highly entertained. She should have seen them moving cheese a few weeks back!

Victor and Tammy, and Christie and Jodi arrive at Dracula’s Castle, and have to follow a marked path. Chistie and Jodi follow one with arrows, but Victor and Tammy follow a path with white rectangles and red lines. She tells him that thy aren’t their markers, but they keep following them anyway, at Victor’s insistence. Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara are still struggling to get to the Vampire Remains, and as it appears their driver doesn’t understand what a passerby is saying, it confuses Jaime as she says they’re speaking the same language.

Kris and Amanda start unloading their cart, as Mel and Mike begin to do the same. Christie and Jodi are already dragging down a coffin, but Victor is insisting that he and Tammy not go back, thinking that will be a mistake. Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara finally arrive, and it doesn’t take them too long to find the right path with the arrows. Tammy and Victor are still climbing up the hill following the wrong path, getting further and further away.

Kris and Amanda finish unloading their cart first, and get the next clue, telling them to make their way by taxi to Vila Panoramic, the next pit stop for this leg of the race. A local woman who is orthodontically-challenged celebrates jumping up and down for them. Mel and Mike finish as well and take off.

Christie and Jodi are still dragging their coffin, as Margie and Luke, and Jaime and Cara struggle with theirs. As they unlock one lock, they get another key to unlock another lock. Tammy and Victor are still climbing, with him still refusing to go back down. Victoria is doing the gymnastics, and I have to say for “the older couple” she looks good in the leotard. Those things aren’t going to look good on an average body.


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