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The Amazing Race 14, March 1 – It Doesn't Always Pay to Be Super Smart

I’m looking to see how these relationships develop on The Amazing Race tonight. It seems weird that on a race around that world, that’s what’s being highlighted, but that’s the impression I was left with last week. We’ve eliminated two very colorful teams so far, and the great part about this season is we still have a lot more colorful teams left.

The first team to leave from Salzburg, Austria is Tammy and Victor, leaving at 10:13 AM, with a clue to travel by train to Munich, then fly to Bucharest, Romania. Once they land, they’ll need to taxi it to a gymnastics hall where Nadia Comaneci trained. Tammy refers to Victor as “Super Smart,” saying he thinks of things and is able to analyze it quicker and better than other people. Yet, she also knows he doesn’t want to be wrong. They go to a travel agency to get a flight, and are told the next flight is “half past three,” but there’s no space on the flight. They find another at “a quarter to five.” They call that perfect and board the train.

Mel and Mike leave at 12:01 PM, and Mel says it’s fun to have a famous son making movies, as Mike has been in School of Rock. He likes that Mike’s work has not gone to his head. Amanda and Kris are leaving at 12:12, and Margie and Luke are leaving at 12:30 PM. He signs that he doesn’t want to have to rely on his mom for communication, and wishes he could communicate more with other teams. He wants to know what the others are talking about.

Tammy and Victor get to the airport and find there are seats on the 3:20 flight after all and book that. Brad and Victoria leave at 12:53 PM, and as she talks about being through a lot, he says he’s a recovering drug addict and alcoholic and has been sober for over 25 years. She says they love each other dearly, and she’s hoping the Race will instill in them what’s important in life. Jaime and Cara leave at 1:17 PM.

Amanda and Kris run into a guy on the train that is “super nice,” and he helps them find flight info from his phone. He tells them they won’t possibly make it from the train to a 4:45 flight, and they explain they’re just going to run super fast. Brad and Victoria make friends with a family that tries to help them find flights as well, giving them the options of the 4:45 flight, as well as a 9:30 flight. They decide on the 9:30 flight when the family tells them there is no way they can make the 4:45.

Kisha and Jen leave at 1:51 PM, with Jen saying she thinks they can go to the end, but they need to “tighten up their communication a little bit.” They do awesome in the challenges, but when searching for directions, or the more simple things, it doesn’t get done. Mark and Michael leave at 2:00 PM, and Christie and Jodi leave at 2:42 PM.

Tammy and Victor board their early flight as the others are just arriving at the airport. Mel and Mike book the 4:45 flight, as do Amanda and Kris. Onboard Tammy and Victor’s flight, they find out they have to turn around and go back to Munich, because the plane is having technical problems. This means they’re about to blow their huge lead.

Brad and Victoria are too late for the 4:45 flight, but get a connecting flight that will get them to Romania at midnight, and they think this might get them ahead of the teams leaving at 9:30. Tammy and Victor will now be on the 4:45 flight, but are stuck in some type of a transport, waiting to get to the flight, and miss it. Kisha and Jen book the 9:30 flight, as do Michael and Mark, Christie and Jodi, and Tammy and Victor. Brad and Victoria find their flight will be delayed leaving for Amsterdam..

The teams waiting to get on the 9:30 flight see Tammy and Victor and have a small celebration. Brad and Victoria end up missing their connecting flight, and now because of fog, there are no more flights leaving that night. They won’t be able to leave until 9:15 AM.

The 4:45 flight lands in Bucharest, and Amanda and Kris are the first to the gymnastics hall and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must learn a gymnastics routine in three disciplines, balance beam, parallel bars, and floor exercises. When they do the routine correctly and in the right order, they’ll get their next clue.

As Amanda decides to do this one, Luke and Margie arrive, and Luke says he won’t do it, as “I’m not wearing that girl’s leotard.” The routine Kris needs to execute entails an ice cream scoop walk backwards, cha cha, chasse, and right and left. She hops up on the balance beam, and passes that part, moving on to the parallel bars, as Margie goes to the balance beam with Luke telling her not to fall, which she does anyway. Kris makes it through the parallel bars and heads on to the floor exercises, as Mel and Mike arrive, with Mike deciding to take on this Roadblock. Amanda finishes, and they receive their next clue, to travel by train to Brasov, Transylvania, taking a taxi to Biserica Neagra, also known as The Black Church.

Margie finally finishes on the balance beam, heading to the parallel bars, as Mike jumps on the balance beam. Margie finishes as she and Luke head off, and Mike makes his way over the parallel bars. Amanda and Kris and Margie and Luke find they can’t get tickets out of Bucharest until 6:30 AM, and Amanda is worried, not wanting to stay there for the night after seeing people sleeping on the benches. And if that’s the worst she sees in their travel around the world … they’ll be lucky. Mike finishes the gymnastics routine with no mishaps whatsoever. So far, this challenge that I thought would be funny, isn’t.

The 9:30 flight arrives in Bucharest. They all board their taxis, and Tammy doesn’t think their driver has taken them to the right place. Kisha and Jen are the first of this group to arrive at the gymnastics hall, and Kisha volunteers for this task. It shouldn’t be too difficult for these athletes. Michael and Mark are the next to arrive, with Michael volunteering Mark for the task. Again, they’re stuntmen and Mark is a jockey. It shouldn’t be difficult. Jaime and Cara arrive, as do Christie and Jodi. Tammy and Victor ask for directions outside, and find out it’s straight ahead.


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