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The Amazing Race 14, February 22 – Kick Ass and Don't Get Eliminated!

Kris and Amanda get their wood block clue, and he can’t wait to get the pie out of his hair, saying it’s like There’s Something About Mary times ten. Mel wonders if they stumbled into Heaven and don’t know it as they ride through the beautiful countryside. They make it to the Detour and decide to do the Segways. Luke laments deferring to his mom to do the pie challenge.

While a cow grazes, Mike and Mel realize they may have picked the longest challenge. Margie and Luke seem to be throwing more pies than the others had to, so I’m not sure about that. Mel and Mike end up getting to the end first. Luke wants to switch, but Margie refuses, as Mel and Mike get their piece of wood and head to the pit stop.

Brad and Victoria arrive and decide to do the pie throwing, while Kisha and Jen get lost again. Christie and Jodi take the right in a fork in the road, and it seems like it could be ominous. Linda wants to make Steve proud, and he tells her to take it easy now and let him drive. He wants her to sit and look pretty. Margie and Luke are still throwing pies, and finally find the cherry, as Brad and Victoria start hurling the pies. They find theirs fairly quickly as well, as he licks it off the top of her head.

Jaime and Cara try the Segways, saying if people drive those around the mall, they can do it. Kisha and Jen finally get there as do Mark and Michael. The sisters and brothers are doing the Segways. Christie and Jodi arrive, deciding to do the pies, as Steve and Linda are still driving. She thanks him for being kind, and he tells her it’s not over yet. Amanda and Kris are lost on the way to the pit stop and stop and ask for help.

Mel and Mike get to the pit stop, but can’t figure out how to get in, as they tug at the huge gates, and Phil raises an eyebrow. A stranger opens it for them, easily I’ll add, and Mel and Mike get 2nd place, as Amanda and Kris run in for third place. Jaime and Cara finish the Segways and get the piece of wood, and Margie and Luke arrive on the mat to be team #4, as Phil signs to them once again. They are shocked to find out they’re in 4th place, thinking they were much later. Brad and Victoria arrive for 5th place.

Mark and Michael finish the Segways and head over to get the wood, as Kisha and Jen do the same. Let’s hope Kisha and Jen don’t get lost again. Christie and Jodi work on the pies, and aren’t having an easy time of it. Jaime and Cara arrive in sixth place on Phil’s mat, as Steve and Linda finally arrive at the Detour. Christie and Jodi get the cherry pie and head over to get the wood. They ask a local about the wood cutting challenge, not understanding one of the words.

Steve and Linda do the pies, as Christie and Jodi can’t figure out the wood cutting thing and find a long timber, and let a horse out of a trailer. They walk around in the dark, as Linda finally pounds Steve with a cherry pie. Christie and Jodi wander through the Segway course finish sign carrying the wood, hoping that’s all they need to do. When it’s not right, they realize it could take all night.

Mark and Michael seem to be lost on the way to the challenge, as we all get nervous watching Kisha and Jen. Jen is getting pissed off at Kisha, knowing she’s wanting to be the big sister. Christie and Jodi get help from someone in finding the wood cutting, as they discuss their “blond moment” (their words, not mine), and decide they need to stop being so literal. Once they get their clue, they are asking for directions.

Steve and LInda argue on the way there, as she sees the sign to get to the pit stop, and he doesn’t appear to. Mark and Michael think they’re screwed. We see a team arrive on the mat, and it ends up being Kisha and Jen, to be team #7. Jen never thought it would be the most frustrating experience of her life, but says it’s so wearing her down, she can’t even listen to Kisha anymore. Mark and Michael arrive to be team #8 and celebrate with a high five. Christie and Jodi arrive on the mat to be team #9, and Phil tells them they’re cutting it too close every leg of the race. He doesn’t want to have to be eliminating them on the next leg.

Steve and LInda finally step on the mat and are eliminated. As they both cry, Phil asks them if they wanted to be there really badly. They reply yes, and Steve says they both give it 100%, saying they did it togehter. He can’t imagine running the race with anyone but Lnda, as if anyone has his back, it’s her. When you get down tot he root of it, they’re deeply in love. What she loves most about him is how much he loves her. They could have a billion dollars and sitll not be happy, but having him makes her happy.

Can I say again how much I like them? From what we’ve seen so far, and from what we see of next week’s leg of the Race, the theme of this season seems to be everyone’s relationships. While that’s always highlighted somewhat every season, it seems to be the focus this year, as all the teams seem to have intense relationships. Steve and Linda seemed to have a really interesting relationship, but there is no denying how much they loved each other.


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