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The Amazing Race 14, February 22 – Kick Ass and Don't Get Eliminated!

The second flight arrives, and Mark knows they’re playing catchup. Back at the Roadblock, Victoria decides to do the paragliding. As they ride up in the cable car, Steve notes that Linda has had a hard life, but she makes the best of a bad situation, and that’s what he admires about her. Can I say I really love this couple?

Victoria decides to walk down, realizing to get all five of the racers currently on top of the mountain to paraglide in perfect wind conditions, it could take awhile. Margie and Kris both decide to make the run down the hill, as Luke writes a note to Jaime and Cara. He signs to us that he likes them, because they’re very friendly and nice, and communicate well. His note to them says to “kick ass and not get eliminated.”

Mel waits for the perfect wind, knowing with his groin injury that he won’t be able to make it down. Linda decides to make her way down the hill. Tammy makes it down the hill as Kisha and Jen finally make it to the cable cars. Christie and Jodi arrive as well. Mike is worried, knowing that they are going to fall behind if his dad never gets the perfect wind conditions. As Mark and Michael are arriving, he knows the situation is looking worse with all the teams now there. Mel yells out to the stuntmen to not be afraid, and Mark is a little shocked.

Mark decides to run down, and Christie and Jen make the same choice. Mel bemoans his fate, saying they’re going to lose the Race because he decided to stay up there. Mike notes it’s the first time since the Race started he’s actually worried about being eliminated, but honestly, it’s only the second week! Mel knows he can’t pray for divine intervention but thanks God for them being there in that beautiful place and for his son. However, if the wind changes, he would be very grateful. He’s finally cleared to go, and he refers to it as a miracle, as does Mike.

Tammy is still running down, following the markers. She and Victor get to the clue box first, and find a clue telling them drive themselves to the Schonau Am Konigssee, where they’ll find their next clue. Mel paraglides with his instructor, as Margie comes running down to the clue box, followed by her son. The next one running down is Kris, as he and Amanda get their next clue. Amanda knows she wouldn’t have made it down if it was her. Victoria makes it down next, admonishing Brad not to squeeze her too hard as he hugs her, as she can’t breathe.

Mel calls this fairyland, saying he was looking down on a land that couldn’t be true. Mike was feeling like it was over, but now he feels there is hope. Linda is trying to follow the marked path, as we see her go the wrong direction, but Cara takes it the right way, as do Mark, Jen, and Christie. Mel is still making his descent, saying if it’s Bavaria, they should have a beer afterwards. Maybe he needs to get together with Linda. Mel remarks, “I’ll never forget this.” They’ve gone from last to fifth place with the fate of the wind.

Tammy and Victor get to the next clue box, founding a Detour – Balancing Dolly or Austrian Folly. In Balancing Dolly, the teams must ride a Segway transporter along an obstacle course, where they’ll get the clue at the end of the course. In Austrian Folly, teams must go into a party tent and throw pies at their partners face. They must keep doing this until they find a pie with cherry filling.

Tammy and Victor decide to do the pie-throwing, and little sister wastes no time hitting up big brother with a pie square in the noggin. They find the cherry filling fairly quickly. Their next clue has them making their way on foot to woodcutters where they’ll need to get a piece of wood that will be stamped with their next clue. They do this, and the wood tells them to head to Schloss Hellbrunn, which means castle in German. It happens to be the next pit stop. Victor sings while they’re getting into the car, and Tammy tells him to stop. After all these years, she’s probably really tired of listening to him sing.

LInda is making her way down the hill the wrong way, and Steve admits she’s not the best with directions. Mark gets down to the bottom, as does Cara. LInda hears traffic, but sees no route markers, as Jen comes running in. Linda finds herself at a road, knowing she probably screwed up. She starts crying at her mistake, knowing Steve is going to hate her. Christie comes running in to pick up the clue with Jodi.

Linda flags down a car to ask how to get back to the cable cars, and she’s in someone’s car accepting an offer to be driven there. I’m not sure if this is against the rules or not. Tammy and Victor arrive at the castle and find Phil and his infamous mat. They are declared team number one, and told they have each won a hybrid go kart. Phil just wonders if they realize how ridiculous they look covered in pie. She thinks she and her brother make a good team, as they have a 26 year long relationship, and she’s used to him making all the decisions. He knows she’s not happy about it.

Amanda and Kris get to the Detour, and she misreads it as an “Australian” Folly, but decides to do that task anyway. They hit it after not too long, and she complains about having pie in her eye, as he says it’s actually delicious. Linda makes her way to the cable cars and a marker, saying she can’t give up. She finds Steve, and he tells her they’re not too far behind. She thanks him for not being mad at her, which I find a little odd. He just respects her for trying to compete with the 20 year olds.


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