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The Amazing Race 14, February 22 – Kick Ass and Don't Get Eliminated!

Last week was such a great way to start this new season of The Amazing Race. We had one of the most entertaining challenges ever, and in addition to that, we have quite the colorful cast, just like we were promised. It couldn’t have been any more heartwarming to see Phil tell Margie and Luke they were team number one in sign language. That was … amazing!

Margie and Luke are the first to leave at 2:56 A.M. Their clue tells them to fly to Munich, Germany, then drive themselves to the village of Ruhpolding, and ride a cable car to the top of a mountain. Margie laments the misconceptions surrounding Luke as he grew up. He was called retarded and slow, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. He did go to college. He still wants to prove deaf people can do many different things.

Tammy and Victor leave one minute later, and Victor borrows the cab driver’s cell phone to work on getting flight information. It’s hard for him to not think of himself as the leader of their team, as he’s always been the older brother. He knows they have to deprogram that in order for their partnership to work. She struggles to figure out the phone, and gives it to him to handle it.

Mark and Michael leave at 2:59, with Michael saying their confidence level is up here, as he holds his hand high above his head. No short jokes here. They think they’re running 98% and will get better as they go along. Mel and Mike leave a little later at 3:18. Hel talks about his groin injury from trying to carry the cheese. Gosh that sounds funny. He refuses to give way to it, and will just keep “limping my way across the world.

Amanda and Kris leave at 3:47, as she says she has anxiety, because this trip is just too intense. He takes heart in the fact they’re in it together. Brad and Victoria leave nine minutes later, and look to see if the driver has a phone, trying to play it really smart. Jaime and Cara are leaving at 3:59 and also plan to ask their driver if they can use a phone. Kisha and Jen leave three minutes later, and also make flight plans via their driver’s phone. Jen laments being the little sister and having Kisha be in the older sister role.

Steve and Linda leave two minutes later at 4:04, as he says they need to do things a little differently today. She’s happy to have not been eliminated. They cry together, as he says he feels badly about the way he’s treated her. Honestly, in terms of things we’ve seen in the past, that was nothing. They borrow a phone, as the others have done.

Tammy and Victor find a flight that leaves at 7:10, as do Mel/Mike, Amanda/Kris. Jaime and Cara get the same information and also ask what the next flight will be, which leaves at 8:45. Mark says he and his brother know their strong points, so now they can just chill, and not always be on the trigger. Brad and Victoria get the same flight as the others, and Linda is nothing that Germany has beer, so she hopes there’s a beer challenge.

Margie and Luke arrive at the airport and get in line to make a reservation, not having done it in the cab like the others. We never get to see Christie and Jodi leaving the pit stop, but they’re now in their cab trying to make the reservations. Mark and Michael are getting in line to get tickets as Margie and Luke are told they have theirs. Christie and Jodi only find one seat left, so are forced to take the 8:45 flight, as are the brothers. They talk about going from third to ninth place, and know they should have called for flights.

The first flight lands in Munich, and everyone gets in a marked car headed to Ruhpolding. Margie loves the autobahn. Jaime and Cara notice Luke motioning to them to follow, and Jaime says she loves he and his mom, as they’re “frickin’ awesome.” Mel is trying out some of his German, and Kisha talks about it being confusing to get around hear. Tammy and Victor get there first and get in the cable car going to the top of the mountain. Amanda and Kris arrive, but need to wait for the next cable car, fifteen minutes away.

Tammy and Victor run to the clue box at the top of the mountain and find a Roadblock that asks who is ready to fly like an eagle. They need to choose an instructor, then paraglide in tandem with the instructor back down 6000 feet. The other partner needs to take the cable car back down. They’ll get the next clue at the bottom. If the wind conditions make it not safe, they could wait an indefinite amount of time. Tammy will be doing the Roadblock.

Jen, who is driving, thinks they’re lost, but Kisha says they aren’t. The others arrive at the cable car at the same time. Tammy has to wait, as the wind is currently unsafe. She’s told she could choose to walk all the way down if she wants, and she chooses that option. Mel will be doing the challenge, but wonders what will happen to his injury when he hits the ground.


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