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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Idol Confessions, Again

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t start recapping Confessions of a Teen Idol. I didn’t realize my thoughts would turn into an ongoing commentary.

I’m wondering now more than ever why Eric Nies is on this show. Seriously. My arguments remain the same from [b][url=http://www.realityshack.com/modules/magazine/article.php?articleid=1223]last time[/url][/b] when the Alleged-Renee layeth the smacketh down. He was not part of the entertainment industry in the same way the other guys in the house were. His claim to fame is modeling, which he was great at, and hosting, again which he was great at. I’m sure he had a lot of behind-the-scenes mistakes and turmoil and he got the shaft from his manager, but that doesn’t mean he belongs on this show. He could have an E! True Hollywood Story or an A&E Biography about him. Those shows thrive on destruction and despair.

The other week, EN got incredibly ticked off that women wanted him to take off his shirt. He left the show because that moment reminded him of the aspects of the business he hated. He decided he didn’t want to deal with that kind of fame anymore. Now he’s returned to the house, only he’s not participating in any of the activities. This non-participation only further proves my point. He does not do the acting practices. Either he struck a deal to come back and not have to do them, or he’s not doing them because he’s a reality tv star, not an actor. In either case, his presence makes no sense.

He’d make a great host again. So why didn’t he do the hosting practice that Choke-A-Chee (spelled the way it sounds because, as I reminded you all a few weeks ago, I don’t fact check and I’m too lazy to look things up) did with the gatekeeper woman? It wasn’t acting. It was practice being in front of the camera and reading lines. He also didn’t meet with the gatekeepers later on. Maybe that’s because he missed the first day, but still, that makes no sense.

Plus, I’m still waiting for an answer about where Chris Atkins had gone a few episodes ago. He disappeared and no one said why. I bring that up again because this week, Adrian Zmed left to fulfill obligations on the cruise ship he works on and then Chris Atkins again left to meet with some gatekeepers his agent had called him about. Is VH1 playing around with the timeline? Was Chris Atkins gone that other episode to meet with gatekeepers as well and they didn’t say it then because it was before the episode about the gatekeepers? I would really like an answer. His absence is like the lost teen years of Jesus. What did they do all that time? I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is in the editing (not for Jesus, but for the show). VH1’s, and lately MTV’s too, is all out of whack (for example, the muddy contestants on I Love Money 2 miraculously became unmuddy in some shots and then muddy again in others all because they wanted to build suspense for Buddha to not win).

But back to Eric Nies. I would really like to get Joel Schumacher’s memory of his meeting with EN. EN remembers that Schumacher wished that EN could have been Robin in the Val Kilmer version of Batman, only EN was too good of a Robin and may have upstaged Kilmer’s performance. I don’t know. I wasn’t in the room. Maybe that happened. I just want to hear it from Schumacher. He’s the one who included nipples on the Batman suit, so anything is possible.

Since he’s into spirituality and health, EN would be perfect for hosting a show on a channel like Fit TV. Only a few cable plans carry those channels, so EN would have some fame, but not a whole lot. He’d be using all aspects of his interests and skills. If it happens, I expect 15% of anything he makes.

Finally, a request for Jamie Walters—Please stop bringing up “How Do You Talk To An Angel.” Again, this may be a product of editing, but you seem to mention it every single show. You’ll never be more than “that guy who sang that Talk To An Angel song” if you keep bringing it up. You’re more than that one song.

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