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The Amazing Race 14, February 15 – On Like Donkey Kong.

Kris makes his jump, as do Jaime, Preston, Jen, and Steve. Steve calls it awesome when he’s done. Brad and Victoria are trying to figure out which train to take, as are Christie and Jodi. The latter get tickets on the earlier train, while Brad and Victoria take the later train, knowing that it arrives first. The first train carrying Racers lands at Interlachen, and everyone races to the clue box.

The teams find 200 pounds of cheese that each team must transport from an aging shed to the bottom of a hill. They’ll receive their next clue at the bottom when everything is stacked up again. I’m not sure whether Mel is saying, “Oh Jeez!” or “Oh Cheese.” Margie isn’t happy about walking through a lot of mud and poop, and Mel is getting a groin pull. Brad’s carrier breaks, and Victor is telling Tammy she cannot carry two, only one. These carts fit on their back, holding the big rounds of cheese. This is almost as funny as watching Mr. Rhythm-Challenged dance last season. The blocks fall out and roll to the other side of the hill. the carts break, and Mel slides down the hill on his ass with his cheese round in front of him, saying, “Don’t let a cheese hit me.”

Christie and Jodi are worried about not seeing the other teams on their train and realize Brad and Victoria lied to them. Luke and Margie get one round of cheese delivered. Victor tells Tammy she just can’t follow behind him empty-handed. Even if she has to slide on her butt, that’s what she’s going to have to do . She complains she’s already tired, and he tells her to just think of all the yoga classes she does. Luke and Margie are now also on their butts, and they’re the first to finish, getting a clue to go to Stechelberg and follow the voices of a group of yodelers, which will direct them to the pit stop.

Tammy and Victor are the next to finish, with Mark and MIchael right behind them. The next batch of teams are arriving, minus Jaime and Cara, and all start to transport the cheese. Mel and Mike finish and head to the pit stop. Linda slips on the hill and struggles to make it up, and she’s not even carrying anything but a pack. Amanda whines to Kris the weight of the cheese is the same as her body weight, and complains she’s smaller than everyone else. There’s eight blocks equaling 200 pounds, so each weights 25 pounds. Unless she was carrying four rounds, this is a huge exaggeration.

Jennifer tells Preston she can’t carry two at a time. Linda doesn’t think they can do all 200 pounds at once, but Steve says they can, as they didn’t get there by being idiots. I have to admire that drive, and I think that shows if they’re going to make it anywhere on this show, it will be with his drive and determination.

The yodeling is starting, so i gather we’re close to the pit stop. Margie and Luke arriving, listening for the where the yodeling is coing from, and of course, only she carries the burden here. She finds them, nonetheless, and they are pronounced team number one, while Phil signs out to to Luke that they are team #1. How cool is that? I always knew Phil was a cool guy, but that’s mind-blowingly great.

Margie and Luke have won a trip for two to Puerto Vallarta. Mother and son share a hug and a good cry, and as Tammy and Victor get there as team #2 , and Mark and Michael as team #3, Luke is asked why it was so important for him to do this. He signs that a lot of people think deaf people can’t do things, but deaf can. They just can’t talk . It looks like Victor shares his tears. It reminds me of Phil sharing that same joy with Myrna and Charla who only wanted to show little people could do it too.

Preston and Jennifer are arguing as she carries an empty cart, and he carries two blocks. Jaime and Cara, who have finally arrived, fall down as LInda scoots one down on her butt, and Steve drags down three at a time. It seems it gets more and more slippery as they go along. Amanda and Kris finish and head to the pit stop, as Steve and Linda finish theirs ahead of many other teams. Mel and Mike land on the mat for forth place, as Preston looses his cheese roll. As it gets away from him, he chases after it saying he doesn’t like cheese at all. He doesn’t think he’ll ever eat it again. Brad and Victoria finish as Christie complains to Jodi that she’s missing a piece of cheese. Jaime and Cara finish, as do Kisha and Jen.

Amanda and Kris jump on the mat for 5th place and Preston and Jennifer continue to work on their cheese, along with Jodi and Christie. Preston and Jen finish and head to the pit top, as Christie and Jodi finally finish in last place. Steve and Linda arrive and search for the yodelers, as Brad and Victoria get there behind them yet find Phil and his mat right away. Phil is impressed they don’t have dirt prints on their butts, knowing it means they weren’t among the sliders on the hill..

Jaime and Cara are team #7 as Steve and Linda get further and further away from the yodelers. Kisha and Jen are team #8, and Steve and Linda finally find Phil’s mat. She sees Phil, then says, “Oh, I love the eyebrow.” as he tells them they’re team #9.

Preston and Jennifer and Christie and Jodi arrive close to the same time, and all run for the mat. Preston carries Jodi on his back, and they don’t make it, as Christie and Jodi are team #10. They hug the team after them, saying they did awesome.

Jennifer cries, and Phil asks Preston if he’s competitive. Jennifer admits he’s super competitive and that’s why she’s upset, as she feels she let him down. He’s her best friend, and she feels like she didn’t give it her all. He knows she did her best though. It was frustrating at times, and he hated her at times, but …. She interrupts, saying even thought the fight and bicker, they love each other, and she still wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

It looks like what will make this an “Amazing” season is the teams. Casting did a great job this season finding people that we would not only find interesting, but care about, and I have a feeling if just this first episode ended in such emotion, we’re bound to see more of it.

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