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The Amazing Race 14, February 15 – On Like Donkey Kong.

Preston and Jennifer finally catch a train, and she says he’s frustrated, and she can’t be around a frustrated Preston, as it’s annoying. He says she says things and just needs to control her mouth, then notes their problems aren’t just in the Race, but in real life, as they fight over who is going to get the last word in.

Christie and Jodi find a local going the same place, and she will take them directly there. They want to be sneaky, and do the best they can do, without worrying about anyone else. They get off the train a little earlier than the others. Getting to the clue box first, they read they now have to race on foot to the Church of San Antonio, sign a register, and get a message from the priest.

As Margie and Luke step off their train, he’s apparently still worried they’ll be separated, as he grabs her hand and pulls her along behind him like Digger the Dog. Christie and Jodi reach the church first and get a ticket for a 7:15 AM departure, as well as a map to their campsite. Tammy/Victor, Margie’Luke, and Mark/Michael get there next, also getting 7:15, with Margie celebrating, because she’s 51.

Brad/Victoria and Jaime/Cara arrive for the 7:30 AM departure. The next train arrives, as Mel and Mike also get a 7:30 departure. This leaves Kisha /Jen, Amanda/Kris, and Steve/ Linda arriving for the 7:45 departure. The sisters know they have time to make up and Steve and Linda lament being last at everything they do. Preston and Jen arrive finally and of course get the 7:45 departure. Everyone meets at the campsite and has a meet and greet. Luke is excited to be in the top four right now despite being deaf. LInda is crying because she can’t run and is tired. Steve tells her everyone else is tired too, but she notes they don’t have their husbands yelling at them, and she wants to stay in the Race really badly.

The 7:15 departure teams get another clue from the priest the next morning. Using just a picture, the teams need to figure out where it is, then race to the Verzasca Dam to find their next clue. Mark and Michael find a driver that knows where it is, as do Tammy and Victor, and Margie and Luke. Christie and Jodi wait at a taxi stand for a taxi, and don’t think to ask anyone while they’re waiting what location the picture is showing. Jaime and Cara meanwhile go to a cafe to use a phone to call for a taxi. Mel and Mike catch a cab by looking behind the church, as do Brad and Victoria. Finally Christie and Jodi get a taxi while Jaime and Cara continue to wait, lamenting that the place is dead.

Mark and Michael beat everyone else to the dam and find a Roadblock. One member of each team must jump off the second highest bungee jump in the world, and after, they’ll get the next clue. Tammy and Victor arrive as well, and it will be Michael and Victor doing the jump. Margie and Luke arrive, with Luke agreeing to jump, and Mel and Mike arrive with Mike agreeing to the jump, but not seeming very happy about it. Brad and Victoria make it there with Victoria agreeing to jump, as Jaime and Cara continue to wait for a taxi.

Kisha and Jen, part of the 7:45 crew ask people in a restaurant where the dam is, and Preston/Jen and Amanda/Kris get taxis and take off, looking at the fact that Jaime and Cara are just now catching a cab. Steve and Linda catch their cab as she asks the driver to go fast, but follow the speed limit. If she’s going to be cognizant of that the whole time, they’ll always be behind!

Victor is saying “Oh my God” as he prepares to jump, and Margie is telling Luke not to look down. Victor didn’t know before this is he had a fear of heights, as he never did this before. and Mike isn’t happy waiting for Mel to jump. Tammy tells Victor he can do it, and he does. I timed it, and it was about a 9 or 10 second drop. That would be the part that would have me with my stomach in my neck, preventing me from doing it. He says after it was “like amazing.” Margie asks Luke if he’s scared, and he is now that she looked down. Victor comes back up, and he and Tammy get a clue to go to Interlachen, to the Kleine Rugen Wiese by train, to receive their next clue.

Christie and Jodi arrive at the damn, with Jodi deciding to do it, as Michael makes his jump. Mark says they don’t have any fear, as their background speaks for itself. Christie is telling Jodi it will be the most amazing thing she ever does. Easy for her to say. Amanda and Kris arrive, with him deciding he’ll be the one that has nerves of steel, and Jaime and Cara arrive, with Jaime deciding to jump.

Mark and Michael take off, as Luke prepares to jump. Presoton and Jennifer arrive as Preston, like Kris, knows he has nerves of steel. Jodi prepares to jump and can’t watch Christie, as her tears make her more nervous. Margie is nervous for Luke, and I only wonder if it’s less or more scary if you can’t hear while you jump. They get in a cab and while we don’t hear him talk often, Luke does tells the driver “choo choo.”

Mike prepares to jump as Mel announces it’s his son that’s going to get him through old age. Steve/Linda and Kisha/Jen arrive, with Steve and Jen deciding they’ll make the jump. Victoria makes the jump as Brad remarks over seeing her bounce, and Jodi is still seeming terrified as Christie cries even more. She makes the jump, and at the bottom says she can’t believe she just did it.

Tammy and Victor are trying to find out which train goes to Interlachen and find one leaving in five minutes. Mark and Michael find the train name will change to Interlachen, and Margie and Luke work out who will do what when they get to there. Mike wants to be on a train that all the teams ahead of them will be on. Victor tells Tammy to act like they’re not sure if this is the right train or not. Everyone follows them anyway, as Mel stands up to watch them to make sure they don’t get off the train and Punk him.


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