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Top Chef: New York, Episode 12 Recap – Who Eats Eggs Benedict As Their Last Meal?

Judges Table. Leah is first. Jacques liked the textures, but it needed more cooking. He notes you could see through the sauce and Leah explains what happened. Padma tells her that she also thinned out the flavor.

Finn is told that everyone agreed the salmon was overcooked. Padma says the spinach was really only one way. Finn groans. Toby wanted the potatoes crispier. Is Finn in trouble?!?

Susan liked Hosea’s meal, but it wasn’t her idea of scampi. Jacques liked it, but criticizes the tomato again. Hosea didn’t want it to look ugly, but Jacques wanted it to taste better.

Padma tells Fabio that his was delicious. Fabio wants to know what Lidia thought. Awww. Toby says that it was clear that Fabio was cooking from some childhood memory. Fabio is told about the airline food crack and he jokes that he is going back to shoot himself. Tom teases him that the airlines are always looking for good chefs. I’d fly Air Fabio somewhere, wouldn’t you? You bet your monkey ass you would!

Carla thinks that she overcooked the meat. Tom says that she did, but some of them didn’t agree. Jacques says that if you were blind, you wouldn’t complain because it tasted quite tender. Tom was amazed that she found fresh peas out of season.

Judges Confer. Padma says that the winner of the challenge was one of the two birds. Tom says that Fabio could be known for that dish. Toby says the salad was a mistake and wonders if the broken finger should be taken into account. Back in the Stew Room, Hosea and Finn take turns teasing Fabio about the airline industry.

Jacques thinks the best items were Carla’s peas and Fabio’s potatoes. Padma cutely calls Carla’s peas “perfection.” I think she may be a tad drunk. Tom wishes Carla had incorporated the peas into the dish better.

Padma says that Finn’s salmon was overcooked and back in the Stew Room, Finn is nauseous. Tom thinks the rest of it was well seasoned. Regarding Leah, Tom says that the Hollandaise was thin and the eggs undercooked. Padma liked the bacon, and Toby actually preferred the thinner sauce. Toby also says that he liked Hosea’s the least, while Jacques liked the shrimp. Toby found it to be quite dull and Tom says that was why Hosea didn’t win, but does he really deserve to go home for that reason?

Commercials – Carla won the poll. Yawn.

The winner? Fabio takes the challenge, earns a spot in the Final Four, and wins a bottle of the wine that was shown constantly this episode and a trip to Napa Valley. I am sure the Italian guy will find California wine to be rather quaint. He jokes that the wine will be gone in a couple of hours.

Carla is complemented for the meal and is also sent through to the Final Four. She makes an AWESOME tortoise face to celebrate.

The Bottom Three – Leah made undercooked eggs and should have trusted her instincts on the sauce. Finn overcooked salmon. Hosea made scampi too far from the original. Tom thinks they all deserve to go to New Orleans, but someone had to go home. That someone is Leah. She kind of knew it was coming. She leaves to lots of hugs and affection. Hosea will miss her. I’m sure. Finn gives her a kiss – Leah said in a post-booting interview that she and Finn were rather close too; it was just not shown very much. She departs with a “Peace out, Bitches.”

The Final Four talk some trash in confessionals and well, yawn. Basically, Carla, Hosea and Fabio are trying to chase down Finn. He will really have to drop the ball to lose. Richard lost last season even though it was his to lose, but Steph was not far behind him. Finn has a couple of steps up on the other three and would have to really make some mistakes.

Next week – New Orleans. Emeril. Sausage jokes. Fabio’s awful new haircut. Someone does “Hootie Hoo” with Carla at the challenge!