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Top Chef: New York, Episode 12 Recap – Who Eats Eggs Benedict As Their Last Meal?

Speaking of … the chefs are drawing knives for the last challenge before the Final Four. Fabio’s knife says “Lidia Bastianich” – the Queen of American Italian Cuisine. Hosea gets “Susan Ungaro” – the President of the James Beard Foundation. Finn gets “Marcus Samuelsson” – head chef at Aquavit Restaurant in New York. Leah gets Mr. Dufresne, owner of WD-50 restaurant in New York. Carla pulls “Jacques Pepin” – the world famous French chef and author.

The chefs will not be cooking the famous Chefs – they will be making their “last meal” requests. Hosea is “tingly” just thinking about it. Ew. Jacques has requested roast squab. Susan wants shrimp scampi. Marcus asked for salmon. Lidia has a hankering for roast chicken and Wylie, of course, is fixin’ for some Eggs Benedict. Personally, I would want either some cheese ravioli, Chicken Kiev or a really, really good bacon cheeseburger. Heck, it’s my last meal…I’ll take them all!

Carla has the option to switch chefs, but she sticks with Jacques. He has asked for peas with the squab and Carla loves peas. They are peas in a pod. The chefs will make a five-course meal out of these dishes. They have $300 to chop with and two hours to prep at Capitale restaurant for the last supper. I am sure Top Chef will not go there – you know, the Last Supper – right?

Commercials – the Extra Scene. The five go to visit Harold’s restaurant, Perilla. Hilarity ensues. Or it doesn’t.

Whole Foods. Fabio and Finn take part in some horseplay. Carla is picking fresh peas out of the pods. Finn pretends to “run into” his old friend Fabio in New York, and then mocks the “Organic European Butter.” Finn seems to be in a great mood this episode. Then he goes and teases Hosea at the fish counter – Hosea confesses that he wants to beat Finn. We know already. Finn doesn’t think Hosea has the balls to be a chef.

Leah can’t find the eggs and butter. In a supermarket. To quote Seth Meyers – “Really/” The one thing that everyone can find in a supermarket is dairy and eggs because they are kept in the cold part. She is using challah bread instead of and English Muffin – which makes me happy, because challah bread is quite yummy!

In the kitchen we learn that they will be serving in 30-minute intervals. Carla is again going with simplicity – why not, it has been working quite well. Leah loves eggs and has something to prove since she “sucked ass in the last challenge.” At least it wasn’t Fabio’s go-to monkey ass reference.

Finn doesn’t think he can screw up with salmon as he has been cooking it for 22 years. Hosea is mixing things up with the scampi and not going with a traditional sauce. He isn’t sure if they should be literal with the dishes or take liberties. I would say that since the task is to make someone’s final meal, I would make it as familiar as possible.

All of a sudden, there is a loud crash and cursing. Fabio is hurt and HOLY CRAP, HIS FINGER IS FACING THE WRONG WAY!!!! AAAAAH! I will never get that image out of my mind. The medic is there and Hosea notices how pale and freaked out Fabio is. No shit! The medic asks Fabio if he wants to go to the hospital and he breaks out this amazing quote – “No, I’ll chop it off, sear it on the flat top so it not bleed and tomorrow, I deal with nine finger.”

Commercials – Poll question – who do you want to cook your last meal? Fabio, Carla or Hosea. Why no Finn or Leah? For me, I choose none of them. I want the James Beard winning chef from 2068.

One hour to go. Carla is encouraging Fabio to fight like Rocky. Except instead of having Mickey cut his eye, Fabio has his hand wrapped up as if he was a boxer. He jokes that he always said he could cook with one hand tied behind his back, but he didn’t mean it. To wit, he struggles mightily while peeling potatoes. He says, “I’ve had so many kicks in the ass, sometimes in the bathroom, I still poop shoes out of my ass.” Fabio has a thing for ass jokes.

Finn is making two kinds of spinach and Hosea makes my point by wondering why you would alter a final meal. Of course, HE is altering the scampi recipe, so shut up Hosea! Carla is worried that the breast meat will be overcooked as it is traditionally supposed to be medium rare. Hosea says he would rather have BLT for his last meal, and Fabio wants his late grandmother to cook his.

Ten minutes left. Tom comes back and tells them not to embarrass him in front of all of the important chefs. The set? Yep. It’s the Last Supper. Push the mulled wine; we’re stuck with it. Thanks, Mel Brooks again. I am not offended by this, but come on, that’s awfully cheesy.