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Top Chef: New York, Episode 12 Recap – Who Eats Eggs Benedict As Their Last Meal?

Previously – I can’t believe that I left out Tom saying the word, “Chefpants.” My apologies. Anyway, eels got nailed, Finn had a glint, celery was salty, Finn won again and Jamie got knifed.

By the way, I got my sauce answer thanks to loyal reader Glynis – Her words…I believe he said the sauce was a beurre rouge instead of a béarnaise.  They are actually pretty different in that a beurre rouge doesn’t have egg yolks or tarragon.  Not sure why they would call it a béarnaise on the menu.  Beurre rouge is a red butter sauce, you have probably heard of beurre blanc, which is a white butter sauce. Thanks again!

Credits – I like the row of blenders. I can go for a good margarita now.

Apartment – Finn is missing his lesbian girlfriend. He says that one screw up was enough to do her in and that it now makes their lives easier. He knows that she was a real threat. Leah foreshadows her fate with the old “I only know how to cook” speech. She dropped out of college and got into cooking. Carla claps and does Bela Karolyi impressions. She was a model once. I can see that. She got into cooking late as a result. Fabio leads them out and mocks Finn for not letting the ladies go first.

Quickfire – Padma’s hair looks incredible. Wylie Dufresne’s does not. Hosea reminds us that Wylie is the Molecular Gastronomy King. Richard is his Prince and Marcel may be the Court Rapper. Wylie also has an obsession with eggs and adds that egg cookery is the true sign of a good chef. I thought Spike proved last year that is was making soup that is the true sign. I don’t know anymore.

Padma tells the chefs to make eggs to surprise and delight Wylie the Egghead. Fabio wants to win his first Quickfire. However, he has chosen to impress the egg freak by basically not making eggs. He is using Molecular Gastronomy and manages to mispronounce Dufresne.

Hosea is also experimenting and making egg whites into a Japanese sheet, which I assume is usually made from rice. Finn knows that he is awesome and is showing it by making a fake poached egg with mango filling inside of a panna cotta. Cool idea. Carla thinks that she and Molecular Gastronomy are like oil and water. She is making Dr. Seuss inspired Green Eggs and Ham. I would personally prefer some roast beast. She coaxes her eggs in the pot, calling them “babies.” That’s a tad disturbing when you realize what eggs really are.

Fabio and Carla almost collide and he says that he was running around like the Flash. Hosea notices that everyone is hauling ass except for Carla. He thinks her dish is too simple. In actuality, she was the only one to really understand the challenge. Dude wanted some eggs. Carla thinks they should all watch out since she is the tortoise creeping on the four hares.

Quickfire Dishes
Finn – Eggs two ways. Poached Egg on Brioche with Ham and Béarnaise and Panna Cotta with Mango Puree and Sweet Béarnaise. Wylie found it to be clever.

Leah – Quail Egg in Potato with Caviar and Brioche with Ricotta and Bacon Hollandaise. Wylie thinks it is very nice.

Carla – Green Eggs and Ham with Green Tomato Salsa and Jalapeno Oil. She also put spinach into the egg white for the effect. Padma thinks it is pretty and Wylie likes the spice.

Hosea – Egg White Roll with Salmon and Asparagus. Egg White Sticky Rice with Poached Shrimp and Avocado. Also, Avocado and Tempura Fried Egg. Wylie liked the egg sheet and the whole idea.

Fabio – Quail Egg with Buckwheat Pancake. Coconut Milk Panna Cotta with Mango Puree. Also, a Lychee Soup with Melon Yolk in an Egg Shell. Wylie grills him a bit on the process and wonders why there was no egg in the shell dish. He also thinks that was a lot of dessert.

Bottom Three
Fabio – He really didn’t make much egg. Fabio is pissed and doesn’t understand why.
Hosea – The technique was good, but Japanese dishes usually flow into each other and his didn’t.
Leah – He liked the egg, but the ravioli was heavy and greasy.

Top Two
Carla – It was playful and in good humor. Not Good Humor. Although, I could go for some ice cream to go with that margarita.
Finn – Strong technique and a really good fake egg.

Carla wins the challenge and Wylie complements her on the simplicity of the dish. She will get an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.