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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Not So Sober House

I love Dr. Drew Pinsky. I’ve loved him since Love Lines. I think that’s what it was called. He, Adam Carolla, and several different female personalities used to be on MTV late night and talk about sex. I couldn’t get into his new show about teens talking to their parents about sex, but I have been watching his drug addiction shows. Celebrity Rehab has been astonishingly real—the realest deal on reality television. He praises the participants for being so brave, and I do as well. A celebrity usually does not want the camera rolling when he or she is writhing on the floor in drug withdrawl.

The follow-up to that show is Sober House. Sober Living is where recovering addicts go to start to enter into real life again. Sober House is one of these sober living places for the celebrities from both seasons of Celebrity Rehab. Your players are:

Steven Adler from Season 2. He’s a jovial drummer, formerly of Guns N Roses, who has a problem with heroin. He left Celebrity Rehab optimistic. He’s started Sober House mean and paranoid because he walks in high and then continues to use during a blackout and takes about two hours to “get dressed.”

Seth Binzer from Season 1 and 2. He’s also a musician, most famous for CrazyTown’s “Butterfly” single. He returns to sober living after relapsing, buying hamsters, getting them high, and smoking up what was left of his crack on the rooftop of Dr. Drew’s facility during last season’s rehab.

Mary Carey from Season 1. I don’t think we’re supposed to call her that. We’re supposed to call her by her real name, which I don’t remember. She’s recovering from alcoholism, some drugs I think, and she’s avoiding porn. In fact, she’s supposed to be working on her dancing. Instead, she’s been reading Are You There, Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea.

Rodney King from Season 2. He’s become a celebrity through no desire or attempt of his own. He is an alcoholic. He was the quiet peacemaker in rehab. Here he may play the same role.

Nikki McKibbin from Season 2. Her biggest struggle is dealing with her mom’s passing; the one year anniversary occurs while she’s in the house. The next to biggest struggle is being far away from her family. She’s done cocaine and drinks a lot. Here she’ll try to focus on her music.

Amber Smith from Season 2. She’s a model and was one of the celebrities whose withdrawal involved the writhing on the floor. She wants to stop drinking and stop taking opiates, but that’s difficult since her mom is also an addict.

Andy Dick apparently also becomes a resident even though he was not on Celebrity Rehab. He’s a comedian and an alcoholic.

Jennifer Jimenez is an actress who was in Vanilla Skies. That was an odd movie and I don’t remember her in it. Then again, I don’t remember much of it. She’s in charge of the sober house and is a recovering addict as well. So far, she’s had to confiscate syringes, toss away heroin-caked foil, stand up to a big man named Tiny, and call the cops.

Dr. Drew doesn’t come to the house every day. Alas and alack. However, Bob Forrest from Celebrity Rehab meets with the recovering addicts. Bob is also a recovering addict. He reminds me of a scarecrow. I think it’s the hat. Just an observation. He’s very level-headed and straightforward, and I enjoy watching him at work. That sounds creepy, huh? You know what I mean. Hopefully. Will from Celebrity Rehab also helps to keep track of the residents and what they’re getting themselves into.

Sober House does not sugar coat recovery. It shows people struggling to survive. It is more important than Celebrity Rehab because it does not give the public false hope. It shows that addiction is an illness that is not easy to defeat.

Amidst all the chaos and nonsense in the VH1 Celebreality Lineup, this show somehow found a niche. VHDumb, you owe a lot to Dr. Drew. This show is your redemption.

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