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Top Chef: New York, Episode 10 – Are You Ready For Some Football?

Commercials – The Millionaire Matchmaker still scares me quite a bit.

Stew Room. Leah teases Finn a bit about losing to Andrea. Hosea confesses that having one from Fabio, Jeff and Finn go home can only help him since they are incredible cooks.

Padma comes to get Hosea, Carla, Jamie and Leah to find out who gets the win. The women enter the room all wearing goofy headbands. Is that for the sports theme? Or are headbands making a comeback? Tom compliments them all for a job well done.

Carla was pleased with New Orleans and that she got to make grits and crawfish. Toby really liked it and tells Carla that he tasted the love this time. That was cute. Tom really thought it was smart to infuse the bodies of the crawfish into the stock.

Boy – these hour and a half episodes with big events like all-stars; restaurant wars and infidelity are killing me!

Hosea had unique Asian tastes in his. Tom thought the egg roll was done very well to remain medium rare and moist. Jamie talks about how she had to use the sourdough for San Fran cooking. Toby thinks that eating with the bread instead of utensils during football is the way to go. Tom thinks it was clearly a great dish even if he didn’t vote for it. He must have LOVED Camille’s. Scott thinks it is refreshing to watch Jamie work because she is so meticulous with her motions. That is a really nice complement. Leah was simple. That’s all we get – she was clearly fourth out of these four.

Carla wins in a surprise – I would have put money on Jamie. Good for her. Oh…Carla wins two tickets to the EFFING SUPER BOWL! Best. Prize. Ever. She is beside herself. B-Dow! Whatever that means, but she says it. Back in the Stew Room, Finn can’t believe the prize – “you’re effing kidding me!” Word.

The Elimination. Fabio defends himself by saying that because they tasted Spike’s first that his meat cooked some more on top of the hot cabbage. Tom can’t believe that Fabio felt that was medium rare meat. Scott says that all chefs intend to make the food properly and wonders if Fabio understands. Fabio mouths off a bit to Tom’s amusement. Scott then unleashes on him about the wilted greens and the cheese with no acid. Fabio can’t believe you would want acid and cheese before Scott cuts him off – “excuse me, take it easy. I’m the judge here. It didn’t work, you failed, and it’s not our fault.” Ouch.

Finn admits that this is his first time on the chopping block. Toby thought it was uninspired and Finn apologizes for that. Scott thought there could have been more flavor. Tom mocks him a bit for having chosen Andrea and then lost to her.

Jeff digs his own grave by saying that he expected ribs and chicken wings with a football challenge, but recovered enough to make that sorbet but was then foiled by plastic plates. Tom calls BS right away. Jeff then complains that Josie didn’t make ceviche because it was hot. Tom says that hers was more flavorful, and Jeff counters that he made 19 more things then she did. Toby didn’t think it was authentic Miami – another ouch since Jeff is from Miami.

Clearly, Finn is safe and it is down to Jeff or Fabio. Tom thinks the three of their stronger chefs. Scott thinks Finn’s salad was a disaster. Padma thinks it was abominable. Toby says Fabio had the hardest cuisine to cook, but Scott reminds him that Fabio chose it. In the Stew Room, Fabio is stewing and thinks it is BS not to take into account his ridiculous tasting order excuse. Tom didn’t care for Jeff’s and that Jeff went down hard in this challenge. He reminds them that Jeff didn’t make ceviche either since he pre-cooked the shrimp. Jeff thought it was perfect.

Commercials – This is Meryl Streep’s 15th Oscar nomination and she only has two wins – what gives out here – her being way overdue or Kate Winslet’s sixth attempt at her first? The greatest living actress or her heir apparent?

Tom lays down the law – Jeff didn’t make ceviche either, Finn didn’t make anything flavorful and Fabio overcooked venison. Never before and never again will I type that sentence in my life.

Jeff takes a tough knifing here. He shakes hands with everyone. Fabio knows he dodged one and thanks them for the second chance. Jeff is beat up over the loss and thought Fabio was a goner. Me too. He says he had his own way of cooking and just cannot keep it simple and that probably doomed him. With misty eyes, Jeff says that he thought he had what it took to win and this will stick with him for a decade.

Next week – hopefully only one hour of show! Eric Ripert has brought some eels. Carla has the shakes. Padma thinks something wasn’t appetizing to look at or to eat. Yikes!