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Top Chef: New York, Episode 10 – Are You Ready For Some Football?

Leah vs. Nikki – Leah feels good and is making Seared Strip Steak, Cream Corn and Snap Peas, Arugula Salad. Nikki is making Sautéed Chicken Livers with Toasted Challah Bread, New York Goat Cheese and a Wild Arugula Salad. Leah is trying not to be cocky but…chicken livers? Seriously. Steak vs. Chicken Livers?

The judges’ vote – Padma for Leah, Toby for Nikki, Scott for Leah and Tom for Leah. The fans split 3-2 for Nikki. Really? Chicken livers? So, Leah avoids potential elimination and gives Season 5 a 7-3 lead.

Hosea vs. Miguel – Hosea sees too many things going on with Miguel’s meal. They engage in some smack talk with Hosea getting off the best zinger – “I want you to like me so it doesn’t hurt so bad when I beat you.” HA! Miguel is making Cedar Plank Salmon with Noodles and Mushrooms. Hosea is making Crispy Salmon Roll with Ginger Blackberry Sauce. Hosea’s looks and sounds really, really good.

Judges – Padma for Hosea, Toby says Hosea easily won, Scott for Hosea, and Tom goes with Miguel. Touchdown and safety for Hosea. The fans give it 4-1 for Hosea. So, Season 5 leads 17-3.

Back in the kitchen, a crawfish snaps Josie. Hilarity ensues.

Carla vs. Andrew – Andrew describes his dish in some bizarre accent that I think was an attempt at a Cajun accent. Carla confesses that she knows nothing about football, but her husband and stepson do. She is making her gumbo in a very short amount of time. It is quickbo! She is nervous as this could be really flavorful or a flop.

Andrew is making Crayfish Crudo with Spicy lime vinaigrette. Carla is making Crawfish and Andoville Gumbo over Stone-ground Grits. Both sound and look delicious – but Andoville sounds to me like it should be related to Heroes.

Padma picks Carla, Toby picks Carla, Scott sounds like he is going for Andrew but picks Carla, and Tom makes it unanimous. She is safe and gives her team a 24-3 lead. Andrew gets a 4-1 win from the fans so he tacks on three points for the “all-stars.”

Finn vs. Andrea – More banter during cooking as Andrea says she likes her “food like she likes her men,” spicy. Finn confesses that he’s in love with her now. It is a step up from Jamie, as at least she likes men. Andrea is making Tex-Mex Chili with Fried Corn Chips and Guacamole Coleslaw. That sounds GOOD! Finn is making Roasted Pork with Cole Slaw and New York Steak with Corn Salad. Is it me or does it seem that Finn is mailing this one in? Let’s find out.

Padma goes for Andrea, as does Toby. Scott likes Finn and Tom agrees. It is tied, so the fans decide all 10 points. They unanimously pick Andrea. So it is a ballgame – 24-16 for Season Five, and Finn right now is the only one on the chopping block. If the rest of Season Five wins, Finn is out. He looks at the camera and says “sh*t.”

He comes back to the kitchen with the news and nobody believes him. Carla says they all were nervous now. Andrea comes back amidst cheers. Andrew mocks Finn’s accent – pot and the kettle, Andrew – as the “#1 German chef in the world.” Andrew doesn’t read these recaps it seems. His name is Finn for a reason. Hosea thinks it is good to see Finn taken down a peg.

Commercials – I must see Vicky Christina Barcelona. My prediction right here – Penelope Cruz will win the Oscar this year. If Woody Allen can get Mira Sorvino and Oscar, anything is possible.

The SF battle of Jamie vs. Camille – Jamie comments that Camille’s combination of flavors just sounds weird. Camille is making Miso Sweet Potato Mash with Mustard Crab Meat and Salad. A Fan taster makes a yummy sound. Jamie is making Crab Cioppino with Olives, Basil and Toasted Sourdough.

Judges vote – Padma for Jamie, Toby for Jamie, Scott gives an hour-long dissertation before picking Camille and Tom also takes Camille. Another tie. The Fans unanimously pick Jamie (even the yummy guy) so Season 5 is up 34-16.

Jeff vs. Josie. They are both making ceviche. And may I add, badly making it. Jeff comments that Josie’s plate looks very sloppy. Ceviche, if I am following correctly, is something that sort of cooks in acid. She is making warm ceviche and Jeff is also cooking his shrimp first (as Tom later points out), so neither is really making ceviche. Josie is making Warm Rock Shrimp Ceviche and Papaya. Jeff is making Rock Shrimp Ceviche with Sangria Sorbet. Neither dish sounds good, but that sorbet sounds interesting.

Padma takes Jeff, Toby takes Josie because Jeff has too much going on, Scott takes Josie and Tom does as well. Jeff mutters “wow.” The Fans take Josie 3-2. Jeff is now joining Finn in the losers bracket and Season Five’s lead is now only 34-26. A complete win by Spike will give the “all-stars” a come from behind win. Jeff confesses that he can’t do ordinary food and would have been embarrassed to serve what Josie served.

Fabio vs. Spike – Fabio is making his dish in honor of the “hunting in Wisconsin” and cheese. Spike has no cheese in his and Fabio shouts “OH NO!” That was pretty funny. They banter back and forth and Fabio’s best line of the night – “If your food is as big as your mouth, you’ll win for sure.”

Spike made Five Spice Venison with Port Reduction and Micro Herb Salad. Not that I am kissing up or anything to our local chef, but that sounds really good. Fabio made Venison with Mustard Sauce and Mache Salad with Cheddar. Oh, Fabio, that doesn’t look very good.

Padma takes Spike, Toby thinks Spike’s acid was too much and he takes Fabio, Scott thinks Fabio overcooked the venison so he takes Spike, and Tom says that the venison was “already dead, there was no need to overcook it.” So he takes Spike too. So now it is 34-33 and the Fans will decide it. They go 4-1 for Fabio so Season Five wins the rather meaningless win and Finn, Jeff and Fabio become the unexpected trio facing elimination. Fabio mocks Spike a bit, but that’s ridiculous because Spike actually beat him.