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Top Chef New York, Episode 8 – Butchering a Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb

Stew Room – Carla thinks it was a hard challenge. Padma comes in to get the Chicken Team. The judges call them the winners and Padma tells Carla it was their favorite dessert. Tom asks who won the fight between Jamie and Finn. Carla says that she was the mediator and that they compromised. Dan says they all won – but to me, this was clearly a win for Carla. She was pleased with her split win anyway. Jamie calls the other six back to the Judges Table as Finn grabs another beer.

Pork Team is asked why the lack of fat. Jeff admits to taking the pork apart and Dan scolds him because the fat is the most delicious part of the pork. Tom agrees that it cooks better and has more flavors. Jeff is sad. Fabio says that he changed the sauce based on ingredients to a “light” pesto. Dan says it was anything but light, but it was instead heavy handed. Tom thinks the delicate flavors of the ravioli were overwhelmed. Radhika is asked what she did for this team – it seems only a salad and help on the dessert. Tom asks that in her restaurant of someone only did that in three hours would she put up with it. She says that she did more than just stand still for three hours.

The Nanny admits to tenderizing and roasting the lamb. Dan says that by definition baby lamb is tender. Padma wonders why The Nanny made the lamb by herself. Leah says they all helped but the dishes they chose led to limited responsibility outside of the lamb. Leah doesn’t throw The Nanny under the bus here; she does nudge her a bit though.

Tom thinks the butchering was amateurish and not tied evenly. The Nanny says she was not familiar with how to tie up lamb and told them and asked for help. Leah begrudgingly admits to tying and having done it before. Tom says they were misshapen. Hosea is led to admit to having had lamb-butchering experience. Tom says he should have spoken up.

Back in the Stew Room, Hosea says it was brutal and Radhika runs her hands though her hair in disgust. Back with the Judges, Tom says that in the wrong hands even the best ingredients can be messed up. Dan agrees. Toby thinks the pork was “bloodless and anemic” and that when he eats pork he wants it so tender and tasty that he is having “full blown, unprotected sex” with it and he didn’t even “get to first base” with this pork. That is one scary mind of his.

Tom thinks the lamb was massacred. Dan thinks the dishes had little thought. Tom thought the lamb was the worst, but the pork not much better. Radhika deserves to go home for not doing anything. Padma says she took a back seat and didn’t seem bothered by it. Tom again says that The Nanny did a disservice to that lamb and if can’t butcher lamb why are you on this show? Padma says that at least The Nanny tried, while her teammates failed to step up. Toby is sorry that The Nanny can’t cook. Padma defends her and Toby reminds her that they are judging solely on this performance.

Back in the Stew Room, Hosea and Leah share a secret. Jamie tells The Nanny that she is a great steam player. Tom and Dan think that Leah didn’t do much and Dan thinks that she failed to own up to her failure.

Commercials – the fans thought the lamb team honored the animal better. It’s as if they are watching Bizarro Top Chef where Tom is a cream puff and Padma looks like Alan Greenspan.

Tom says that they were disappointed with these teams. Radhika didn’t contribute much. Fabio overpowered his food with pesto. Jeff took out the fat and ruined the pork. However, Jeff’s tomatoes were the saving touch on the meal and they are safe. Jeff exhales deeply.

Leah didn’t contribute much and needs to fight for the dishes that she wants that show she can do more. The Nanny shouldn’t have taken on the butchering role and she made a heavy-handed marinade. Hosea let his teammate fail when he knew he could do better.

Surprisingly, The Nanny is knifed. I thought it would be Leah. Padma tells her it has been a pleasure – she seems to have liked our Jersey Girl. Ariane doesn’t think it is fair – yes, I am using her name, and she deserves that in her swan song. She says Leah is not a good team player and Hosea is a wimp. Jamie is stunned that Ariane is out. Our Nanny says that what goes around comes around and thus Hosea and Leah will get theirs.

Next week – Restaurant Wars!!! Hosea and Leah seem primed to cheat on their significant others while on television. Leah may go down with the ship in the wars, while Radhika works the front of the house!