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Top Chef New York, Episode 8 – Butchering a Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb

Back from break, the chefs enter the kitchen and find piles of carcasses and bins of fresh produce to supplement what they picked themselves. The Pork Team discusses their plan and Radhika asks Fabio if the pesto will be in the ravioli or on top of it. Also, important for later on. She is upset that there are no eggs for her to use for bread pudding. Jeff asks Fabio if he is ok using just “butt and belly.” There are many out there that would like Jeff to talk about their butts and bellies. I just wish he would crack a smile once in a while.

The Pork Menu – Seared Pork Loin, Sausage Ravioli with Pesto, Fried Green Tomatoes, Grilled Corn Salad with Bacon, Crème Brulee.

Jamie describes the Chicken Menu as she hopes that Finn will not freak out – Chicken Cutlet, Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken, Chicken Ravioli Soup, and Nectarine and Strawberry Tartlet.

The Lamb Team – Roasted Duo of Lamb, Heirloom Tomato Salad, Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Swiss Chard, and Summer Berry Trifle. The Nanny says that she is not used to working with baby lamb. Hosea seems to only be making potatoes. Leah asks what she is fact is doing, it seems to be just salad and dessert.

As the first hour of cooking comes to a close, Fabio wonders if Radhika has really only just peeled and grilled 10 ears of corn in one hour. At this point, Tom enters for his rounds. Hosea says that The Nanny is making the lamb, and Tom notices that she is taking it off the bone. Carla tells him that she is working with some strong characters and they are letting Finn be the leader. Tom wonders if Finn knows that. Jeff just gives him a clinical rundown of their meal and complements Fabio on his ravioli.

Tom tells us that the ingredients here should taste better than if they shopped for them. Team Lamb is butchering the leg down and he sees no reason to do that. Team Chicken is making soup on a hot day and that seems odd. Team Pork is making crème brulee despite the fact that one player has already been sent home for doing that badly.

The Nanny is making her marinade rub and is trying to tie the lamb together. Leah volunteers to help her but admits to us that she could have done a better job.

Hey, it’s a picnic! The judges and guests arrive. Radhika is freaking out that Jeff is only just now searing the pork. Jeff says that the entrée is going out even if he loses a hand. The Nanny loves her lamb and feels confident. Jeff asks his team if they are happy. If they know it, they should clap their hands.

Serving. Jamie sees the others and wonders if they made enough. Hosea introduces the Lamb Team; Jeff does the same for Pork and calls them the “three little pigs.” Hey, a joke! Jamie introduces the Chicken Team. We then get the eating montage.

Padma wonders what is the point of the soup, especially as Tom adds on an 85-degree day. A woman with bizarre earrings thinks it was good anyway. Tom and Dan liked the cutlets and Toby says they are crispy. Shannon thinks they were too dry. Finn is real confident in the kitchen.

Tom is not a fan of the lamb. Toby thinks that instead of the old saying of mutton dressed as lamb that this is lamb dressed as mutton. Padma likes Hosea’s potatoes, but Tom wanted some stems on the greens. Dan thinks it was unseasoned and overcooked. Tom doesn’t think that the lamb was rightly honored. Back in the kitchen, The Nanny liked their meal.

Padma thinks that the ravioli is fine but she can only taste the pesto. Toby thinks that the pesto is like the Big Bad Wolf their to blow the house down. Tom does not like the butchering job. Tom is harping on the butchering this week. He doesn’t care for the fact that Jeff sliced off the fat. Padma thinks the star of the show is the fried green tomatoes.

Dessert is served and Carla, Jeff and The Nanny introduce their dishes. Some kid eats very cutely. Tom thinks that Carla makes a really good dessert. He loves the use of thyme. Dan agrees with that assessment. Some hat chick likes it too.

Padma thinks the crème brulee is too sweet and Tom thinks it was too thick. Jack the Farmer thought it was pretty good. Dan thinks that trifle is “tray tables down” style of food and unappealing to look at.

Commercials – The quiz is who did the best with the protein. I wonder how well viewers will do…