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Top Chef New York, Episode 8 – Butchering a Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb

Previously – Leah and Hosea liked to flirt. Toby Young is a badass critic. Two were getting knifed. Jamie made scallops for the 932nd time. Toby thought something tasted like Meow Mix. Jamie wins, and Bangs and Eugene are knifed.

Credits – I love Radhika’s photos, she has such a great smile.

Opening scene. Dawn in NY, the Staten Island Ferry is chugging along. Hey, Glad product placement in the first minute. A new record. Hosea is wearing an “I Love Padma” T-shirt that I want to steal from him so very desperately. Finn is talking smack with him about how many challenges that they have won. Finn has won more, “how do you like that Hosea, how do you like that in your face,” says Finn. He needs to work on the smack talk.

Quickfire – Hey, Hung is there. Jamie is all geeked out and comments about how Hung is really fast. Fabio suspects that they will be cooking fish and that an aquarium is hiding underneath the giant covered display. Padma comments about how the chefs are really good at cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients before she turns into a Price is Right model and pulls the covering off to display a giant pile of canned and pre-packaged “food.” Jeff thinks that this is a giant mess. It is also the exact opposite of the elimination challenge, as we will see later on.

Padma looks really cute when she talks about the challenge, I must say. The kicker is that they have only 15 minutes to cook a dish using this pile of crap. Hung tells that that it is plenty of time, and Carla shouts back that it is for him.

The challenge starts and it is a frantic dash to the display. Jeff describes it as being like a mosh pit and that he got an elbow to the gut. He also tells this story like all of his others – devoid of all humor. Carla mutters to someone that they can share the bread – I think it may have been The Nanny. There is much cursing going on. Fabio says that Hosea tried to get his hands on Fabio’s artichokes – hopefully not an analogy – but Fabio said, “Screw you.” Hosea settles for a can of peas.

Chopping and slicing spam. Radhika thinks this is housewife food. Radhika must think that every housewife is Rosanne. Some GE product placement. Jamie is not good with canned food and she looked over to see Jeff with “three things going on.” Jamie says that she just threw together a bruschetta as her “brilliant idea.” Jamie knows that she mailed in this challenge.

Finn thinks he is a smart guy and then bullies his way into getting Hosea’s leftover spam. Hosea was reluctant to give it especially after Finn’s “boyfriend Fabio wouldn’t give him any of his f’n artichokes.” The dumbest rivalry continues.

Plating. Sprinking. Stacking…and judging.

Leah – Waffles with Strawberries and Sausage – Hung thinks it was too crunchy. I think it looks delicious.

Finn – Baked Bean and Spam Soup with Grilled Cheese and Spam Sandwich – Padma makes yummy sounds. Hung asks if it was preseasoned. Finn just rinsed it off a bit.

Fabio – Mac and Cheese with Roasted Artichoke and Chili Pepper – Hung likes the spice.

Radhika – she apparently loves dip and thus made Spicy Red Bean Dip with Grilled Bread. Padma gives a simple thank you.

Hosea – Sweet Pea Soup with Spam, Onion Rings, Pork Rinds, and Hearts of Palm. Hung loves pork rinds.

Jeff – Deep Fried Baby Conch, Coconut Sauce and Pina Colada. He made three plates in 15 minutes. Jeff has done quite well for himself. Hung calls him on the adding of fish sauce, “you can’t hide that from me,” he says with a laugh.

Jamie – Bruschetta with Garbanzo Beams, Artichoke, and Smoked Mussels. Hung just gives a Phil Keoghan-esque eyebrow raise.

The Nanny – Open Faced Turkey Spam Sandwich with Gravy and Cranberry Pineapple Chutney. Padma is stunned that turkey spam exists in this world. Hung thinks it is interesting.

Carla – Padma lifts the dish up and examines it right by her face. Asian Salmon Cake with Fried Green Beans and Lemongrass-Ginger Mayo. Padma digs the mayo.