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Top Chef: New York, Episode 6 – You Don’t Win With Deviled Eggs

Natasha gave the win to the person with the most ribbons – Hosea. Jeff gives him a hearty handshake and Finn claps him on the shoulder. He wins Michelle’s book – Cuisina Latina – and in fact, all the chefs will get it as a result of their selflessness in helping Hosea and Radhika. Hosea announces that he would not have been there without the other chefs helping.

They return to the Stew Room and Hosea gets a nice reception, especially from Bangs. When he sends Eugene, Bangs and Jamie back as the Bottom Three, Bangs shouts an expletive. The Nanny tells them to stand up for themselves and “fight, fight, fight.”

Jamie liked hers and asks Padma what was wrong with the scallop. Michelle thinks it was all lukewarm, not crispy cold or fresh. I wonder if Jamie was in the tainted fridge too? She is surprised and suspects that they got the last four of a batch. Michelle suggests that she should have seared it to get differing consistencies. Tom agrees and also suggested a marinade.

Bangs is told by Tom that all you can taste was cheese. Michelle said it coated your entire tongue and the good cranberry vinaigrette got lost. Bangs said she had great feedback and several came back for more. Padma rains the truth on her that she was one of the lowest number of ribbons – so…not so much.

Michelle tells Eugene that she has made his dish many times but with his all she tasted was coconut and sweetness and the fish was nowhere to be found. Natasha asks if he tasted it. He did and thought it was tart. Tom asks “Really?” Eugene says “Really.” Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler say “Really?” Tom says the fish never had a chance against all that sweet. Eugene doesn’t know why he is there and he is told…like Bangs – that he had only eight ribbons. Michelle gives it to him that it should have told him that something was wrong. You are only as good as your last dish and if people don’t like it, fix it.

They return to the Stew Room and Padma asks the judges who goes home for Christmas. Michelle says Jamie’s scallop disagreed with her and Jamie should have “just seared the thing.” Natasha says food is only as good as the ingredients.

Tom is amazed that Eugene stood there and doesn’t think he has a problem. Michelle scolds him by saying that “if someone like Tom Colicchio says that it is too sweet and thick, fix it.” She likes “fix it” almost as much as Kenan Thompson. Natasha says that any good actor never wants to stop learning and “this guy thinks he has all the answers.”

Tom thinks that with Bangs you might as well have just put a hunk of cheese in your mouth. Michelle thinks Bangs should have tasted it.

Tom is pissed. He says that there were so many bad dishes that it is frustrating. He doesn’t know what is wrong with them. Natasha says she too was underwhelmed by the food. Michelle said there was no palate pleaser and did “not find deliciousness.” Tom says there was no one to go back to. He thinks they are all freezing up and wants them to all know how disappointed he is.

Commercials – Legally Blonde the Musical at the Kennedy Center. Sorry, I’ll wait for Legally Blonde 2 the Musical.

Tom has come down to the Stew Room. Never a good sign. He says that nothing was inspiring and they have to step up their games and cook food that is going to win. He says that he can’t believe that they are happy.

Leah says “I am not saying it was f****n amazing food, but it didn’t suck.” Oh, Leah. Tom leaps on this and says that they are looking for amazing food and not “throwaway canapés.” Leah asks if he means hers, and he bluntly says “yeah.”

Tom says they have to start focusing on winning and you don’t win with a deviled egg. You do the food that got you here. He gets to the point and says that because of the fridge mishap and the selflessness shown, no one goes home as a holiday gift. He wants them to get some rest and bring their A game.

Radhika is relaxed, excited and shocked. Eugene is STILL confident that what he made was good. On the contrary, Bangs is taking Tom’s message to heart.

Next week – it’s Christmas Eve and we get a repeat of the Holiday Special. The next new episode – Tom tells them the next challenge is to cook their own food, no limits. Fabio has had enough with Jamie’s scallops. It is not Top Scallop. A new judge has arrived to replace Gail while she is likely marrying Jeremy. And he is Dr. Romano’s younger brother, I guess. Does that make him related to Jack Bauer too? He thinks something tastes like cat food. Again I ask, how would he know. Carla wants Gail back.