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Top Chef: New York, Episode 6 – You Don’t Win With Deviled Eggs

Judges walkabout
Finn – Creamy Chicken Pot Pie with English Peas, White Asparagus, Thyme and Parsley. Padma likes it as does Natasha. A look-alike for the woman on the View that was Robert’s partner on Everybody Loves Raymond wants to have some more on the side.
Radhika – Braised Duck Leg on Toasted Brioche with Pear Chutney and Toasted Pistachios. She thinks the mishap was a blessing in disguise. Michelle loves the spices and some random lady does too.
Carla is thrilled to have served Kenneth Cole and says “Child, can you drop some shoes at my booth?” She made Braised Chicken with Duxelles and Mushroom Cap for “2 Turtle Doves” because the cap is like the turtle shell. Tom thinks the mushroom flavor is decent, but it is salty and one note.
Eugene – Poisson Cru with Pineapple Ring and Gold Yukon Potato Chip. He tells a Hawaiian story about a young man that sailed to the islands and back. He is having fun telling the story. Michelle thought it was too sweet – “Did he taste this? If he did, he’d understand.”
Fabio – Sweet Corn and Roasted Pepper Crab Cake with Chipotle, Lime Aioli and Coleslaw. His elaborate story is about a female crab mating ritual or something. Padma didn’t like it and thought it was dense. Tom thought it was greasy and fatty.
Jamie – Crudo of Sea Scallop in Vichyssoise with Lemon Agrumato, Leeks and Micro Greens. Michelle says it “tastes raw, not cold, not dry and it’s just wrong.” Broadway actor Cheyenne Jackson thinks it was slimy. Glad the actor from Xanadu is chiming in here.
Bangs – Gorgonzola and New York Strip Steak on Sourdough Crostini with Cranberry Vinaigrette. She says that the inspiration “came of course from the cow.” Tom can’t taste the beef – and I am impressed he resisted saying “Where’s the beef?” Michelle can only taste cheese.
Leah – Braised Guinea Hen with Butternut Squash Puree over Puff Pastry. Natasha didn’t care for the pastry. Tom thinks there is always someone that puts something dry at the bottom of these things.
The Nanny – Deviled Eggs Six Ways. Natasha likes them. Tom says they are ok, but he his stunned that she would make deviled eggs and think they can win a competition. “I don’t care how good it is, I don’t get it,” he says.
Hosea – Smoked Pork Loin with Chipotle Mashed Potatoes and Apple Brandy Jus. He describes them as “put it in your pipe and smoke it.” Tom thinks he did a nice job. Michelle thought he worked the spices well. A random couple liked it too. Another lady didn’t think she would like it, but she did. Then Becky the Top Chef Groupie proceeds to hit on Hosea. They chat about Boulder and she says that he is the Top Chef. Hosea says that lots of girls pinned ribbons to his sleeve. He talks with Leah about it and she asks if Becky is hot. Hosea jokes that Leah is jealous. Unless they start cheating on their significant others in TV like that girl from Top Model did – I want no more of this subplot line.
Jeff – Seared Holloumi and Kasseri Cheese with Roasted Beets, Pears, Mint and Spices. Jeff asks a woman if he can put cheese on it and she would like it a lot more that way. He calls his crowd a mosh pit. Indeed, Jeff is working the room well. They are almost all women too. Michelle likes the sesame, nuts, spices mix. A tall blond lady tells Jeff that “a friend said that you’re the best, so I had to try you.” Damn – might as well give him your room key. Hosea notices his cooking and ladies competition is definitely Jeff.

A random model liked Finn’s pie, Model Maggie Pizer did too. A lady with pearls loved Jeff but hated The Nanny’s eggs. Some dude liked Hosea because he could understand what he was eating. That dude could be me.

Natasha said they had tough conditions and Tom admits that this type of event would usually see them work in teams. Padma thought it was a lovely evening. The Chefs have a Korbel toast. I find it totally in character that Jeff is pouring the bubbly. Bangs is concerned by her lack of ribbons.

Commercials – Why are these people eating bowls of oatmeal in the car? Has anybody ever done that?

Judges Table. Padma calls in Jeff, Hosea, Radhika and Finn as the Top Four. Radhika fills them in on the fridge madness and that the fellow chefs helped make hers and Hosea’s. Natasha prefers leg to breast anyway – and I will make no jokes about that comment. Michelle is also pleased about the change and thought it was juicy. Finn says that his first American holiday brought him pot pie. Michelle thought she wanted something fun or funky in it. Tom thought it all went together well. The crowd responded to Jeff and Michelle thought it was memorable, but really didn’t need the cheese even though it was the theme. Natasha concurs. Padma was pleased Hosea sprung back from the tragedy. He was disappointed that the cut of meat was lesser. Tom thought it was cooked well and he liked it.