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Top Chef: New York, Episode 6 – You Don’t Win With Deviled Eggs

Fabio again got a tough theme – remember last week’s blue challenge – as he has to do “9 Ladies Dancing.” He is going for crab legs and is trying to get this to “resemble food.” The Nanny has “6 Geese a Laying” and is making deviled eggs. What? The dish that everyone’s moderately talented cousin can make? She is making six different kids of deviled eggs because quantity is always better than quality, right?

Prep Time. Running, spicing. Finn describes how much of the three hours gets spent cleaning food, cutting, etc. and not cooking. Jamie has “7 Swans a Swimming” and has elected to go with a scallop. Huh? Wouldn’t you go with some kind of water foul? At least she has an excuse to make a liquid with this one. Bangs has “8 Maids a Milking” and is using lots of cheese. She is worried about continually losing challenges. She should be.

Radhika has a “partridge in a pear tree” and comments about having to hunt for her own partridge. She is instead using duck breast with pear chutney. She is shown slicing into the whole ducks and comments how she is “pretty accurate breaking down poultry” but not fast.

Eugene has “Five Golden Rings” and is using a pineapple ring as a result. He is confident. Jeff is running like a madman – he usually is. Hosea has begun to sear his pork – stop giggling – and is making a lot of smoke. He gets mocked – Finn asks for the door to be opened, Jamie (I think) asks if anyone has smoke, and Jeff says he has lots.

Jeff comments about the simple dishes being made by Hosea, The Nanny and Fabio and says that he hopes the judges see him running circles around the others in the kitchen. I see it – of course, I mean it literally and not figuratively.

Bangs says it is smoky, hot and sweaty in there. I think she is actually describing a Jersey strip club. They are cramming their food into the fridges frantically. Hosea comments about how much of the food is still steaming when they put it in the fridge. I hope nothing bad will happen!

Day break – Hosea teases Fabio about his elaborate story that he is writing about his dish. Hosea thinks he is in good shape to win unless someone else is serving $100 bills. Bangs says something and I cannot read my writing at all!

Uh Oh!! The fridge is warm. Bangs tells everyone that everything in there is bad. Hosea says that his “wonderful, happy-go-lucky morning has turned into a sh*t show.” Who says “happy-go-lucky” anymore? He adds that he cannot save his pork and that serving it could mean killing the guests. Radhika has also lost all of her duck breast. Hosea calls their meat – 20 pounds of sh*t. For someone who says “happy-go-lucky” he sure does curse a lot when he’s mad. Radhika is crying and The Nanny and Jamie offer to help. Radhika thinks she should drop out now. Bangs has lost some of her cheese – and knowing what her dish turns out to be, I ask…she had MORE cheese?

Carla says all of their hearts went out to Hosea and Radhika who seemed the most screwed by this. Hosea thinks he’ll be serving mashed potatoes and going home. Eugene says they all found some product for the two of them and that what goes around comes around, so of course they are helping. Finn, Fabio and Leah are chopping pineapples. Hosea found some pork in the fridge and will use it even though it is not tenderloin. Jeff laughs affectionately as Hosea prepares it. Bangs is cleaning his pork – stop it – and so is Finn, who comments that he wants to win fair and square and not because Radhika’s food was destroyed. Carla thinks it was all “organic” as they decided to help them out and says that “no way will those dishes be crap.”

Jamie says that Radhika needs the most help and that they were overcome by the Christmas spirit. Radhika is pleased to have kept the rest of the duck and will be making duck legs instead of breasts. Fabio is helping Radhika with the marinade. Back in college I had a friend whose last name was Marin and he was making marinade once and I thought it was a secret family recipe or something. Yep – I am THAT much of a bonehead in the kitchen.

Commercials – Frost/Nixon. They made a movie about a series of interviews. Wow. And it is supposed to be good. Ron Howard may be a better director than I give him credit for.

Prince George Ballroom. Jamie thinks this charity is close to her heart because she is gay. The Nanny helps Radhika set up and Radhika is pleased when the scent and flavor from the duck wafts out. She thinks she will be ok.

Padma, Tom, Michelle and Natasha toast to Happy Christmas and Finn comments about how sexy Natasha’s voice is. He says “yum.” Watch out, Liam is a Jedi. Natasha promotes the charity for a while and has taken Padma and Gail’s cleavage cue from last week. Guests are instructed to leave AIDS ribbons on their favorite workstation. Dr. Matilda Krim – the amfAR founder gets a glance of screen time.