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The Amazing Race 13, Dec. 7 – Winning With a Horseshoe Stuck Up the Rear

Ken and Tina decide not to spit up and just do it together. They build it clue by clue. As Nick goes down the zip line, Starr tells him he looks like Peter Pan. Umm, I’m going to let that one go. She also tells him to look and see what Tina and Ken are doing. Ken and Tina find one picture, but she doesn’t think they should use it, because it isn’t them in the picure. he tells her it doesn’t matter. As they go through the board and answers, if they get it right or wrong, the board lets them know. Nick and Starr arrive and get the first one wrong. Within no time, they’re nearly tied.

Andrew and Dan are again making phone calls, this time for directions to the Bridge of the Gods. Nick and Starr find the Ambassador Hotel before Ken and Tina and are now in the lead. Andrew and Dan are finally arriving at the zip line. Nick and Starr can’t get the clue right for Kazakhstan, but Ken and Tina do, putting them back in the lead. They keep their lead on the next clue, and have just one left. Nick and Starr get the last one right first, but it doesn’t light up for them right away. Finally, it does, and theyr’e right.

Nick and Starr head off to the the clue box with their next clue in a completely different field, and find they must go downtown by taxi to the Portland building, searching for a green dinosaur, located across the street in the Standard Plaza. Ken and Tina have now finished as well. Starr is calling that last challenge horrid, and Nick tells her to just breathe. Andrew is just now zipping acorss, and they now must start going through the clues. Starr is using a cell phone to call for help about the Portland building. Ken and Tina’s driver does the same. Ken and Tina’s driver comes up empty, but he does find the other cab and pass them. Nick and Starr’s driver returns the favor.

The two drivers end up going different ways, and everyone wants to make sure their driver has the best directions. Ken and Tina get caught in traffic as Nick and Starr make it there first. They now have to make their way on foot to Alder Street and search among the food carts from the one from their last pit stop. Tina stands in back of the Cortland building asking where the Cortland building is. Ken tells her just to read it. She also asks for directions, then asks if the green dinosuar is green. Is she losing it?

Ken and Tina do find the dinosuar and the clue, and are also now in search of the food cart. Her next question is to ask where the Alder Street Cart Pod is. “On Alder Street.” Nick and Starr find the Russian food cart and receive a clue to go to where “The Magic Is in the Hole,” meaning they need to figure out they are to head to Voo Doo Doughnut on foot. It’s almost as bad as those jokes asking “Is there a Hugh Jass in the building?” as Starr sits on the street corner and asks, “Does anyone know where the magic is in the hole?” Someone takes pity on her and tells her Voo Doo Doughnut.

Ken and Tina find the Russian cart as Nick and Starr search for Voo Doo. Ken an Tina stop and ask where the Magic is in the Hole, and a lady tells them, which prompts Tina to ask if anyone else had been by asking the same thing. She tells her yes, then tells them Nick and Starr went the long way, and shows them the quicker way there. Nick and Starr are the first to find it anyway, getting a clue that tells them to follow the marked path to fhe finish line. Ken and Tina find Voo Doo and look for a taxi, as Nick and Starr do the same.

Ken and Tina find one, but there’s a customer in there. Ken offers $50, but doesn’t find a taker. Both teams get taxis about the same time. Eveyrone is panicking. Starr is telling their driver it’s a life or death thing, as Ken and Tina pray in the back seat on the way to the pit stop, and the ex-quarterback then says it will be the last time he runs in his entire life.

Here are all the eliminated teams waiting, as Nick and Starr are the ones that come running in. They are the winners of the The Amazing Race 13. Being called competitive, Starr says every other team is competitive as well. Nick is proud of his sister as a person, a competitor, and as a racer. She’s been unbelievable, and more than a million dollars, more than being the winners, he loved the experience of going through it with his sister.

At this point Ken and Tina run in with big hugs for Nick and Starr, and Phil calls them officially team #2. He asks them about reconnecting, and Ken says they’ve had their ups and downs, but she’s the best, prompting many awes from the other Racers. He then gets her wedding ring out of his pocket, noting they hadn’t been wearing them lately, and asks if she wants to start the thing over again, placing the ring on her finger. I think even Phil is crying as they share a kiss. Tina says people do change and so often today people throw marriages away. She tried to hold onto the fact that Kenny is a good person, and he has so many wonderful qualities. He showed her on the race she and their marriage are important to him. Ken says they want it to be a great marriage, and they’re going to make it amazing.

The Frat Boys run in , cheering like they’re #1, and share a big hug with each other. Phil asks if they thought they’d be one fo the final three, and Dan replies it’s incredible that they ended the same way they raced it, incredible and then a lot of mistakes. But, they never got eliminated, and they raced against two far superior teams. Andrew admits they thought they had no chance of making the final three, but here they are. Dan thinks every Frat guy is proud of them, as they’re now the ambassadors of the Frat guys. Not many people could say they would do it, especially “beer-guzzling idiots” like them. His words, not mine.

Starr knows she and Nick have a wonderful dynamic with a bond that is unshakeable. No matter what happened, they were always together and positive. They went out with an even better relationship than they went in with. It seems many of the winners come away with the same. For Ken and Tina, though, it seems they had the biggest stakes on the Race, and they perhaps won the most in the end, rediscovering each other and their love.

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