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The Amazing Race 13, Dec. 7 – Winning With a Horseshoe Stuck Up the Rear

It’s been a rather interesting and exciting season on The Amazing Race, and this is despite the fact that the more interesting people it seemed were eliminated fairly early on. There is one surprising team that has made it here to the final three. Nick and Starr seemed naturals to make it to the finale, as well as Ken and Tina, but the way the Frat Boys were playing every week, no one would have put them here in the finale. Some are upset that they made it there, but others are just thinking, “More power to ya.” There could be a major uprising, though, if they go on to win.

The first to take off from Moscow, Russia on this final leg of the Race are Nick and Starr, leaving at 10:56 P.M. They receive a clue telling them to fly to their final desitnation, Portland, Oregon. Once there, they will make their way to an adventure camp to get their next clue. As she excitedly claims they’re going home, Starr then admits they’re tired and sleep-deprived, but she thinks momentum will carry them through to the end of the race. They purchase tickets for a 7:05 flight on Lufthansa.

Leaving much later are the Frat Boys, Andrew and Dan, at 2:28 A.M. Dan feels they deserve to be final three, as they’re resilient and have persevered through a lot of tough times. For the people that think they’re going to be “chicken feed” for Nick and Starr and Ken and Tina, he thinks they’re severely mistaken. They look around the airport trying to find a connecting city they like, it seems.

Leaving in last place are Ken and Tina at 3:30 A.M, an hour later than the Frat Boys. Tina says there is no question they came there to win. From day one, they have never faltered, have never said they wanted out, and have always believed throughout the entire game. She is not leaving without the final prize. I guess wherever the final destination city is should set up a camp for her.

Nick and Starr are looking up information at the internet cafe, and after Andrew and Dan purchase their tickets, they’re on the way there as well when they see Ken and Tina arrive. She goes up to the conter to ask for tickets and says she’s about to lose it. She believes she can trust her husband now and believes he’s changed as well, saying she can see it in his eyes. They then tell each other, “I love you.”

With everyone aboard the flight to Portland, Starr says they are very confident on this leg. Tina says they’ll dominate on this leg and will do wahtever it takes, not helping anyone but themselves. Dan remarks that the Moscow Miracle brought them here, the Stanley Cup, the World Series, and Super Bowl all rolled into one. Notice how he didn’t mentin a dance competition in the comparison?

After landing in Portland, everyone catches taxis, and at least they don’t have language barriers at this point. Nick and Starr are in the lead, prompting Ken to say he thinks the sister and brother have a horsehoe stuck up their rear end. The Frat Boys laugh at their driver, as he doesn’t even know what town he’s in. So much for the absence of a language barrier.

Ken and Tina manage to arrive at the clue box first and find a Detour – High and Dry or Low and Wet. In High and Dry, teams must climb 30 feet up a tree, traverse across a 40 foot log, then leap through the air to retrieve one half of the next clue. If one of them falls off without the clue, they must start over. In low and wet, the teams much choose a floating log bridge and walk 850 feet across the water to a clue wating on shore. Ken and Tina choose High and Dry, feeling it’s easiest and quickest, despite the height and scare factor for Tina.

Nick and Starr arrive, deciding to also do High and Dry. Andrew and Dan see a road sign that tells them they’re headed in the wrong direction. Tina mentions she’s afraid of heights again, but heads up the pole anyway, as Nick and Starr are arriving to do the same. Andrew borrows the driver’s cell phone to find out how to get to the Detour. Ken gets his clue easily as Tina starts her climb up. Nick gets his quickly as well, telling Starr just to go fast. Really? Who would have thought of that on the last leg of the race? Andrew and Dan ask their driver to make a U-turn, and he asks, “Where?” They advise him wherever he can.

Tina’s helmet is choking her, prompting her to delay her climb. She finally gets up there and says she can’t do it and will have to drop. Andrew is now saying if they go on to win, it’ll be the biggest win ever in the Race, but honestly, I like his spirit, but they might as well call it done at this point playing against these other two teams and behind this much. Starr gets her clue and jumps down. Tina is trying to traverse the log anyway, and tells Ken she’s shaking.

Nick and Starr put their two clues together, revealing that they need to travel by taxi to The Bridge of the Gods where they will go on a zip line 2000 feet to the island below to receive their next clue. Tina is still trying to cross the log, saying the thing is choking the hell out of her. Tina makes the jump and gets the clue, and also tells Ken not to yell at her all the time, which I didn’t hear him do at all. Nick is telling Starr she kicked Tina’s ass on that challenge.

Andrew and Dan finally arrive and also decide to do High and Dry. As the other two teams are thinking it’s a two team race right now, Ken and Tina are doing a Dr. Evil impersonation. Andrew is traversing the log, as Nick and Starr pass by the Bridge of the Gods. Ken and Tina get there on the first try, though. Andrew gets his half of the clue, and it’s up to Dan to get the second half now. Tina, with her fear of heights claims her heart is pounding now that they’re need to do the zip line. Dan gets his half of the clue, and they’re on their way to the Bridge of the Gods.

Nick and Starr finally arrive, and Ken and Tina are already zipping down to the island. Her fear of heights is gone, as she calls this awesome and cool. Ken goes upside down as he goes acoss, enjoying it just as much. They get their next clue which tells them to use their power of memory to answer one question from each of the ten legs of the Race. They have to work in numerical order, and grab game pieces which reveals either Route Info, Roadlbock, Detour, or Pit Stop. They’ll then enter a field with 150 clue boxes and find the picture that corresponds to the symbol for that leg of the Race. With ten correct symbols and pictures, they get their next clue. Yeah, in which of the 150 clue boxes?


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