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The Amazing Race 13, Commentary – The Worst Good Team Ever?

Season 10 – The first time the all-female teams started to do well. We would see four of the next eight Final Four finishers be all-female. Of course, that includes the Beauty Queens twice!
Tyler/James – three firsts, four seconds and a third – with two bad back-to-back legs in the middle. Hit their groove in leg 9.
Rob/Kimberly – a first and seven thirds
Lyn/Karlyn – Only really good legs happened at the end including the Leg 10 second place. The model for Dan and Andrew to follow.
Dustin/Kandice – two first, three second and only one second to last before their disasterous Leg 10 non-elim.

So – Lyn/Karlyn are the third team that could rival Dandrew in ineptitude. They were certainly aided early on in one of the few successful Amazing Race alliances. Their record:
Leg 1 – 9 out of 12
Leg 2 – 9 out of 10
Leg 3 – 6 out of 9
Leg 4 – 6 out of 8
Leg 5 – 5 out of 7
Leg 6 – 4 out of 7
Leg 7 – 5 out of 6
Leg 8 – 5 out of 6
Leg 9 – 4 out of 5
Leg 10 – 2 out of 4

Bama was not a great team, but they stepped it up in the final legs. Perhaps our A E Pi guys can do that as well?

Season 11 – The All-Stars are by definition some of the best racers to ever race. Ironic that the worst record of a winner came out of this race. I say that All-Stars don’t count. Although I am tempted to include Danielle as an accidental Final Four member because Eric basically carried her throughout this entire race.

Season 12 – One team dominated the first half of the race before messing up midway through, so the top four have odd records.
TK/Rachel – two first, two second and third – with one 7th of 8 and a non-elim
Ronald/Christina – three firsts and four thirds, one second to last and another future win
Nicolas/Donald – a first, a second, two third and basically all middle of the pack
Nathan/Jennifer – four seconds, one third and a 10th place before bowing out in Leg 10

I don’t think any of these teams were strong, but none of them were really bad. Kind of defining of the season that really had no personality to it.

So it comes down to this…is the worst Final Four team – Dan and Andrew, Adam and Rebecca or Meredith and Gretchen?

After nine legs, I would have to say Dan and Andrew despite their Leg 10 second place. If not for the bungling of Toni/Dallas and even Ken/Tina, the boys would be gone. Adam and Rebecca did earn a Fast Forward First and Meredith and Gretchen had one strong second place finish.

You want to argue that since they made the Final Three, that they surpass the older folks. You can do that. But they did it because Dallas had massive brain freeze. They didn’t do anything to help themselves. They just managed to not lose their money and passports.

Dan and Andrew. Worst. Successful Racers. Ever.