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Top Chef New York, Episode 3, Abbreviated Recap – We’re Cooking for Rock Stars

Hosea says his fruit crisp is a crowd pleaser. He is used to some easy to please crowds. Jeff has taken a lot on his shoulders. The Nanny recalls that she told everyone that “guy’s it’s a breast, it’s not gonna take long.” First, to quote Michael Scott, “that’s what she said.” And second, that must be how they solved the turkey problem. Cook in pieces.

Hey, it’s raining too! Just like Thanksgiving at home! NY Daniel cannot get a “golden crisp” on his potatoes so he will microwave them. Good place to get a “golden crisp.” Carla says the Cougars have a thing to prove since they were not chosen. Eugene says that they barely got the food out and did it “by the skin of their ass.” Not sure if that is the expression.

The Foos come in with Tom, Gail, Grant and Padma. Richard goes crazy in his confessional about Tom the “hottie, bear, gay icon.” Easy, Richard.

Dave Grohl is awesome. I shouldn’t have to say more than that.

Grohl says that this is just like mama used to make. They head to Cougar first and to Jeff.
Jeff – Spoonbread stuffing with figs, cranberries, walnuts and onions.
Grohl moves down and goes nuts over Alex’s mac and cheese dish. “What’s going on in the middle?” asks Grohl. Well, that’s bacon. “F*** yeah it is,” says Grohl. I repeat, awesome.
The Nanny – Butterball turkey with mushroom gravy and cranberry.
Eugene – Maple smoked pork loin

Grohl wonders how they can play with those full bellies. However, he didn’t like the stuffing. Drummer Taylor Hawkins agrees and doesn’t like figs in his food. Grant agrees that Jeff went too far from the classic dish. Both Grohl and Taylor loved the mac and cheese. F*** yeah! Taylor thought NY Daniel’s potatoes were too “al dente.” Guitarist Chris Shiflett raves about Eugene’s pork and his impromptu smoker. Grohl loved The Nanny’s turkey and Tom fills him in on her past performances and agrees that she nailed the turkey.

On to Sexy Pants. Leah made white chicken turkey gravy. Radhika made vegan cornbread stuffing. Melissa (Who?) made candied yams. My dad would be proud. Bassist Nate Mendel loves the stuffing. Grohl does too, and he also raves about Melissa (Who?)’s yams and how she burnt the marshmallows. Grohl does admit that The Nanny’s turkey is better than Finn’s. Ouch, Fabio must be reeling!

On to both desserts at the same time.
Fabio – Roasted pumpkin, honey, and cinnamon tiramisu
Hosea – Peach and blueberry crisp with whipped cinnamon cream

Grohl and Fabio tease each other in Italian. Who knew Grohl could speak Italian?

The Cougar’s desserts come next.
Carla – Peach and cherry cobbler with vanilla cream
Jeff – Fresh fruit salad with pumpkin mousse
Richard – Banana s’mores with vanilla cream and chocolate ganache.

Grohl is excited about the existence of s’mores. Gail thinks the tiramisu is “super light.” Tom is impressed that Fabio is the “Italian guy that doesn’t know the tradition” and that instead of pumpkin pie he made tiramisu. It is resourceful and smart. The band clearly is digging the Sexy Pants desserts.

Taylor is asked why he made a yucky face. He doesn’t care much for pumpkin foam. Grohl asks for no more “Barfaits.” Grohl also asked if someone offended the s’mores guy, because he thinks he spit on his. Ouch.

Grohl likes Sexy Pants but Taylor is partial to the Cougars. There are so many different ways to take that sentence. NY Daniel is excited because the winning team gets to watch the Foos play that night. He is wearing his “party underwear.” Yuck.

Sexy Pants wins. Eugene thinks it is BS. As the winning team goes to the show, the losers must clean up. They can hear the music playing as they do so. That sucks. My family felt bad for Afro Guy. That would be Alex. I am considering calling him that.

By the way, the Foos clip we see is of “Times Like These,” my favorite song of theirs that really helped lift my spirits about four years ago when too many bad things were happening.

Back in NYC and the Stew Room. The Cougars are pissed and like on Survivor do not want to hear about the reward. NY Daniel flips them the bird. Classy. They head to judging where Jeff and NY Daniel say they were surprised that they lost.

Jeff goes on about what they were up against and that “God made it rain.” Tom rightfully smacks that down since the other team had the same conditions and obstacles. They get into this long discussion about Jeff being the leader. Blah blah. Jeff defends his team and the menu. Tom confesses that it was very close and that it was a tough call.

Gail informs The Nanny about how good the turkey was and that the band loved it. Tom tells Jeff about the dryness of the spoonbread. Gail also tells NY Daniel about the undercooked and crunchy potatoes. He says they were al dente in a way that makes it sound as if it were on purpose. Tom makes a face. NY Dan admits to his error and that he used the microwave to get all the potatoes out. Tom asks why they didn’t ditch the uncooked potatoes. Daniel says there wouldn’t have been enough and what’s Thanksgiving without a starch. Tom and Padma remind him of the existence of the sweet potatoes and stuffing. Tom calls this his least favorite dish.

Gail didn’t like Jeff’s mousse. Jeff sighs and knows he is in trouble. Grant chides Richard for s’mores that failed because you need “burnt sugar.” He thinks Richard lost focus and as a result lost the essence of the dish. Richard says he had to improv because of the lack of freezers. He then proceeds to make no sense at all. Gail tells him about Grohl’s spit comment regarding the foam. Richard rubs his face – he too knows he is in trouble.

It seems that Grant is out for the dessert team but Tom is more critical of NY Daniel. Gail agrees that Daniel’s execution was sloppy but the desserts dragged this team down. Tom said that Jeff was poor across the board, but that he has natural leadership skills. Grant agrees that he lost focus. Grant’s least favorite were the s’mores. Tom admits the s’mores were bad and that you didn’t have to make something just because it is on the rider. Tell that to the assistant that forgot Jennifer Lopez’s green M&Ms.

Extra scene: Jamie and NY Daniel get into it over spilled food. Daniel makes a menstruation joke. He’s going to be fun, isn’t he?

Tom brings them back in. Eugene is told that his pork dish was the best of the night and that he “can leave the kitchen.” What is this, Project Runway? Alex and his afro are safe. Carla had the best dessert of the team and is safe. The Nanny’s turkey was excellent and is safe.

Tom says the band was happy overall but someone has to go. Daniel had undercooked potatoes, Jeff bit off too much, and Richard had disappointing s’mores. Richard is knifed and becomes a blubbering pile of tears. I feel bad, I liked him. He gives Jamie some words of encouragement as the last standing member of Team Rainbow.

Next week: Meredith Vieira and the Today Show. Someone spit out food on TV. Rocco DeSpirito waltzes in to judge. Yeah, I went there.