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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 30th – Pony Horse or Pony Tail?

Nick and Starr are finally finished riding the rails and get the next clue which has them headed to Vdnkh Park, originally built for the achievements of the Socialist State, the pit stop for this leg of the race. They walk right over to the park and the mat. They’re declared once again team number one. They have won a trip for two to the Island of Anguilla. She remembers when they started the Race their only goal was to not be eliminated the first leg, so to be in the final three is surreal. C’mon. They were headed to the final three from the moment Phil said “Go.”

Ken and Tina search for the key maker and get the locker key, finding they now have to travel by trolley bus again. Andrew and Dan arrive and ge their key just after. They all arrive at the train station at the same time, but seem to be on different buses. They find they need to go to a park on yet another trolley bus. Toni and Dallas get the clue from the pony girl and decide to Ride the Lines, and know since they’ve beeing doing it already, that they need to raise the money to do so. They ask a local and she is happy to help them with the cash.

Ken and Tina get out at their stop and don’t see the obvious clue from the postcard, as Andrew and Dan miss it as well. Toni and Dallas pick up their key and search for another person to give them bus fare. The Frat Boys find the clue box first and see the pit stop right away, as Ken and Tina are still looking for what they see on the post card. Seeing the Frat Boys running to the pit stop, they follow them in on the mat. The Frat Boys have finally gotten second place, and Tina excitedly high fives them, realizing that makes them team number three on the mat right behind them. However, Phil tells them they haven’t picked up the last clue, and need to do that before they can finish this leg of the Race.

Toni and Dallas are getting money for cab fare as Ken and Tina continue to look for the cluebox that they missed. She calls it very frustrating, as Toni and Dallas are on the trolley bus on the way to the locker. Ken and Tina finally find the cluebox, pick up the clue, then run in to capture third place officially. They celebrate being final three, and she says she feels awesome, as she knows Ken has been trying and has been patient, but she needs the same amount of patience. He recalls it being another day where they got upset with each other and knows they put a lot in jeopardy. She wants to know as they get ready for the final leg how important she is to him.

Phil goes and stops Toni and Dallas as they’re walking to the station, telling them the other three teams have checked in, meaning they have been eliminated. Dallas feels bad for letting his mom down and calls it tough. She tells him he did not let her down, like any mom would. After doing this, he has a lot of pride in his mom and himself, knowing everything he is is because of her. She fels closer to him than she ever has, having he deepest respect and pride for the man he’s grown up to be. Through tears, she calls it the best experience of her life, telling him she has never been so proud of him.

As a mom, that just ripped me apart, just with the sentiments, if not also for the fact that they played such a clean race and were always close to the front. I’m really happy to see Andrew and Dan find a way to finally pull it together, but not necessarily at the expense of Toni and Dallas. I’m kind of questioning Toni’s decision to have Dallas do the Roadblock. It was obviously and easier physical one, and she remarked she didn’t know if he’d know the difference between Lenin and Stalin. Had she done it, she probably wouldn’t have lost the pack either, and they would have come in in second place. I’m probably not the first to think about that, though, as I’m sure they’ve both been coulda woulda shoulda-ing all over the place.

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